7 Weeks No Heart Beat Only Yolk Sac

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E - November 22

I am 7 weeks pregnant I went to ultrasound this morning and my doctor told me that I probably miscarriage because he doesn't see any heart beat only a yolk sac. I am very worry because this is my first pregnancy I have no idea what to do or what's going on.I'd experienced some of spotting few days ago but no cramping. Could anyone help me what's going on with my baby am I showing a sign of miscarriage?In the mean time I'm very worry and don't know what to do I have to wait until 3 more weeks to see a doctor again.


Ell - November 22

Is it possible your dates may be wrong and maybe you are not quite 7 wks? If so I wouldn't stress. I am told you can't really detect the heartbeat until 8wks. Could you ask your Dr. for another ultrasound (with dopplar) in a week or two. Or perhaps even better, check the situation out with another Dr. Best wishes!


Ell - November 22

thank you very much ell I hope everything will be okay. Thanks again have a great holiday


Cindi - December 21

I accompanied my sister to her ultrasound appointment. She is 8 w/1d and they could not detect a heartbeat, I'm not sure about a sac. She tried in a former marriage unsuccessfully and has a history of one blighted ovum about 10 years ago. She was joyed to find out she was pregnant again as was I. We're hoping the next ultrasound will be successful. I desperately wanted her to experience the joys of motherhood as I have 3 children. She has had no bleeding and her b___sts are still sore. I wish I could get some helpful information that might give us some hope.


kristin - January 5

I have had two miscarriages both at around nine weeks and am 9 weeks pregnant again and just yesterday no heart beat and the fetus looked 5 weeks. I am sure I will lose this one. You will probably miscarriage within a few days. It is sad, but I also have two beautiful children. Many women miscarriage early due to genetic abnormalities. This is natures way of preventing a child with a severe birth defect from being born. Hang in there and try again. I am going to.


rachael - January 11

I would not wait 3 more weeks I would ask your doctor to give you an hcg test which is done by taking your blood the test can be done twice a few days apart and they can see if your pregnancy hormone hcg is going up or not and you will be more sure! I will pray for you it is scarry my heart goes out to you


cindy - January 19

same thing like me.so what happened to you when you went back to dr


sue - February 10

Hi E: I am also 7.5 weeks I went to the Dr. and had and ultrasound they saw only a yolk sac. I also have had some spotting but no cramping. They told me that maybe my dates are off. I have to have a series of hcg levels and another ultrasound in 2 weeks. I'll pray for you. Please pray for me


Claire - May 6

I had a v____al sonogram done at 6 weeks 1 day (I know my numbers ore right b/c I had IUI) and it showed twins (2 gestational sacs). However, 1 was smaller than the other and it's heart was not beating. I had 1 heartbeat and 1 not. The sonographer told me it was "probably dead" and that the other healthier embryo would "probably absorb it" and at the next appointment in 1 week I would "probably only have 1 baby". Long story short- a week later I had 2 healthy hearts beating and had full term boy/girl twins. POINT: Babies develop at different rates, and from what I've read on most of these boards, I would not be concerned about a heartbeat quite yet.


monica - May 6

hi,don't worry beacuse i am in the same boat. i have gone through 6 u/s and i am 6week but they haven't seen any heartbeat yet so, they are saying that your date are not right. They also told me if u will have any heavy pain or red blood bleeding then be ready for miscarriage.I am going to see the dr. in next 3weeks. I also had brown discharge but now i am doing great and hoping for the best do same what i am doing.......


marsha - May 6



stephanie - May 30

I am 8wks and I had an ultrasound 2 wks. ago and they said they did not see a heartbeat so I scheduled another for the following week and they found the heartbeat ,but now no yolk sac. But the heartbeat was very strong so just hang in there, in the end everything will turn out.


krit - August 10

Hi, doctors are very frustrating....I am in the same boat, as I went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and the doctor is telling me they did not see a fetal pull or a heartbeat. From the research that I have done a heart beat is not always present this early. The docot also did a blood test which indicates that I am 9 weeks pregnant. The nurse sent me home with the explination of not to worry, but their may be no baby! Shocked and upset I went home and have the next week to anticipate the results I will find out next Monday. I will pray for you and hope that technology is just giving us a run for our money!



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