6 Wks No Baby Only Yolk Sac

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Shan - September 21

Hi. I had my first OB visit today. I thought I was 8 wks pregnant because my LMP was 7/26. The Dr did an va___al u/s and said that it looks like a 6 week old yolk sac with no baby. She wants to do another u/s in a week, but told me to be prepared for a miscarrige. She told me not to get my hopes up and started discussing dnc, a pill I can take or natures course. Now I am scared and don't know what to think. She told me that they should be able to see a baby, but only see a yolk sac that is not going to progress. Is anyone else in the same boat, or have had this happen to them. I just want some glimmer of hope.


Shan - September 22

Does no one have any information? I see other posts, but they all say there is a sac too. My doctor only said there is a yolk and nothing else. ANYONE going thru the same thing.


jane - September 22

What your dr probably saw, was the sac that the baby is supposed to grow in, not the yolk sac. The yolk sac is a tiny little ball, that forms early in pregnancy to provide the embryo with red blood cells and nutrients before the placenta forms. You can see this on ultrasound as a little ball inside the sac the baby grows in. With that being said, if you are having no other problems such as bleeding, maybe you just ovulated later than you thought and aren't as far along as you thought you were. Did she take any blood to do an HCG count? I have heard before of women having ultrasounds at what they thought was 8 or 9 weeks, and seeing nothing, only to go back a week or two later to see a baby and realizing they were not as far along as they thought they were. Your body can do some weird things, and ovulating late or early is not uncommon. But unfortunately if you really are 8 weeks along and there is no baby seen, it isn't a viable pregnancy. A clear baby with arms/legs and a beating heart should be seen by then. I really hope you get good news at your next appointment and just aren't as far along as you thought you were. Good luck!!!


Emily - September 22

I have read that pregnancies with no babies are rare and that most of the time, you just are not as far along as you thought. Here is my two cents, don't do a D&C unless you feel comfortable that it isn't a viable pregnancy. Even if it means getting asecond oppinion or going back for several weeks to check hCG levels and more u/s. Good luck, and I hope you get good news.


Shan - September 22

I know how far along I am because my husband and I had s_x on Aug 11, I ovulated on Aug 12. We have not had s_x since then becaue my dr said not to. I have had a brownins spotting which my OB says is normal. She did a pap and said my cervix is closed tight and the utrius is where it should be. Baby would be 6 weeks at this point, and I am 8 weeks since my LMP. The tech and Dr both said they only see a yolk sac, but no baby. They did bloods on Wed 8/21 and I go for more on Friday 8/23. I am so depressed at this point as this is something we both tried for. the last thing my Dr said was don't get your hopes up. I have been depressed since and cant even bring myself to go to work today. :(


jane - September 22

I'm really sorry but if you are absolutely sure on your dates, it sounds to me like a blighted ovum. That is where the egg is fertilized, but something goes wrong and the embryo quits developing and gets reabsorbed into your body, but the membranes(sac) and placenta continue to develop with no baby. Especially if you have had some brown spotting, while this CAN be nothing, it is sometimes one of the symptoms of a blighted ovum. I am really sorry, I really wish I had some better words of encouragement for you, but the outlook just doesn't look good. You say you are for sure 8 weeks along, so there should be a clear baby at this point. I had an u/s at 7 wks 6 days and you could see a 16mm baby with arms, legs, and a beating heart clearly visible on the screen. I know this is a really hard thing for you to go through, I have had quite a few friends go through the same thing, and it is heart breaking. Remember God only gives us what we can handle, and everything happens for a reason. I know that isn't much comfort, I'm really sorry. My heart really goes out to you and I sincerely hope you get good news, I wish you the best of luck! PLEASE stay positive, and remember if this truly is a non-viable pregnancy, then this doesn't mean at all that you won't go on to have many healthy babies in the future.


Vera - September 22

Hi everyone...here's my story, I got pregnant beginning of May, right away my doc made me take u/s, did 4 all together. Right off then they told me that it seemed to be an empty sac, there was yolk but no fetus. So I was 9 weeks, and my doctor told me to take the meds to miscarriage, I waited went for a 2nd opinion a week after and we found out that clots were already descending, so I took the meds, miscarriage and then ended up having to do a emergency d & c because part of it stayed in there, so after my surgery which is not that bad a bit painful, you feel very week after and I had complications, so back in er 2 more times, I had fever, lots of heavy bleeding, clots. Was home for 3 weeks but I'm better now, just got my period, my surgery was aug 18 and my period only lasted 2 days, but it will take time to get normal again. Its a very hard time going through this mentally and physically. I really wanted my baby it was my first but I guess God had other plans. All the best for you, Vera


jacque - September 30

Oh My Gosh! Jane i have the same dates as you do. I am certain that i conceived on August 11th as well. I had a little brown spotting but the doctor said it was just old blood. My test came back positive and the cervix was tight and thick. However....there is no sign of anything...not even a sac. I am so curious and looking for hope. I love this sight. At 7 weeks..no sign of a sac but all the symptoms exist and test is pos...any help..insight...anything?


alleyc - September 29

This is happening to me as well. My LMP was 8/2 but I did not get a positive test until 9/4. I went to get my US yesterday and was told there was only a yolk sac dated at 6 wks. According to my LMP I should be 8 wks. I am devastated right now buy trying to keep my hopes up. I go in for another US on 10/14 in two weeks. Please let me know what you find out with your appointment. I wonder if I should ask to have my HCG count done as well? Right now I am just being as hopeful as possible and praying for a positive outcome.


alleyc - September 29

Wow. I just noticed that all this other stuff is dated from 2005. So, Shan, if you get this, please let me know what happened! Give me a glimmer of your hope!


ms lowkey - October 5

I went through the same thing in april 2009.i was suppose to be 9 weeks and found out in march i had a blighted ovum and was scared. I never heard of such in my life. I had 2 ultrasounds done and the result was the same no baby sac but no baby. i was given the choice to either let the baby come out on its own or have a d&C.I had the D&C in April and ity was fine.I was put to sleep woke up and it was over like an abortion. After the D&C i had a period in may in april i had no period so now i am pregnant again im 22 weekis abd the baby was seen right away so dont worry pregnancy will happen quickly again just try to have 1 or 2 periods first



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