8 Weeks Along And Having A Hard Time Quitting

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dubntrub - February 12

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and only found out a week ago. I am a weed, cigaritte, and meth Additic. Since I found out I have Smoked meth 4 times. Weed I smoke about everyother day and well cig's I cut down to bumming them and limited to about 5 a day. I Hate myself everytime I pick up anything that isn't good for the baby. I want to stop now but being around it makes it hard for me to turn it down. I know I need to stay away from it but It's the only Place for me to stay. I can't ask everyone to stop just b/c I'm Pregnant. But I have to be strong and say no too it all. any suggestions????Please....


Newmom - February 17

All habits are hard to stop. But the fact that you know it's bad for your baby should help. You've made the first step in reaching out for help. I can't help you stop, but I can be here for you. It's possible your baby will be addicted if you keep doing it. I stopped cigs and weed the same week I found out. It's hard as hell, but today's ultrasound showed a beautiful, healthy baby. Do it for him/her. Good luck and take care.


kim - February 18

Been there done that, not being pregnant while on drugs, but I know how hard it is to quit when you are around it. I don't believe you will quit unless you make some serious cahnges in where you live and who you see. I only quit after I changed my friends. That was the only way for me. I suppose if you are on meth your family isn't very supportive because of your habbits, maybe? If you do have anyone else close to you to call on for help, now would be the time to do it. Also, seek help at a clinic or something if you just really can't do this on your own, but again if your not willing to change then the baby shouldn't have to be born. I am not for abortion but, I am not for what you are doing either. Sounds so hypocritical I guess but I have 2 kids and never looked back at my past once I found out I was pregnant. It wasn't about me anymore and it is not about you now, addicts are so selfish and you need to realize that everytime you do these things it just is a very selfish act.


kim - February 18

Forgot to add that in early pregnancy is when these things like meth, heroine, and cocaine, all do the most damage to the baby. So now is better to quit then latter in pregnancy.


tammy - February 18

The answer for my mother when she was having me. She put them in a draw and each day she went to the draw and didn't open it, but asked her self, can I go another day...'yes yes i can do it, it's just a day' and thought nothing farther than THAT day for anything... she succeeded, you can too! It's just a day :D I'm rooting you on



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