6 Weeks Pregnant N Spotting

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sarah - September 8

is it normal 2 hav a brownish discharge when u r in early pregnancy?i am 6 weeks n realy worried!i hav bin to hospital n da doc sed dat it was fine!i dnt fink dat it cud of bin a threatnd miscarriage but i hav bin abit crampy lately.hav any of u ladies had da same?


nan - September 3

i did and i am now on bed rest i have a sub something hematoma, and possible incompetant cervix i am 7 weeks.


Michelle - September 8

When I was 5 weeks pregnant i spotted. I guess that it was because I was around the time that I was supposed to have my monthly. I was also very crampy. Everything has been normal sence then and I am 18 weeks.


sarah - September 15

thanx 4 ur replies!i was so worried but everything is fine now.i am 8 weeks,its gone so quick!having a scan next friday to check on baby.if anyone else out there has any sort of bleeding den try not 2 worry,ive been told by many people dat it is common due 2 da hormone changes in ur body aldoh if u r concernd den c ur doc a.s.a.p!2 nan and michelle,gud luk wiv ur pregnancies n i hope everyfin goes fine 4 u both.x x(thanx 4 da advice)


Lorna - September 19

hi there im 5 weeks 5 days & this morning got brownish cm which by this afternoon has changed to a dark red colour


jh - September 23

i spoke with my nurse and she said cramping and spotting are both normal. bleeding is not. i'm sure spotting would worry anyone. pray!


Mary - September 28

I've had 3 misscarriages and they all started with more of a brown color spotting. pink is normal, but brown is for me meant miss carriage. If you have alot of cramping and really bad back aches and diareah and it feels like there is alot of pressure pushing toward your crotch then you are most likely experiencing a misscarriage. My doc said not to go on bed rest and just let it come and do it's thing so that I can hurry and get it over with and then rest after.


ANJ - October 8

When I had my misscarriage I started spotting a little a day and then it was brown. The doctors checked my blood levels and it had gone down. This did mean I was misscarring. I am not 7 weeks pregnant and I began spotting yesturday. I went to the doctor and they did a v____al ultrasound and said that it is to early to tell. Basically hang in there and they will do another one next week to check the measurments and see how things are. The weird thing I have spotted again today at the same time as yesturday. But that has been it. please pray for me. I do pray for anyone who is going through that. It is a hard thing to go through and no one should feel alone.


lisa - October 21

yes went to doc for the same reason 8 wks said on ultra sound blood clot on bottom of placenta said not to worry


Gisell - October 24

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and this is happening to me right now, I went to doc and he said everything looks fine in the sonogram some womans have the same problem and they deliver healthy babies, You just have to rest and dont handle heavy things,


twee - October 28

hi, i am 5 weeks and i am spotting. i am so worry! i have heard stories where this is normal and others where it leads to miscarriage. i don't have any major cramping though is this a good sign????


amy - October 28

i 2 am 6-7wks n spotting the doc put me on bed rest and wants a diagnostic ultrasound threatened misscarriage this is my second pregnancy and i'm freaked!


AmyP. - October 29

I am almost 6 weeks, and I spotted some brown d/c between weeks 4 and 5, having had a previous miscarriage, I fretted. Had an u/s, sac was on schedule for 4 weeks, 5 days...also had HCG levels checked, they doubled. Everyone says "don't worry", but that's inevitable. For those of us that have Christ as our Savior, I find it best to pray: God, if it be Your will, please let me carry this baby to full term. There's really nothing medically to be done to stop a miscarriage at such an early stage.


Debra - October 31

I am so glad to read all of this I am between 6-7 weeks and started spotting yesterday, I have had cramps for 3 days now, which feels like it is time for my period to begin. Being my first pregnancy I am starting to freak, but it is nice to hear I am not alone. Good luck to all!


Trisha - November 24

This is for Amy P. I do have Jesus has my Savior. He has had to help me through this second pregnancy. I had an ectopic last year and now I'm pregnant. I have some mild spotting, my progesterone is 18 my doc put me on some meds to help supplement since I do have some slight bleeding, but she says she sees no reason for me to miscarry. God bless you and everybody who is feeling my feelings.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 25

Hi ! I too have JESUS as my saviour and without him in my life right I wouldn't be doing it on my own strength. Mym mom just had a tumor removed from her blocked bowel this week... so things don't look good for her right now.... I am 8 weeks PG today... have had brown discharge for the past week.. yesterday it changed to red.... and now today I had a brown clot.... but only when I wiped.... I am trusting in him that this PG will work out.... its all in his hands.. as is everything and I know all his plans are for me to succeed and not to harm me.. JEr 29:11..... staying strong in the LORD is about all we can do....and Pray alot... with tears and without..... GOD bless... I am



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