7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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rose5309 - August 11

mlands26, Same thing happend to me I DID NOT DO DNC and now my baby is 6 weeks old... Wait it out nature takes time....


Nanest7anne - August 12

I'm not a doctor, but I don't understand why, unless medically necessary, anyone would voluntarily have a D&C. Let nature take its course. I had a miscarriage 4 years ago due to a blighted ovum - I am about to give birth to my 3rd kid. I just waited it out and miscarried naturally, on my own and at the doctors suggestion. FYI - I naturally miscarried at about 9 weeks. Less than 2 months later (after only 1 very light menstrual cycle), I began my first healthy pregnancy. He is 3 years old now. Best wishes.


mlands26 - August 13

Rose can you please tell me your story I am holding out for hope and would love to hear your story please.....


Ines01 - August 13

Hallo Ladies, I am sorry for your los. Its hard to go through this painful experience. 3 days ago I went to ultrasound and the doc said I had an empty sac at 7 weeks. This i second miscarriage after anothe miscariage at 14 weeks 4it was a missed miscarriage) This time doctor give me cytotec and I micarry home. I hope that miscarriage is complete, because I dont want to go through DC procedure again. Im very sad and Im afaid if I will be pregnant again, after 2 mc. Good luck to you all


rose5309 - August 14

mlands26, Same thing happened to us at 5 weeks we went to a get a us at a clinic and their was a big empty sac no heartbeat. They suggested for me go to hospital to repeat process. We waited 2 weeks and at the hospital the doctor told me to schedule a dnc.He said he is positive there is no baby and sent me home with papers about what to expect with a miscarriage. My best friend called her OB that delivered her baby and her OB said DO NOT get a dnc. She was upset on how many doctors jump the gun and said its completely normal to sometimes not see the baby. She said it can sometimes take up to 14 weeks. It was very hard for us to wait but we took her advise and waited a very long 3 weeks. So at 10 weeks I went to the doctor and on the ultra sound that big huge sac was now filled with a baby. Its amazing how big the fetus got in such a short amount of time. I continue writing on here because I to trusted the doctor and almost got a DNC and thanks to some great advise I waited. The first ultra sound there was no yolk and the second there was the yolk and at 10 weeks the whole baby. He was hiding. Please wait. If the pregnancy does not turn out to be ok your body will naturally determine this for you. I will prey for you and please keep me posted.


mlands26 - August 14

ty rose I sure needed to hear your story because I needed some hope because i have been so stressed and upset that i am afraid that even if the dr is wrong that i am going to cause myself to miscarry due to all the worrying. So now I am holding out for that little bit of hope ty so much.. I have got to try to change drs this coming week because at my last dr appointment when they told me there was no chance i just ran out and did not finish the appointment and now i wanna change drs and I will keep posting on here as soon as i know something ty again...


rose5309 - August 15

Mlands, I'm glad your waiting. Try to relax what will be will be. A DNC is permanent and leaves room to wonder what if and that's a horrible feeling. Eventually your body will answer your questions. Motherhood starts at pregnancy so be strong, that's our responsibly as mother's. As of right now you are pregnant and deserve that respect. So please take care of your self and keep your head up.


mlands26 - August 15

Ty again rose and I have another dr appointment this Thursday the 18th with a different dr for his opinion so please wish me luck and I will post on here thursday night after i find out... ty bunches :)


mlands26 - August 17

i guess this is the end for me for last 2 days been cramping and bleeding however propping my feet up seems to stop the bleeding. not sure what to do because im between drs right now if anyone can tell me what all i need to do i would appreciate it


Pallie - November 21

i went to doctor few days ago-he told me my sac was empty and it wasnt a normal pregnancy to get rid of it-just to be sure i seen another doctor so far she said everthing is fine theres no negative/bad signs...yes im very scared, never heard of this before..im suppose to go back sometime next week and hear what the doctor has to say ..reading all these stories made me cry, only i can do is pray and hope for the best


h_gina - November 23

HI ladies I am new at this forum.I went to see the doctor last wednesday 16-11-11 and he told me that I am less than 4 weeks pregnant but he wasnt sure as my cycle is longer .so he told me to come back in a week.When I went to see my GYN today .After ultrasound he told me that I am almost 5 weeks pregnant and also said that sac is empty :(.He told me I might have a miscarriage .I am really nervous and hoping tht things will turn out really well as its my 3rd year that I am trying to get pregnant :(


rose5309 - November 28

Its very normal to not see a baby so early in the pregnancy. My doctor cant believe how many people are told to get a DNC for an empty sac. An empty sac is VERY RARE. If your pregnancy is unsuccessful that means the baby stopped growing and your body will handle this naturally. My doctor thinks its ridiculous to get an ultra sound until at lest the 8th week. As for my story it took ten weeks to see my baby. Please read about this because its crazy how many of my stories are out there. I mean they scheduled me for a DNC that I refused to go to. I am so happy because my son is now 5 months. Babies are small and they hide. The uterus on some women are tilted and this can also be a factor of a misdiagnosed blighted pregnancy. My advise is let your body handle it. Your body will make the decision for you.


h_gina - November 28

HI Rose.Thanks so much for your supportive answer.I still have to wait untill next week for seccond Ultrasound and Honestly its really hard for me to wait .But I am really hoping that things will turn out for good ..


rose5309 - November 29

H Gina, It is hard I so remember this but its worth it so you may never have to question the what if. How far along are you?


h_gina - November 30

HI rose,Guess what? I went for the second ultrasound today after a week and now my sac is not only showing fetal pole but the heart beat as well.I cant believe tht the doctor told me to eat medicine last time to pa__s out the pregnancy.I am so thank full to God who heard my prayers. :)


rose5309 - December 1

Great... I'm so happy for you. I am still so confused on why doctors jump the gun so early on offering a DNC. I'm so glad you waited and urge future readers to do the same. This is why I continue to post on this forum. I look at my son everyday and think how close I was to a DNC because of an empty sac. BTW I feel that there should be better information to be given to women in this situation. Like a pamphlet that informs women that a blighted pregnancy has no fetal pole and is very rare. It would be nice for doctors to only recommend a DNC after a 10 week period to ensure that there diagnosis is correct. Perhaps to a doctor its a easy fix but to a women its her child.



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