7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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lucy - May 19

I am going through the same thing at the moment, just found out last week that ime pregnant ( 6 weeks/3 days). started bleeding 18/5. Went to the E.P.U yesterday for a v____al u/s to be told that i had a sac but no heart beat could be detected, they took some hcg tests and i have to go back 20/5 for results & more tests. Ive been having really bad back pain but the bleeding doesnt seem to be getting any worse so ime holding onto the hope that everything will be o.k. Good luck & i wish you all the best.


Linda G. - May 19

I went for my u/s today but didn't get any good news. I'm still measuring at 6w and 4d when I'm suppost to be 10 weeks. There is no change in the size of the sac since 2 weeks ago and no sighn of baby or heartbeat. They finally drew blood for the 1st time today, a little late, but there is not much to do at this point but to make the decision if I want to be sc___ped or wait it out naturally. I changed my whole life for this pregancy so far only to have this happen to me. I hope and pray to God that some of your stories will be different and that you will have more luck than me! Linda G.


Stacey - May 19

I was also 7 weeks pregnant and I had a empty sac. And 2 weeks later I had a miscarriage. I know its hard to deal with but there is nothing you can do. Sorry about your situation


Jenny - May 19

I just got back from Doc's appt. My HCG level went from 70,000 to 122,000+. The doctor said that's good sign and we took another u/s, though still no heart beat, but this time the sac is no longer empty, there is some thing that's measuring at 6w and 5d. Doctor is asking me to go back for another u/s in 2 weeks, and if we do hear a heart beat that time, he said the pregnancy will 95% be good. So, there is hope, even though it started with a 27mm empty sac (which seemed big for it to be empty, and my doctor was not very optimistic about it).... Now, we'll just keep praying so 2 weeks later, we'll see the heart beat! :)


Leslie - May 19

Just wanted to update everyone on my situation. I went in for my 3rd ultrasound hoping to find a baby in the sac. Still no baby and the sac actually shrunk in size. They scheduled me for a D&C for tomorrow. I started cramping really bad this morning and had to go to the E.R. The pain was so bad I had to get morphine through an IV. They let me come home tonight and gave me some pain pills and am going through with the D&C tomorrow. I wish things would have turned out better but I am hanging in there. My prayers are with everyone posting on this site.


Anusha - May 20

I posted last week with a blited ovum at 7 weeks - I went for my test yesterday and much to my delight by baby was there - heart beating way. Prayer is the answer - Give God all the glory and he will give you the victory .


Teresa - May 20

I feel close to all of you as I am going through the same thing right now. I had a blighted ovum 9 months ago and had a d & c. It was heartbreaking. But I have a beautiful healthy baby boy who gave me hope. I am pregnant again and have not felt all of the pregnancy symptoms yet. I thought I was 6 weeks along. But my ultrasound shows an empty sac, at around 5 weeks. I am hoping that I miscalculated. My prayers are with all of you. Children are such a gift and I hope that we all get to receive that gift as much as we want.


Teresa M - May 20

I am so glad to hear that many of you have gone on to have healthy pregnancies after miscarriage. It doesn't change my situation but it gives me hope. I have not been back to the Dr yet but I pa__sed 2 small clots this morning..no bleeding..just spotting which has become the norm. I am not sure whether I have now miscarrid or what to think. I don't go back to the Dr until Tuesday. Anyone else experience the same thing?


marela - May 20

i just went back for more blood work this morning and i am really upset and not doing well emotionally i have been bleeding since tuesday i know its a full miscarriage now but its so heart breaking to come to truths about it this website does help to read everyone elses stories.


Kat - May 20

I'm so happy I read so many good stories on this website. My last appt was 5/16 and although I was 6W3D pregnant, the doctor couldn't find a heartbeat or a fetal pole. I didn't get a good explanation for his findings. I am scheduled to return for another u/s on 5/23. Your stories give me hope. Thank you. Until then, I'll be silently waiting and praying and hoping......


marela - May 20

well i just spoke to the doctor and it is now confirmed it was a miscarriage he rea__sured me that it was just a fluke thing and that the next one he will keep a close eye on my horomone level from day one thank god i have my 1 year old daughter to keep me going . good luck to all and hope to speak to everyone on a healthier note prayers and wish will keep us going.


Teresa M - May 21

Marla: so sorry for your loss. I ended up going in to the dr today anyway at her request after pa__sing tissue this morning...The gestational sac is still where it was but my levels only went up from 3400 on Wed ro 3580 today (not exactly doubling numbers)..I am embarra__sed to say it but at a point where if I am going to miscarry I wish it would just happen already so I can greive and get past it...this endless waitning is really wearing on me


Stacey - May 21

I am having the same problem. I think I am about 4 weeks pregnant and my doctor took a ultrasound on me and she did not even see a sac. I took two pregancy test one was a home pregnancy test and the other I went to a clinic and they both came out positive. I am trying to find out what is going on and I am scared. They have been taking quants to monitor how far along I am. I do not know myself!


Emanuela - May 21

It's rea__suring to hear about this coomunity of women who are going through the same pain. I am 7w pregnant and low in pregnancy hormones and with an us that shows the sac but no life in it. My doctor is not very rea__suring and wants to wait for a week and performe a second u/s. I cann't wait and I have scheduled for a second opinion with another dc for next tuesday. I hope that by that time a sign of life will be visible and that a better quality machine will revert the situation...I had a previous miscarriage and it was extremely painfull. Does anyone know about drugs that can be taken in case of miscarriage to make through the e/r? Thank you


Stacey - May 21

Emanuela. Are you having any symptoms of being pregnant. I am also 7 weeks pregnant and I have gone through 2 miscarriage already. So i am also worried. Thanks


lucy - May 22

Hi i last contacted this sight on the19/5, since then i have been back to the E.P.U 20/5 for my blood results which came back at 1558, took some more tests the same day and recieved them also on the same day with a considerable fall to 500.They say that i probably already miscarried but want me to go back on the 3/6 for a pregnancy test and another u/s scan! is it possible that i may still be pregnat? do you think i should do another home test? the last thing i want to do is get my hopes up but i need to know once & for all.... please somebody give me some advice.



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