7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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adrianak - October 3

I am in the same situation, I am 6.5 weeks and the doc told me that my sac is empty, I need someone to tell me tha they are okay and the baby is okay.


Nat01 - October 3

Adrianak - I wanted you to know that I know how you feel and thought that it might make you feel better that we had a similar situation at the same no. of weeks.At 6w 3d's I was given 50/50 chance of blighted ovum. They could only see gest. sac and yolk sac, no embryo and 2 weeks later I had another scan. Everything was ok and I now have a beautiful baby boy.I remember how awful I felt for those 2 weeks and hope this helps you to feel more positive. I really hope all is well for you - and that you get the news you are hoping for, don't give up hope just yet xx


adrianak - October 4

Nat01, I thank you so much, for your response. God bless you, I told my husband that I am not going back to the doctor and if God wants to terminate this pregnancy it is up to him. I am going to wait and see. When I get to 12 weeks, if anything has happend until then, I will go in for a pre-natal visits. I have my baby in the hands of God and only he can take care of things.


Nat01 - October 4

I really hope everything goes well for you and that you end up with a lovely healthy baby. Do let us know if it's good news at the next scan xx


adrianak - October 5

After reading all this testimonials, I come to a conclusion is all up to God, but I have a question, I am on Progesterone and Estrogen, my doctor say that I have an empty sac at 6.5 weeks, has anyone been in the same situation? And if you are what did you do, and what happened?


vaniam - October 21

My HCG levels were at 14000 on Thursday. I had an ultrasound the same day and the day after as well. All they could see was an empty sac. No baby in there. They also said I had some blood behind my sac. They told me 14000 meant I was about 6 weeks and should be able to see something by then. 2 days later, my levels had doubled (27000) like normal. That same day I started bleeding. I've been bleeding for 2 days now, just spotting, maybe a little heavier. Won't know until tomorrow if I've lost the baby (or empty sac). I know how you all feel. Sucks doesn't it? But we'll see what happens.


jananet - October 24

Hello Everyone, Just stopping by for an update. I had a problem with the empty sac at 7 weeks (it actually stayed "empty" until 11 weeks) but it turned out "normal" and I was pregnant, due November 27, 2006 with a baby boy. Well, I am extremely pleased to report that my son was born 17 days early, and in a little over 2 weeks from now he will be one year old! I just found out a little while ago that I am also pregnant again! Fortunately, since I am not having any pain (I had a lot of pain last time) I do not have to go into the doctor until my 10th week. Hopefully, this will take care of any issues I had the first time around (I think the sac looked empty because it was so early on). I have to say to all of you that I really wish the best for each of you and hope to hear your stories about the wonderful babies you all concieve. Best of luck!


belinda2 - October 24

I wanted to thank you all for your postings which gave me two days more hope that everything would be OK. I saw an empty sac at 6 weeks after having a scan at the emergency room due to bleeding after intercourse. They said that with HCG levels at 7400 they should see an embryo but they didn't so i should expect to miscarry. Unfortunately, I went for another scan yesterday and there is not even a sac anymore, and my hormones are down to 2570. So it is over for me but I hope that some others out there have a better outcome.


irishsweetie2003 - December 10

There's always hope, and I feel horrible I can't give any added hope to those who are going through this sense I lost my pregnacy this past week end shortly after we discovered the sack and no baby inside it... I sorry for any one who goes through this too.


Odz - January 9

Just wanna share my sadness and dissappointment today. I have been married for 5 years. Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant but almost of the time, we failed. Untill last month, my hpt showed positive.As i remember my first period was 11 Nov 2009, but the cycle is not 28 days as I have irregular period. So I dont know when is my ovulation actually. I went to see the doctor as today suppose to be my 8weeks pregnant. I:ve has u/s, but only sac be seen, no fetal, no embry, nothing. The Dr mentioned that may be my baby is not growing and the pregancy might failed. I was so shocked, sad..But she ask me to visit her next week to see wether is there any growth or not...After came back, reached home, I browsed on internet and found this forum. I fell so released but still crying untill now. I pray that my baby is still there and hope to see him/her for the next 9 months...Guys, what should I do now?.


pack - February 12

odz, I really hope that things have improved for you. You just have to remember that we cannot control whats happening in our body, if it is meant this time it will be meant. I too just came from the doctors and i had a sonogram. I am 5.5 weeks pregnant and they saw a sac, nothing else. I am waited for my levels from my doctor momentarily. I have 2 beautiful daughters and i keep reminding myself that what happens is out of control, keep positive, keep BUSY and keep the faith. pack


asdfgh - July 7

I am also 6 weeks 1 day pregnant. Today went for sonogram doctor couldn't see the baby or hear any heart beat but could see the sac. I am really scared. Doctor will test every thing again in 10 days. I am having all the pregnancy symptoms. Is this really a serious problem? Is it very unusual thing?


lizdanzer - November 14

I had a period on Sept 18 09, and another on Oct 18 09, and on Nov 1st took 2 hpt both positive, and on the 2nd went to the doc for a pee test, also positive. On Nov 13th went in for an u/s and dr said he found no signs of pregnancy, looks like a normal uterus. He also found 2 ovarian cysts on my right ovary, one big and one small. If I go by my 9/18 period, then I would be around 8 weeks preggo and should see at least something on the u/s. If I go by 10/18 period, then I'd be about 4 weeks and wouldn't see anything. Except the 10/18 period leaves my conception date around Nov 3rd, 2 days AFTER I took 3 tests that all said positive. They took my blood yesterday, and I have to back in tomorrow, Nov 15, and they give me the results monday morning and have another u/s scheduled for Nov. 19th. I am seriously freaking out! I want to be preggo so bad and have a baby I've been waiting for this a long time and my fiance just keeps saying, if youre not preggo its not the end of the world so just don't worry, and I'm like are you kidding me?!?! Of course I'm worrying!! He doesn't understand but it feels like a huge betrayal and a huge loss to me to think I was preggo and now I may have just lost the pregnancy. And I swear that last night I stopped having symptoms of preg. My b___sts weren't as sore and I didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, but then again, I have been pretty depressed and havent been drinking any water. I am freaking out! I balled all day yesterday because I was having major symptoms, the whole 9. I hope to god it was just too early and my ma__sive amounts of stress with my fiance have had an adverse effect on my preg symptoms.


irishsweetie2003 - November 14

Don't fret... Many Dr's have been wrong before... As a matter of fact, if you are only 4 weeks PG... They would see absolutely nothing because it would be so small... Almost microscopic and is no where near the time period the absolute best ultrasound equipment can detect. At 4 weeks, you're just begining to test positive on the tests. Your b___bs will go back and forthe on the sensativity... I should know.... You had a progestrone surge as implantation happens which is what makes the b___sts sensative (Not the HCG. Then occationally you'll feel a little b___st tenderness as the uterus needs more progestrone to get thicker to support a growing embreo or fetus. Did they compare prior Non-pregnacy ultrasounds of your uterus lining with the current. The only possible way they could rule out if you were or weren't pregnant is by comparing the Normal thickness to the current... If it was thicker, then it could be because there is something trying to grow inside the uterus. In the next couple weeks, the sack will forma nd grow outside the lining of the uterus, but as of right now. A 4 week pregnacy is burried deep inside the uterus and the cells are spreading and trying to create a plecenta.... I hope this makes sense to you and gives you more hope. Test untill the lines on your test either disapear or get brighter then the test line... Only test every 3 days so you don't freek when one test is mildly lighter then the other... As a matter of fact. HCG doubles to tripples every 48-72 hours... Good luck on your blood work.. Anything over a 5 is PG, and anything over a 100 is a thriving embreo result at 4 weeks...


lizdanzer - November 17

Thanks for the reply and hope. I got my numbers back yesterday morning and Friday I was at 98 and Sunday it went down to 87. So the Dr said not good. And today I started my period (which is around my normal monthly date anyway). So while I'm still technically pregnant, I'm likely to lose it. Dr said egg was not a good egg so my body has rejected the pregnancy. I look at it as a positive thing, and since he said I am not far enough along that I've had a miscarriage, he said we can try again immediately.


irishsweetie2003 - November 17

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.... I had two miscarriages before I did IVF to find out if there was something wrong with my eggs, his sperm or anything we were doing to prevent a healthy pregnacy... Mfirst one was a chemical, which sounds a lot like yours.. That where the egg starts to implant, but doesn't quite take root... There's many causes, but I was told that 50% of the eggs that are fertilized, don't make it to a fetus stage. Then my second was a Blightened Ovum... Broke my heart. All we could see was a gestational sack... I kept hoping for the fetal pole to form, but it never did. 10 weeks and it pa__sed on it's own. I refused to do an D&C cause it can actually create more of a problem for your body. It thins the uterine lining and prevent a good implantation later.... I wish you luck... Just know, that if you got pregnant once, then you will definately get pregnant again.. It's just a matter of when...



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