7wks Saw A Sac But No Fetus Or Heartbeat

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BrendaM - February 21

Hi everyone, this is my 3rd pregnancy and my husband and I have tried for this baby for well over a year now. I went to my doctors today for an ultrasound and the tech only seen a Sac that was nice and round with the lining, it measured 5 weeks. She said it could be 2 things a blighted ovum or I am just earlier than we thought, when I originally went to the doctors my last period was 12/28/06 and I missed my period for January I could have swared that I had implantation bleeding around the 9th and 10th of January, my doctor did a urine test and it took awhile for the line to show up but eventually it did, so after this appt with the ultrasound tech I went to talk to the doctor she gave me the same 2 situations she drew my blood and said I need to come back Friday to have it drawn again and if my hcgs and doubled then it is a normal pregnancy and I am really only 5 wks along which would explain why the urine test 2 wks ago took so long to show up and it was a faint pink line.. I am devestated I cant believe this happens to people this waiting game, I want to cry and I am praying with every breath I have that my hormones double and the next va___al ultrasound will show a baby and a heartbeat. I have had no nausea, but my br___ts are sore and getting larger and my waist is expanding and its not from overeating, I dont eat anymore than usual I have to urinate alot but those are my only signs.. Does anyone have any advice for me??? Anything and hope for us with this baby?


Michelleann - February 21

I am going through the exact same thing. My last period was 12/23/06, I took my test on 01/24/07 and got a positive result. I had 2 previous miscarriages. Today I was told that the sac was empty and I should be 8.5 weeks, but during the exam I was told that I felt like I was 10 weeks. My b___st are growing very rapid as well as my stomach. I have to go for the HCG blood levels for the next few days. I have no cramping or spotting. I pray for us both!!


BrendaM - February 22

Michelleann thanks for your reply it is nice to know someone knows exactly what I am going through, I go back tomorrow (Friday) for another blood draw and I also have no cramping or spotting my doctor has not done an internal exam just the v____al ultrasound, she said she did the blood count tomorrow stat so as soon as she gets those results she will call me tomorrow so I dont have to wait too long, let me know what happens with you, you are in my prayers!


jess_5985 - February 22

this is my third pregnancy since my daughter. I have had a miscarriage everytime we have tried again. And when I went for my u/s they said the same thing!!, sac, and yok..but no fetus or beat.. and they told me I was at seven weeks, but I really think I am further along than that!!! just hang in there, you sound just like me, lol. now I have to wait til the 5th for my next u/s. if you need to talk to anyone, you can IM me if you like my screen name is jess_5985 for yahoo IM. My name is Jessica.


BrendaM - February 23

Well just wanted to update on this, my doctor called with my results I was 12,000 on Wed and only 16,000 today (Friday) so she said this is not a normal pregnancy and we are going to wait 1 week to see if I can miscarry on my own rather than taking meds or doing a D&C I go back next Friday if I dont miscarry by then for another ultrasound. I take comfort in knowing that I have a blighted ovum and a baby was created when the egg and sperm met. I think if I was able to see a heartbeat and a baby and then miscarried it would be alot harder for me, I am holding up well for the news but my husband had a little breakdown after trying for over a year and getting pregnant to have it taken away is hard... Wish everyone the best!


Michelleann - February 24

I did get a update my HCG level Thursday was 26000 and on Friday is went down to 25000 so I was told I should miscarry witin the next week or so. I still have no spotting or cramping. Worst thing is we are getting married on 03-03-07 and it could happen while we are on our honeymoon. If it doesnt they will see me on 03-08-07 to discuss a D/C. All my blood work is normal so I was told that we can try again after 2 normal cycles. The worst part is knowing you can miscarry anytime. Lets pray it doesnt happen on our honeymoon. Thanks for all the support ladies!!!!!!!! Your all in my prayers.


jess_5985 - February 24

Michelleann and BrendaM, you should really go to this site, misdiagnosedmiscarriage. Then go to blighted ovum. It has helped me out so much, I hope it helps you as well. Best of luck!!



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