7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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Linda G. - May 12

Leslie, I'll be praying for you tonight so that hopefully everything goes well in your next appointment. Like I said before, the toughest thing is not knowing what is going on and waiting. Have hope and pray! I still have 7 more days until I go back. I'm just a little worried now because I began having cramping last night and throughout the day today. No spotting and not hurtful, but scary. Misscariages run in my family and that's why I'm scared. I think I would rather wait out for my body to naturally rid itself of the pregnancy as well even if it's painful but so that I know I gave myself and my baby every chance possible to survive. Good luck out there to all the strong women in this board who can share their stories of hope! Take very good care of yourselves and pray!


Anusha Naicker - May 13

I am sitting here and reading all your stories and having mixed emotions. I am 7 weeks pregnant and Yes have a pregnancy sac but no baby . I am praying to God that everything works out for us.


Danielle C. - May 13

I am on hold with the doctor as I sit here....I went for a v____al ultrasound this morning, and they measure me at about 5-5.5 weeks. They saw the yolk sak but no fetal pole. Does anyone know when a fetal pole is supposed to be detected? I'm praying for all of us.


mega - May 14

after first scan, they told me I had empty sac, the embryo unseen. I didn't believe it and went for 2nd opinion ( 2nd scan), which at the last minute they found the embryo. my uterus is tilted so no wonder they hardly found it. I suggest you wait for another 2 weeks , good luck


kia - May 14

2 questions. What is considered NORMAL spotting? Lets see my spoting is dark brownish with small clotting. This is how my menstrual is when it comes to spotting except much heavier. I know this is not normal spotting is spotting but clots. Does this sound like a mis carriage


Laila - May 15

i became pregnant in feb went for a 6 week scan and seemed fine but without explanation was asked to return 2 weeks later. to my horror ther e was no heart beat and not much to be seen. i went to another dr for 2nd oppinion andwas advised to wait one week...the longest and saddest week of my life. after that week the sac had grwn but no fetus..just particals. i had a d&c immediately which was surprisingly simple and recovered quickly. one month later i found out i was pregnant again. i am now going into my 7th week and seen & heard the heartbeat. i am due at christmas.so there is hope. i am feeling very positive about this baby. good luck to all of you out there.


Penny - May 15

I had what is called a blighted ovum, empty sac, low hCG levels, and no sore b___sts. I have ultrasound at 6 weeks and then again at 7, both were empty sacs. I had a D&C done after the second ultrasound at 7 weeks. Everything happens for a reason and now 3 months later I am pregnant again with my 3rd baby, had 2 miscarriages , so 5th pregnancy and everything looks to be going good, had u/s last week and there was a heartbeat. Hang in there. I know it is heartbreaking. Good Luck


Teresa M - May 16

I wish I had the answer. I was told on 5/11 that according to a v____al u/s there was no viable pregnancy. Although the sac was visible. Then I followed up with the OB who stated that the ER Dr was incorrect, that it was a normal sonogram for someone 4-5 wks along. That it was just too early to see anything. Suggested that we do an HCG test to compare to the findings in the ER the day prior. Did the testing the next morning and the results show that the numbers have only increased from 1786 to 2336 in 72 hrs. Not the doubling they had hoped for. I am so confused. I do not know if this means I am going to m/c or what. They are already talking about doing a d & c. Isn't it REALLY early on to make that call???


Danielle C. - May 17

Theresa: I made a post this past Friday because I went to the ER with pain, and the dr. told me I was 51/2 weeks with a sac and no fetal pole. I was devestated and waited the longest weekend of my life for my follow up today with my doctor. Much to my joy and amazement, there was my baby today, heart beating away. There is always hope. Dr's usually don't consider it a blighted ovum unless there have been 2 or 3 consecutive ultrasounds with no fetus. I will pray for you and your baby. God Bless.


Jenny - May 18

I have had 2 oblighted ovum and both ended with a D&C. In between those 2 times, I was able to have a normal healthy baby who is almost 2 now. Now, I am 2 months pregnant again, last week, we went in for u/s, i was so disheartening to see the all so familiar picture of an empty sac. I got my HCG level tested, and will be going back for another u/s this Thursday. If it's still empty, then inevitably I will have to go through yet another D&C. This time, my doctor finally agree for us to have a chromosomal test to see why the high occurence rate for oblighted ovum. Before he said that since we had a healthy baby there should be no genetic issues. It's been a long long roller coaster ride -- but be comforted and know that there is reason for the undeveloped baby. It's our body's way of ensuring a healthy baby at the end of the term.


bell - May 18

Im in the same boat .i had a u/s at 7weeks and could not see a yolk sac . Im doing blood test good luckand i will know in the morning.Im scared too ... I was taking clomid .I dont know if that throws off my due date or not..


marela - May 18

i just went to the dr. and he said i was pregnant i was measuring 6 weeks . i went to the u/s yesterday and they could not find the fetus or heartbeat the sac is empty . the radiologist dr. enter the room and said that the pregnancy probably will not be successful as soon as i came home i started bleeding and cramping i believe this is a full fledge miscarry but the doctor still wants to check my horomone level in two days. i just wish it would all go away and i try all over again doen't sound like a full fledge miscarry ? anyone desperate


Teresa - May 18

Thanks for all of the insight. I went in to the Dr today and my HCG has risen from 2336 to 3446 which is not much but not a decrease. I had another ultrasound which put me at 5 wks 3 days (which would match my calculations). They could see the sack but no fetal pole. The doctor said that it is ok, that at 5 weeks you can't always see one. She wants to do another HCG and u/s next Tuesday. I don't know what is good news anymore. My prayers are with everyone!!!


NINA - May 18

I realised that I am not alone after I read all the postings. I had my D&C done last night. I was 10 weeks and 2 days when internal U/S was done. Report said empty gestational sac that measured about 7 weeks, which I heard for the first time and I had all the symptoms intact being more tired, hungry and sleepy, with no miscarriage symptom. I hope you go for another U/S and all goes well for you.


Ema - May 19

I am going through the same as all of you. Reading the messages surely makes it easier for me to accept what is happening as well as hope that things will be ok. Went for my v____al u/s check yesterday (am 7 weeks pregnant) and found that the sac was big and round but no fetus or heartbeat detected. DOc just gave me a 1 in 10 chance that the fetus is hiding. Need to go in for another u/s in two weeks time. It is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life.


lucy - May 19

I am going through the same thing at the moment, just found out last week that ime pregnant ( 6 weeks/3 days). started bleeding 18/5. Went to the E.P.U yesterday for a v____al u/s to be told that i had a sac but no heart beat could be detected, they took some hcg tests and i have to go back 20/5 for results & more tests. Ive been having really bad back pain but the bleeding doesnt seem to be getting any worse so ime holding onto the hope that everything will be o.k. Good luck & i wish you all the best.



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