6wk5d Slow Heartbeat

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ekay - January 26

Went to OB today and had u/s. Heartbeat present but seemed slow (4th pg so I know what it should look like) Doctor didn't really seem concerned at all- didn't even schedule followup, just said to call if I bleed. I am freaking out here because I remember with my daughter at about 6wks5days here little heart was a-going. My doctor was just like it's good there is a least a heartbeat. My LMP was 12/08/2004 and I have 30 day cycles and I think I conceived on 12/24/2004 and implanted on 01/03/2005 (I had bleeding). Does anyone this I might not be as far along as they think, or am I doomed for another m/c? I need something to help me relax.


Daniel - from Brazil - January 31

Hi, ekay. I and my wife are in a situation very similar. Her LMP was on 12/09/2004, and we think we conceived on 12/26/2004. After 2 u/s, we did another this morning. Finally, we got heartbeats at 68 bpm. The doc told us his concernings about a m/c. I think it's so early and the embryo is so small, we can't wait for the worst. We are going to the OB next Wednesday. At this moment, the only thing we can do is to wait. Good luck for us all, and let's have faith in God.


ekay - January 31

It sounds like your wife and I are due at about the same time. I am not sure what my bpm was but I go in for another u/s on Friday. When was her first u/s? I really do wish you the best of luck, I know how hard the wait is. Let me know how everything goes.


Daniel - from Brazil - February 1

Hi! It's been very hard to us... Our 1st u/s was on 01/13/05. The only thing we could see was the gestational sac, which measured 4 mm. At that moment we got very happy, until we went to the 1st appt. with the OB. That was simply the worst day of our lives. He was extremely pessimist. He said that we can only consider pregnant when the embryo is seen on the u/s, that other symptoms are not specifics for the pregnancy. Told us the possibility of blighted ovum (anembryionic pregnancy), etc. And told us about the D&C... Imagine! When we did the 1st u/s we were at 4wk3d, and he told all these absurdities. It hardly past 1 week (the worst of our lives) and we did another u/s on 01/20. Still there wasn't visible embryo. But on yesterday's u/s we saw the embryo and his little heart. Now we are very confident its all going right.... We have an appointment with the ob tomorrow. - Oh! We changed the doc. This one said on 01/24 that all was going right till that moment, and we couldn't think of blighted ovum up to that moment... Best wishes! Sorry about any English errors. I'm talking from Brazil, and my native language is Portuguese... Best of luck to you, and post how everything goes to you, too.


ekay - February 1

Try and relax. Women don't always ovulate when they think they do. I had a really big scare with my daughter. I thought I was six weeks and I had an u/s and there was an embryo but no heartbeat. I thought the worst, but I went in a week later and there was her little heart, beating as fast as can be. I just didn't conceive when I though I did. I still have to wait until Friday. I am trying to stay as positive as possible, if I don't I will simply go crazy! I know it is hard to do, but you and your wife should try and relax or do something to take your minds off of it. Just know that SHOULD something no turn out okay with this baby, it is more than likely there is a defect of some sort. I guess it is kinda like natural selection or survival of the fittest-a women's body will reject something that isn't quite right. Try your hardest to (and I am sure you are if you are on websites doing research) make sure your wife is as comfortable as possible and do your best to make her feel loved right now. It is scary for both of you, but no man can possibly understand what is going on inside our bodies. Good Luck to you both and your little baby


Stefani - February 4

I had the very same experience...however my doctor described the situation as bleek. So to say the very least I am scared and sad. I am trying to be positive. We have another US next week....I pray the little heart is beating like crazy.


ekay - February 4

UPDATE: Went in for u/s a week and 2 days after I was supposedly 6w5d. The heartbeat is much faster and stronger. They measured me at 7w4d now. If that is the case, I would have only been 6w2d at my original appt., which would account for the slower hb. Point being, we don't always conceive/implant when we think we do. Best of luck to you both.


rachel - February 7

I had a similar situation today. I went to the doctor for my first u/s. she said the baby was small and heartbeat was slow, and scheduled me for a second in 2 weks. I can take comfort in your stories that maybe, I did not conceive when I thought and maybe I am not & weeks but rather 6w 3d or something close to that. My prayers are with all of you. good luck.


Stefani - February 8

Well the news isn't very hopeful. I went for another US yesterday and they coudln't find a heart beat. However another doc said that perhaps it wasn't the baby's heart beat in the first place and that it could ahve been mine...that happens sometimes. First I have ever heard of it. So I am going in on Thursday for another US to confirm either a miscarriage or a viable pregnancy. Sadly I don't think it's viable....but there is a shred of hope. I ahve only had a very little brown spotting....no bleeding like with my last miscarriage. Can this be possible? Will I bleed later. I am so confused and sad. Any thoughts would be helpful. Good luck to you all. God bless!


stacey - February 8

Stefani- did they say anything about the size of the baby? Has it grown much since the last u/s?


Stefani - February 8

Stacey~ They couldn't tell on Monday since the last US was Thurs. They just couldn't find a heart beat. They will know better Thurs when we go again.


stacey - February 8

I'm sorry, I know the wait is killer! Good luck, I'll be praying for you and your little one:)


alicia - March 1

I am in a similar situation. I went to the doctor last week when i was six weeks along and he checked the heart rate and said it seemed a little slow. He said that everything looked fine and he didn't seem too concerned as well. Until he says otherwise i wouldn't worry. I hope all is well.


Jennifer - March 7

We went Wed 3/2/05 and they said I measured 6 weeks 2 days hb 80. Then Friday I had a lot of bleeding so we went in friday night for another u/s, but amazingly there was still a HB and it had gone up to 114! But I was still measuring 6w 2 days . But I am hopeful. Has anyone else had a similar situation?


stacey - March 7

Jennifer- when I was going through my miscarriage w/ the baby's heartbeat being low, everything I read said that 100 was the chance level- I guess better chance if it's over that :) good luck!


ekay - March 7

I was watching 'In The Womb" last night on Natl Geog and they said around 5 weeks the heart starts to beat sporadically at 20-25 beats per minute and gradually increases as time progresses. If you will read my original post and the updates below it, you will see that when I went in when I REALLY was 6w2d the hb seemed really slow to me. I went in a week later and it was beating like a champ. I think and hope you still have a good chance of this being a successful pregnancy.Good Luck



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