7 Weeks Pregnant But Experiencing Cramps And Back Pains

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JSalgado - June 12

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I'm experiencing the following symtoms are they normal or should I go to the Emergency Room? Cramps (all day) Waist Pains Morning Sickness Diaria


Helen Street - June 9

I was having the same symtoms as you and was sent for an early scan today. Glad to report everything is fine and no need to panic!!!! Cramps could be indigestion?


bones - June 12

9 weeks pregnant and i've been having back and abdominal cramps and everyone tells me that it is just my muscles stretching and the progesterone possibly loosening some of the vertibrae


Sireen - April 17

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i feel itching all over my body. i also had diaria in the morning is that normal


tory - April 19

Yep, Sireen, both diarrhea and constipation are real common.Don't know about the itching though. Did you change your laundry detergent?


Jamie - April 20

If it is too bad go to the hospital or doctor. My 6th month i was having awful pain and swore I was in labor. Went to the hospital and had to stay the night. I had kidney stones. And pa__sing them things do hurt very much. Hope its not kidney stones and all is well.


Alicia - May 4

im 10 weeks pregnant and yes that does happen in the early stages of pregnancy.


jemma - May 11

im almost 4 weeks pregnant i think as i took a test at 3 weeks and it came out possitive i am getting cramping in both sides of my body and in the middle of my belly is this normally at 4 weeks. doc said its normally but nhs direct saids i need to go for a scan as it may be a etopic what do you all think


lis6780 - May 20

i am 5 weeks and having diaria as well if this is normal why isn't this listed as a early preg sign only constipation is


Christina - August 24

I am not sure if i am pregnant i am having lower back pains b___st tender and hurting heart burn, diaria, and feelinf really weird in my stomach but i am not late on my period yet should i get a pregnacy test i need your help what do u think



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