7wks 5days No Heartbeat

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Deanna - March 6

I had an U/S last Friday at 7wk 5days and all we saw was a sac, but it was empty. The Dr was concerned about this and scheduled a follow-up U/S for one week later. We know our dates because dh and I went through an IVF procedure. After talking with some friends, it still may be too early. But after reading from the medical websites, there should have been something seen. Has anybody been this far along and not seen a heartbeat or yolk? Dh and I are hopeful, but confused.


nicola.xx - March 6

i have had this too on friday. i was meant to be 8 weeks pregnant but the sac showed 5 and a half weeks pregnant i have to go back on 11th march to see if it has developed a yolk sac and heart beat, they think my baby may have stopped growing i too dont understand my lmp was 4th jan and my first faint positive result was 5th feb it was confirmed by the doctor on 15th feb is it possible i just ovulated later and my baby is still ok or has it stopped growing the waiting is killing us!!!!!!!!


Sher - March 6

Hi Deanna, It sounds to me like a blighted ovum, at 7 weeks you should not only see a fetus but a heat beat as well. If you are certain of the dates. With a blighted ovum, the egg never develops into a fetus, but the sac and placenta will continue to grow. I am sorry, but it doesn't not sound good. I just lost my pregnancy last week, at 8 weeks. I went for an ultrasound at 7 weeks, the heart beat was there, but it was weak. I went in again on Wed, and the heart beat was gone. I am now waiting to miscarry. I may call my doctor next week to have a D & C, as this wait is very hard. He is only holidays until then.


Tamara - March 6

I am going through same thing. I did IVF so I know my exact days. I am now 7 weeks & 2 days along. (from lmp) The dr's kept saying my hcg's were too low. Then after 2 u/s they saw nothing, so they were thinking ectopic and scheduled me for dnc and tubes removed next day. I demanded an u/s the am of the surgery...there was a sac! That was at 6 weeks to the date. The Dr's say its empty/baby not growing, just the sac. But I have read sooooooo many stories on here from other women who had empty sac all the way to 8 weeks and then saw the baby all of sudden...and their babies have been born. I have no spotting/bleeding or cramps....so I am keeping faith. I have another u/s and hcg blood test this Wed am. I will be 7 weeks/5 days then. I am hoping to see something more than just a sac. So...I know how you feel. Just know it is possible...dont give up yet...you have paid too much money and came too far to give up. Just wait. And if it turns out to be empty sac, so be it. Try again....like I will. One of these days, we will be mommies!!!


Deanna - March 7

Tamara, Good luck on Wed. I pray that you see your little one. It was discouraging when dh and I saw the U/S. I know the U/S tech took some measurements, but I do not know what they are. I am calling today to request those and to request another round of bloodwork to check my levels. I had very strong HCG levels (318, 1064, 3716) for my inital three workups. I, like you have had no spotting, but I have had a little lower back cramping starting around 2 weeks after the transfer for a few days off and on. I keep taking my shots and pray, pray, pray. Please let me know how Wed. goes.


Deanna - March 7

Nicola, I just found out that my sac measured 6wks 0days. We can only hope but be realistic. I have been having additional pg signs. Tonight my sense of smell was very strong. I was getting a little nauseas and the heartburn. I haven't had any morning sickness or major nausea. I think I am reading into things. The waiting is very hard. Hang in there.


Linda - March 7

Nicola & Deanna, I had same as you. I am 10 wks and last week had u/s showing low hb and slow growth. 2nd U/S today showed no hb. I guess I have had a missed ab. The yolk sac was all they could see today. Last week there was an embryo, but it is deceased. Sorry I cannot be bearer of better news. God does strange things, and I guess our baby just wasn't meant to be here yet. Hope you two have better luck.


Tamara - March 8

I go to the dr. tomorrow morning (wed) for another u/s and hcg blood test. i will be 7 week/5 days. (exact dates since we did IVF). I am so nervous. I am preparing to hear them say, just an empty sac like they did 2 weeks ago. After all the things I have read, I think if we dont see the baby tomorrow....we need to just call it quits on this one, let my body get back to normal, then try again. We have plenty of frozen eggs and can even do another fresh invitro. I am still nervous though. I want a baby so badly. This will be my third m/c.


Tamara - March 9

Ok girls...just came back from Dr. Was there all am. 7 weeks and 5 days (we did IVF, so its exact) and still empty sac. My hcg keeps rising cause the sac is growing and it will. Its 27,626 today. The dr. said for sure....something will show on the screen, even just the heartbeat. I have zero. So..I am having a dnc done today. I am just so exhausted...I have to get it all out. So I can get my body back to normal and try again. This is my 3rd m/c. First try with IVF though.....so we have plenty of tries left!! We bought the good package! I am trying to sound upbeat but I am so stressed/exhausted. Good luck to you all.


Deanna - March 12

Here is an update from my u/s yesterday (Friday, 3/11). There was no development from last week. I misunderstood the doctor last week, I thought that there was no baby in the sac; but there was - I didn't see it. However, the baby measured at 6 weeks 0days with no heartbeat. We were 7weeks 6days pg. (8weeks) Today, the baby still measures 6weeks 0days with no heartbeat and we are 8weeks 6days (9weeks). The doctor says that it is a miscarriage at 6 weeks. He was hoping to see development and/or a heartbeat, so we could continue on watching week by week. But he said at this point since there was no growth at all, no growth will occur. I have a choice of letting nature take care of it or a DNC. I'm chosing nature and stopped the meds. I hope I have made the right decision not to prolong this another week to see if there would be more development. But from what I am finding out is that if there is not developement in a week, there won't be. This hard on both dh and myself. We have strong faith and that will get us through this. Good luck to all for the future.


nica - March 12

Deanna, thanks for updating us, and I'm very sorry for your loss. I was told a week ago my baby had died at 7 weeks... now I'mjust waiting to miscarry naturally but have had no symptoms of it yet. It's no fun.


Tamara - March 13

Deanna, I am so sorry. And Nica....for you to. I chose dnc because the dr. said I had a choice and to let it m/c naturally could take its own sweet time...and I didnt want to wait. I have been trying for 3 yrs to have a baby so every month is precious to me. The dnc was not painful at all (surprising to me). I still have no pain 4 days later. Just minor spotting. I am so glad I chose it. Plus it was covered under my med ins. Good luck to you both. I understand your loss.


Heather - March 13

I'm so sorry for you both Nicola & Deanna... I m/c at 9 weeks (natural) and I believe baby died at 5 or 6... Hang in there!


Dawn - March 15

I went for an earloy scan yesterday and thought I was 8 weeks. The scan did not detect anything so an internal scan was done where a camera is inserted. They did find a sac but again when measured it they said it was approx 5 week but could not see any fetus parts. They took blood tests and I have to go back in 2 days for that to be monitored and to see if they have doubled


nicola.xx - March 15

dawn i had the same as you but when i went back last week there had been a one week growth and the yolk was now present where it was not the week before so i am more hopeful i go back on the 22nd march for my 3rd scan wish me luck xx


amanda - March 16

hey deanna im havin the same problem i have an ltrasound today thought im 7 an a half weeks an they have onlt seen the sac in the uterus but no baby or fetal pole yet im hoping we will see something today p.s good luck


Lori - March 16

Hi all. I'm in just about the same boat as several of you. At 7wks6days, u/s showed an 8 week sac, but no yolk or fetus. They a__sumed a blighted ovum, but my hcg is at the appropriate level. So I have another u/s tomorrow (8wks5days). How long does the hcg continue to rise, even though there's no baby? I'm 99.9% sure I'll miscarry. I know I'm just getting so much false hope. This will be m/c #3, but I do have one child. If anyone could shed some light on this, I'm listening. Furthermore, I'm so very sorry for everyone else's losses and having to go through this same thing. At least it is of some comfort that we're not alone



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