7 Weeks Pregnancy And Heart Beat About 70 Is It Possible M C

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Lnngirl - November 26

I am about 7 weeks pregnant and i just went to the doctor and she said that the heart beat of the baby is very low about 70 . She said i might have M/C soon but she wasn't sure until we have another ultra sound next week. Is this possible? Please help me. I AM VERY WORRIED.


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

Sounds. . . Umm not so good. But keep hope and I will keep you in my prayers. They aren't always right, remember that okay. Maricles happen! Try to stay positive hun.


Lnngirl - November 27

Thank you ShoppingForTwo. I been crying all night, trying to catch some sleep. As my husband and i feel really down, he tried to comfert me. But nothing would work for me rite now, only to pray god and waiting for maricles to happen. As each day from now on i will be waiting until dec 5 for another U/S. I also have a question what do you expect to have when m/c start to come? Can anyone help?


annab - November 27

hey Lnngirl....why don't you get a second opinion in the meantime instead of waiting...I know waiting can be difficult but try to keep positive...I would imagine that 7 weeks is still very early to check for a heart beat (I know my doctor didn't check me for that).


ShoppingForTwo - November 27

No no no don't worry about m/c just yet Lnngirl. Stay positive, don't give up hope. Your dates could be wrong. You could have a tilted uterus which makes it very hard to get accurate results unless you get a v____al u/s. Just last week I got an external u/s and she was like "wow honey your really early, your dates must be off, your no where near 8 weeks" then I insisted that I was so she gave me a v____al u/s and she was like "oh your right. your baby is measuring 8w2d. It's because your uterus is tilted towards the back so I couldn't really see" I don't think your doctor should have even told you that. I think s/he should have just said you were early and scheduled the scan for Dec. 5th. All that crying and worry is probably for nothing. He could have spared you that. Now that I think about it more, I truly think you will be fine. :) Stay busy!


Lnngirl - November 28

thank you ShoppingForTwo & annab. I am trying to be positive. My sister think i should get another opinion also. But let me tell you this, as of Nov 21 i went for a v____al U/S and they measure and said i was about 6w2d and the heart beat about 86 but on Nov 26 i went for another v____al U/S and she said my baby is about 75 and she said that the baby didn't grow and she said i will have my m/c. Then she tell me that i should come back for another v____al u/s on Dec 5. But this is kind of weird , if she knew i will have my m/c coming soon and should be prepared for it , then why she telling me to come back for another u/s , For What? That what i dont understand


ShoppingForTwo - November 28

Because she can be totally wrong. You can go in on Dec. 5th and your baby could be measuring perfectly with a strong heartbeat. That's why I don't think she should have filled your head with worry until she was more sure.


DownbutnotOUT - November 28

im sorry that your going through this but because the babies heartbeat actually went down from 86 and showed no sign of growth more than likely you are going to lose this baby. the reason they want to do anothr ultrasound is to make sure that the babies heart has stopped so they can offer you the choice to have a D&C or miscarry naturally. I dont know wher eyou live or what kind of health coverage you have either but if you can get an HCG repeat test done. The take blood and check your HCG (pregnancy hormone) and than retake it 2-3 days later to see if it has doubled, if it doesnt double the pregnancy will be ending. Once again I am very sorry and like many women I myself have experienced a m/c and the ladies on the pregnancy lost section are an excellent support system. take care


Lnngirl - November 28

Thank you ShoppingForTwo for putting so much hope in me. Dear: DownbutnotOUT As you know on Nov 26 on my v____al u/s the doctor told me that i will have m/c and she ask rite away that i should have natural m/c. I told her that i do want natural m/c. She kept on saying that i will have my m/c. Why would she want me to come back again for another u/s if she know i will be having m/c. AS you know now that i am in bed all day exect for eating. Some of my friends told me to put a pillow under my b___t and my feet up in the air with a pillow; dont know if thiis will work. But every nite i pray and pray the lord.


ShoppingForTwo - November 28

I heard to put your feet up as well. I think I read that in "What to Expect whe your Expecting". Good luck hun, and keep us posted!


treyz_mama - November 29

no for that downbutnotout girl.. WAY TO STAY POSITIVE!!!...just like my doc.. leaving NO HOPE!!.. lnngirl you should stay positive.. trust me.. docs told me my son was suppose to be a m/c not one but over 6 ER docs.. they were ALL WRONG.. and yes my HCG levels did drop just like whats her face was saying.. it dropped from 10,000 to 1400 but yes i did delivery a HEALTY baby boy.. the only thing you CAN do is WAIT..and yes do the pillow thing i did that..unfort. right now im going thru the same as my last..docs are telling me im having a m/c AGAIN!! im hoping they are wrong again! keep up the hope.. if you dont have hope or faith.. you have nothing!


Lnngirl - November 29

Thank you treyz_mama. I am trying to put hope and pray every nite before i go to bed. I will keep you all updated after i go for a second visit on Dec 5. Thank you all and may god be with you all.


Lnngirl - December 3

Dear Friends Nervously waiting counting day by day nite by nite for my next appointment to arrive for another u/s. Am I crazy for what but i pray each nite. Oh God please help my baby let my baby be be healthy


annab - December 4

good luck tomorrow...hope all goes well


sanmar123 - December 5

hi Lnngirl, I am in a similar situation but worse, my baby`s heart beat is only55 bpm, All I have done is cried, I go for another ultrasound on Monday. I am so worried, i can`t sleep, at night.


ShoppingForTwo - December 5

I hope your appointment when great today!!!!! Let us know hun.


Lnngirl - December 5

Hi everyone, It is the most sad day for me today. Me and my Husband went in for u/s and did not hear any heart beat. The Doctor told me that she was sorry but the baby is gone. Now i have to take a pill to put inside my v____al for m/c a bit faster. I cried so hard when i was in the car. I feel so sad for my husband, but i dont know if he disappoint it or not but he seen to be so quiet all the way home. I will pray for all of you who going to the first trimester. Good luck to all, but we will it again in a couple of month.



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