8 Week Ultrasound Found No Heart Beat

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I had an u/s on Monday and they found no heartbeat and they measured the baby to be 6 weeks not 8 weeks as they expected I would be. I have not miscarried this baby and I have no spotting or cramping. Has anyone ever experienced this? I would hate to have a D & C and this baby be still ok????


taniac14 - April 20

Hi Jerbinckim, I had an transv____al u/s on thu. I was told that even though I'm 9 weeks 5 days the baby measured 6 weeks 4 days and a heartbeat couldn't be found. :o( I have no spotting or cramping either. Two weeks ago I saw the hearbeat. My Dr. said I can - do nothing and think about it -wait a week and do another u/s in case there was a mistake -have a d&c I still feel pregnant, but from what I've read, that is common. I guess I'm going to have another u/s in a week or so and then go from there.


CgGirl - April 21

Jerbin: it is also possible that the u/s couldn't pick up the heartbeat if you are indeed only 6 weeks. A follow up is necessary (another u/s) and you can go from there. What did the Dr say?


CAA0827 - April 21

Jerbinckim, I would request another u/s in a week or so. Don't rush. If you are off on your dates, or baby implanted late, you may really only be 6 weeks. I had an u/s at 7 weeks and was told they don't always hear heartbeats at that time. However, in answer to your question, it is very normal for the baby's heart to stop and you not having any symptoms. After my sono at 7 weeks, I got excited and told everyone everything was good and when I went for my 12 weeks appt, the dr. couldn't find heartbeat and sent me for another sono. I was 12 weeks, no spotting or any other sign of miscarriage and the baby had no heartbeat and was only measuring 8 weeks. I found out at the time that it seems to be common for the heart to stop weeks before actually miscarrying. I don't want to scare you, I am just trying to be honest, but like I said, don't rush for a d&c, try to wait a week or 2 and have another u/s and see what happens. Good luck


R.L. - April 23

hi, i'm having almost the same exact experience..i should have been 8 wks this past sun.(4/20) but dr could not find heartbeat with an u/s ...2 wks prior ( at 6 wks.(4/6) the u/s showed there was a heartbeat. the dr. says that most likely a miscarriage, he drew blood that sun. and again yesterday (tues) there is a blood test that measures hormone levels and that he says is a sure way of determining if it is a miscarrige. I've had no spotting, bleeding, unusual pain, and still have the nausea and fatigue of being pregnant...supposed to go in to dr. office this sun. (4/26) for one last u/s before having a d&c. The dr said in his many yrs of practice he's had one incident where the hearbeat was not detected and a miscarrige was a__sumed and a week later it was detected, but about 3 mo. later the patient had a misscarriage. I am dissapointed but not discouraged, 2-3 months we can try again. wish you the best and hope this helps...


streetglow - April 28

went to hospital for u/s today... they cant see anything that looks like an embryo... so going to have d&c to morrow:(



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