7 Weeks Pregnant Empty Sac

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rose5309 - April 17

Yes me I was 10 weeks doctors scedualed a dnc but I didn't go and at 11 weeks we saw our baby. He's 3 years old now. I wish you luck... Btw I have a tilted uterus and read that could be the reason babys can hide


MelanieGrace - December 17

Well I was told about two days ago I have an empty sack. IM having mixed emotions because I'm not suppose to be able to get pregnant due to the fact I have an iud on. I also already have three girls below the age of 4. My doctor scheduled me for an appointment for next week to take the iud out but that can cause me to have a miscarriage. I don't know if to wait longer since I'm only about 4 or maybe 5 weeks "pregnant " I don't want to do anything to lose the fetus. I might wait a little longer to see what happens. 


Iyaramin - January 13

I'm currently 7weeks 3days according to gestation sac on TVS but no fetal pole or heart beat. Pls has anyone experienced this and still went on to have their baby. Pls every information will help. ThanKs


mamaq8 - February 18

Hi iyaramin, we are on the same boat. My5th,6th and 7th week ultrasound were all emtpy. Dr gave me a progesteron,pregnyl, aspirin and duphostan since I have MC last Nov 2015 at 6weeks. I am not sure whats going in too. I also had Bligted Ovum last 2012. So iam praying to have this preganancy to be successful. I have 2 beautiful kids but i just hope this will continue.


Isela12 - March 28

Hi iayaramin and mamaq8, can you ladys please tell me how's the pregnancy? I'm currently having the same situation, I had 3 ultrasound and all of them shows and empty sac they measures the sac 5.2 them it was 6.1 and just yesterday it measures 5.1 weeks, so I'm confused maybe this is a blighted ovum pregnancy, but I'm praying and hopping for the best...


bikiboo13 - June 14

thank you for this! I had my first US at 9 weeks and they couldn’t find anything, just an empty sac. I still have all the symptoms oc pregnancy and I know my uterus is growing since most of my jeans won’t fit any more. I’m scheduled fir my second US next Tuesday and I am really hoping we see something. 



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