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J - July 18

Hello all! I am 5 weeks and 6 days today; I had an U/S today. The Doctor told me in a round about way I was going to miscarry. I got home and compared my u/s picture to my 18 months old first one. I noticed her yolk sac was round; today it looked crescent shaped, if that is what I was seeing. Also, my daughters- you could see the cord; I did not see one today and I was only 7 weeks with her. I have been spotting x 10 days. I have not had bad cramps, clots, or tissue looking discharge. Has anyone ever been here? Could you please share your stories? I also bled with my daughter well into the 8th month off and on. He made me feel for sure it was going to miscarry, however we could see a flickering h/b. PLEASE HELP AND SHARE!!!


Jennifer - July 18

With my first pregnancy, I had a U/S done at 5 weeks and was told something was wrong and I would miscarry. The doctors would not even show me the baby on the screen, so I don't know how she looked at that point. I went home fully expecting to miscarry, but I never did. I called the doctor back a little over a week later and went back in for an ultrasound and was told eveything was fine. I now have a healthy 3 year old. Apparently the doctor (and I) thought I was further along than I actually was and that is why the baby did not look right at the point of the 5 week ultrasound. About 5 months ago, I did have a miscarraige. I started spotting and went into the hospital. They did a U/S and confirmed the miscarraige. In late May, I found out I was pregnant again. I started spotting last week (which I believed was my 11th week). I panicked and went straight to the hospital, thinking for sure it was another miscarraige. This time they did a U/S and said everything looks good so far - but they measured the baby at 9 weeks instead of the 11 weeks that I thought I was. I continued spotting on an off for an additional 2 days. I am still nervous over it and am not confident that I will not miscarry again. My sister is also pregnant and spotted a bit early in her pregnancy. She said she did some research on it and found out its quite common. My point is don't necessairly believe the doctors when they say you will miscarry. Before my daughter was born, I was told I could not have kids by several doctors. Then I was told I would miscarry her. Just pray, take it easy, and take it day by day. That is what I am doing.


J - July 19

Thanks Jennifer! I have not bled anymore, I will keep you posted. If anyone can respond, I would appreciate it!



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