7 Week Ultrasound

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Susan - September 4

I had an ultrasound today. I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I know for sure how long because I was doing fertility drugs. We did not detect a heartbeat but there was a yolk sac. My doctor tells me not to worry but I am really concerned especially as another doctor told me it is probably a non-viable pregnancy. I go back for another ultrasound in 2 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this?


Kera - July 8

No. I have not experienced it but I am 6 weeks pregnant and have a yolk sac but no heartbeat and no sign of any baby yet. I'm so scared and it's driving me nuts. Did they see anything in the sac?


Kera - July 8

Hi. I'm supposedly 6 weeks. I had an ultrasound today and the yolk sac was present but didn't see any type of anything in it. It's driving me nuts so if you hear anything let me know. If I find out any info I will let you know.


[email protected] - July 11

Same situation. 6 wks, saw the yolk sac but no hearbeat yet? Had some light pink mucus for 1 day? HCG was in the 7000 range? I go back for an ultrasound on Tues. Your all in my prayers!


janet - July 12

7 weeks i am day had an ultra sound today.thought i was only 6 weeks doctor told me might have trouble picking up a heart beat at this early stage,but as it turned out i was over 7 weeks and had a heart beat


Amy - July 13

I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, 3days and couldn't find a heartbeat either, though the tech thought she saw a flutter. My doctor was concerned, but thought we might be off on our dates. I go back in on Thursday for another ultrasound (9 weeks 2 days).The doctor said if we don't find a heartbeat then that he'd be 'very concerned.' Wish me luck!


Sal - July 15

I was 7 weeks 5 days when I had my U/S, same thing and am waiting to have rescan on 19th, its awful isn't it, the wait is unbearable.But its all we can do, good luck everyone and please update when you all know for sure whats going on xx


Kim - July 16

I had my 3rd ultrasound in 1 week today and was 7 weeks 1 day, no heartbeat and no growth in the baby (fetal pole) in the last week. I was also spotting/staining and my b___st tenderness disappeared completely. I am scheduled for a D & C next week. As hard as it is to lose the baby, not knowing for a week was far worse for me. I pray your baby is ok.


sherri - July 20

I am 8weeks two days & we just had our ultrasound & just like all of you there was some concern b/c they could not find the heartbeat. Did any of your doctors say anything about the size of the baby? I have to have blood drawn to check my hormone levels & then go for another ultrasound next monday.


Melissa - July 22

I am 7 weeks also, but they seem to think I am at 6 due to the size of the yolk sac. No heartbeat either here. I go for another HCG level check tomorrow and another ultrasound on the 27th. Wish me luck. I will be praying for all of you:)


carla mcconahey - July 23

hi, i am 10weeks pregnant i was bleeding and had to go for an ultrasound when i was there they told me they couldnt find a heartbeat or a fetal pole and that i had to come back in 2 weeks. i was really distressed but when i went back two weeks later i was expecting the worst but when they scanned me i could see the yolk sak and something flashing, and there it was a little heartbeat. Please dont be downhearted about this it will work out ok. If u would like to e mail me my address is [email protected]


peg - July 24

guys none of you worry. i had a misca and then two healthy kids. now im pregnant with my third at 6 weeks they saw a sac and a blood clot at 7 they saw a sac with the yolk and now at 8 hey saw a heartbeat, but the blood clot is still growing so i still have a 50 % chance. but guys please I know its hard but keep in mind if your body doesnt keep this pregnancy it probably wasnt healthy and your body had to reject it good luck to all


June - August 27

This is our second child after losing our first at 25 weeks. I had an ultrasound on the 16th, that showed only a yolk sac, I had the Hcg tests, and they seemed good. I went back today, at 7 weeks, and an embryo was found with a heart beat. It makes me feel okay for now. I just want to make it through this one. Good luck.


JKS - August 30

I went to the Dr. Friday and the Dr. saw 2 sacs, one with no heartbeat and one maybe with nothing at all. They are convinced I will miscarry. I am feeling real low about this. They want me to come back in a week. My midwife says not to worry, happens alot, but I feel terrible! I had a miscarriage in April. Please let me know how yours turns out. I go in for blood work today.


Megan - September 4

Susan, I am supposedly 7wks and 4 days and I had an ultrasound with no hb and my cnm immediately told me that I would miscarry within the week. I am devistated and i don't understand how this happens. Have you had any bleeding or spotting? I haven't and this makes it more difficult to accept. I pray that your dates are off and both our abies will make it. In my prayers, Megan


melanie - September 20

went for a scan last tues they found the sac and yolk sac and the embyro but no heartbeat i am so scared having a scan on wed 22nd sept please pray for me my embyro was2.8mm i don.t know if i was to early or if i ovalated later. but i thoughti was 6 3 i don.t know good luck everyone and me it.s horrible the waiting


Dawn - May 16

Hi there I am very sad to hear this and have no idea what to say! I went for a 7week u\s today and my doctor said he could see baby, but no heart , he told me it is because his screen is to small, so I go in the morning to the hospital for a reg u\s. I am very scared! I wish myself and you all the very best!!!!



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