7 5 Weeks No Heartbeat Is There Any Hope

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nica - March 9

My U/S at 7.5 weeks had no heartbeat and an enlarged yolk sac but about normal growth. The doctor said I will miscarry but has anyone had an ultrasound at this stage with no heartbeat and then later found a heartbeat? I am expecting the worst but cant help but to hold out a little bit of hope still....


Maria - March 16

Go to the site misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com. Hope this helps


Shanyn - April 29

I had the same thing happen. It's called a blighted ovum. I did miscarry. Just look at it this way, maybe it's not meant to be yet.....


AJ - May 9

I got the same info at 7 weeks. My doc said it's not looking great, but it could be too early to throw in the towel. I'll cross my fingers for both of us.


Kris - May 10

I'm going through the same thing. At 6 weeks, no heartbeat. I'm going in again today, for another u/s at 7 weeks. I'm very nervous. This is our first.


jemma - May 11

yep i had the same a blighted ovum its not nice my yock sac was empty no baby or heartbeat. but 3 months on i am pregnant again when you have a blighted ovum it means somethink was wrong so the fetus counld not develop good luck tho x


Claire - May 11

Kris, I too had a 7w/5d u/s May 10. I had my first u/s on Apr. 28 which showed an empty sac that measured less than 5 weeks (I was 6w exactly at that point). My u/s yesterday showed that the sac had only grown to measure 5w/2d and was still empty. They wanted to set me up for a D&C, and mentioned the term "blighted ovum" but I told my Dr. I wanted to just let nature take it's course. What did you find out at your u/s?, it seems we are about the same due date. Mine was to be December 21. To say this is devastating is putting it mildly. I just spent 5 years and $16,000.00 trying to get pregnant.


Mark - May 11

My wife went through the same thing a few months ago. She was 10 weeks pregnant and her first ultrasound showed no heartbeat. The doctor said she had a blighted ovum and scheduled her for an immediate D&C. Two months later we started trying to have a baby again. She is now 7 weeks pregnant and we just heard a healthy heartbeat! Good luck. I hope my story helps.


Lesley - May 18

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and had an U/S yesterday. We did see the heartbeat and the Doctor said it was strong however he said he would like to see more fluid in the sac because the sac is small but the baby is normal size. Has anyone ever heard or experienced this?



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