6 Weeks 1 Day Concern

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Kera - August 28

I am estimated at 5-6 weeks. Probably 6. I had an ultrasound because we thought I was farther along. There was a sac but no heartbeat or embryo that the dr. could see. I'm scared now. And can't even think straight. I had a blood test done to check my HCG levels? But I don't know the results until SAt. Should I be concerned?


emily - July 16

this is what happened to me today. I am 5 weeks and they couldnt see a fetal pole, the heartbeat you really cant even tell until you are 26 days anyway (from date of conception), i was really worried also but i was reading other forums and many other women have had this and they were ok. It is just to early to tell. My doc recommens coming in at 8 wks because by then you should be able to hear a strong heart beat as well as see the fetal pole. The radiologists also said that the fetal pole could be hiding in the back so the u/s would not be able to see it anyway. But dont stress and just pray. It is to early.


mandy - July 27

when i went to the emergency room, because of me bleeding, they said that they couldnt see the baby, but a couple of days later i got another sonogram and saw it. ur not gonna hear the heartbeat until 9-10 weeks or so. dont worry. ur babys ok


Stacy - August 4

I am 6 weeks and two days... I went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor told me I was probably going to miscarry because there was no fetal heart beat. I am going again next week for another sonogram. He said there are slim chances the baby might have a heart beat then. I am relieved to know maybe the baby is a slow developer and things may be ok... (My son who is 3 had a heartbeat when I was 6 weeks so it really worried me not to see one this time)


jaimee - August 10

that is exactly what happened to me today. My Dr. said it he was confident 70/30 everything should be fine , just to come back in 1 week and see. I am freaking out too !!


Amber - August 18

This happened to me today. The doctor and the nurse were really positive and I have an u/s scheduled next week. My advice to everyone going through the same thing, have faith and stay positive!


erica - August 23

I am spotting/bleeding very lightly. I am 51/2 weeks pregnant and the doc has sent me for an ultrasound on Wed. which will be 6 weeks. I am afraid that this will be too early but I am going crazy with concern. I am resting in bed all the time. I am on vacation so I can right now. The spotting is just that....spotting. Does anyone have any advice? Do I postpone my ultasound or do I go and hope that it shows something?


dont worry - August 28

dont worry this will be my 3rd baby and i had that issue second go . the babys there


Jodie - September 25

I'm no expert, but I don't think any doctor can pick up a heart beat until at least 8 weeks pregnancy and even then they need a special instrument. So don't be concerned about that, it really is too soon. If you are 6 weeks pregnant keep in mind that the embryo will only be about 5mm long. I haven't had an ultrasound yet (mines booked in when I'm 8 weeks along) so I don't know if it can be magnified, but the embryo is really tiny and possibly can be over looked.


Christina - September 25

I am 6 weeks and 4 days. Yesterday I went to the hospital emergency room because I was severely cramping and I had to get an ultrasound and it showed exactly what my date should be to correspond with my lmp. I saw the heartbeat but with my first I never heard or saw the heartbeat until I was about 10 weeks along so all I could do was just believe that everything was fine and wait to see.


Nicole - October 5

I Have Had 2 miscarriages in the last 8 mths, I am now 8 wks & 1 day, I got my ultrasound at 6 wks and there was a heartbeat, but at 5 wks when my sister got one, there was only an yolk sack, and no heartbeat, her baby is ok,your hcg levels will tell everthing,they are sopposed to tripple every 48 hrs,just pray, everthing is probably just fine



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