8 Weeks No Heartbeat But Yolk And Embryo Exists

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littlemadonna - May 24

the second sac has not changed so it is one baby and its like twice the size it was a week and a half ago and it has a healthey heartbeat


nicolab - May 25

im so happy for you. i cant wait till it happens for me. keep us updated on how your pregnancy goes!


Celine77 - June 11

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I'm seeking for answers. My situation is similar. I am currently 8.5 weeks pregnant. I did an u/s scan on 5 June 06 and my fetal pole was 12.1mm. Yesterday (10 june 06), i did another u/s and it has grown to 20.8mm. But NO heartbeat was detected. I started spotting a few days ago and it got heavier yesterday. From the u/s, my cervix was closed and the fetus is growing but there is no heartbeat. I am puzzled - How can my fetus grow without a heartbeat? My doc gave me a progesterone injection and asked me to repeat the u/s 1 week later to decide if a D&C is necessary. What are your thoughts on this? Please help... anyone?


jcbruzda - June 11

Celine77 - My situation was similar to yours. Unfortunately it is true that you can have a slow growing fetus with no heartbeat. That is what happned to me. My HcG levels were so high and in fact, still increased and because my body was still detecting that I was pregnant, it allowed the fetus to grow. Heartbeats can be detected by and before 8 weeks so if you don't see one by then, then the news is not good. I do however recommend waiting one week as your dr. told you to and re-check the size and to see if a heart beat can be detected when you return. I certainly don't want to give you false hope, but it will give you peace of mind. Also, you may not need a D & C if you are already bleeding. Unless your dr. thinks that there may be excess tissue. Whatever you do, I strongly discourage you from taking the pills that help you "rid" the extra tissue. Please keep us posted on your sonogram and let us know if you have any questions in the meantime. I know this is a very rough time and sometimes just speaking with someone who has been though the same situation can really help. - Cristina


kee - June 12

Im so sorry for you. I really am. But it is most likely you are miscarrying. the baby is not viable. it doesnt matter what it looks like. if it isnt measuring properly, over a week less than it should be in trimester one, its an ominous sign. and at 8 weeks, unless your sonographer is incompetent, you should see a heartbeat. and the HCG should be doubling every 2-3 days. I am very very sorry. But please remember two things- miscarriage is VERY common. up to 25%. and over 90% of women who miscarry go on to have normal pregnancies. even women who miscarry more than once, 80% go on to have normal pregnancies. Your chances for another pregnancy to term are excellent. Have you had any spotting? Usually that happens when you lose a baby. If you dont get a heartbeat at your next appt, which should only be a maximum of 7 days later, you should schedule a D&C. again, I am SO SO SO sorry. I went through this too.


kee - June 12

MTHFR mutations does not cause miscarriages. There is no proven link. There is some evidence it SLIGHTLY increases the risk of miscarriage. MTHFR is only a real problem in combination with other blood clotting disorders. If you are only MTHFR homozygotic but otherwise normal, youre fine. taking extra folic acid is smart because you have an impaired ability to break down homocysteine and methylate and folic acid helps. but please bear in mind 10% of caucasians have mthfr homo so itd be easy to establish a link between this and miscarriage if there was one.


kee - June 12

I think its a bad idea to opt for a natural miscarriage unless you are REALLY early. the more tissue you have, there is a real chance youll have some left over and need a D&C anyway. plus a miscarriage can be painful. i would advise against that. I also want to say and believe me it ISNT without compa__sion that you should definitely see a heartbeat by 8 weeks, even earlier frankly. The main reason some women with normal pregnancies dont is because they misdated their pregnancy, thought themselves farther along than they were.


Celine77 - June 12

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I will repeat the u/s on Wed and decide what to do then. Meanwhile, my bleeding is heavier. I need to be mentally prepared for the worst. If the situation improves, I'll let you know... Thanks for responding. By the way, what is MTHFR mutations? Thank you all once again. I am greatly encouraged by your replies.


Celine77 - June 13

Just wanted to let you know that I had cramps and heavy bleeding last nite. Cramps were quite bad... whole nite. Didn't sleep. Blood clots and some tissue came out. This morning rushed to A&E. Did ultrasound scan and found out that the sac has collapsed. The fetus probably came out last nite... Did a D&C to remove the remaining tissues inside my body. Now I am resting at home. It was a day surgery. Thanks for your support and prayers thru this time of difficulty. I guess anything can happen during pregnancy. I hope that none of you will have to go thru this (again). Take care and God bless. Thank you once again...


nicolab - June 17

celine77, i too had a miscarriage in february at 14 weeks, but i had a missed miscarriage, its a horrible time, i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. I still get very upset about it sometimes when i see something on tv or a pregnant women walking down the street or when i hear a pregnant women moaning about how tired they are and how they are feeling fat etc, it doesnt not help that 3 of my friends are all pregnant and we were all due the same month. i kept asking myself what i had done wrong because i was convinsed it was my fault, but its not. its natures way of saying it wasnt right this time. it will get easier i promise. i'll be thinking about you.


nicolab - July 5

hi littlemadonna, i hope you get to read this, just thought id let you all know i found out today that i am 5 weeks pregnant! Early days yet but keeping everything crossed this time! Hope your pregnancy is going well littlemadonna!


littlemadonna - July 5

Thats Great to hear!! Mine is going well so far. I am going to be 15 weeks tomorow. The hearts still beating and everything is good. I go in on the 24th for another ultrasound to see how its going and to find out the s_x so I am excited for that too. I wish you the best of luck.


Celine77 - July 8

Hi nicolab and littlemadonna, Congratulations! I wish all the best for both your pregnancies and may the Lord watch over you gals. Take care! My prayers and thoughts are with you...


lynn83 - September 1

Today I had an us I was supposed to be 10 weeks 6 days pregnant. The baby was measuring 8 weeks 3 days old and there was no heart beat. I had 3 different doctors look at the us and they all confirmed my baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and 3 days old. They said there was no heart beat. I seen the baby on the us, it had a little body, I seen the legs and the head, but no movement. The doctor says I can let the baby pa__s on it's own or do a D & C. She said it could be a couple weeks before the baby will pa__s and I will have a miscarriage. She said I will have cramps and clotting and this will be more painful than a D&C. but I just can't bring myself to have a D& C because I keep thinking there is hope, but I know there is no hope. My husband & I are devastated/ Any similiar stories. My prayers are with all of you.


nicolab - September 2

hi lyn83, i no exactly how you are feeling, i had a missed miscarriage in february and it was devastating i found out when i went for my 12 week scan, i opted to have the tablets rather than wait as i didnt want to have to wait for it to happen naturally, but you have to do whats right for you. i no its not what you want to hear and not how you will be feeling but what has happened is probably for the best as its natures way of saying somethings not right this time. I no its a horrible time right now for you, it felt like the end of the world when it happened to me. But you will get pregnant again and have a healthly baby. Im now nearly 14 weeks pregnant again and although everthing was fine on scan ill never stop worrying. It will happen again for you be positive and if you need to cry or shout then do, i bottled up my feelings and it made everything 100 times worse. Ill be thinking about you, please let me no how you get on.


littlemadonna - September 2

I am so sorry to hear that. I had a misscairrage in Feb as well. Mine though there was no fetus just an empty sac. I kept thinking there was hope and even had them test my hormone count. I like you wanted to wait and pa__s it on my own just to have peace of mind that it was really going to happen. It was the most painfull thing I have had to do both physically and mentally. After over a week and a half of labor they finally let me do a d & c. I am now over 5 months pregnant and everything is perfect with my baby boy. I still am afraid for him though. I wish you the best. Don't worry you will get pregnant again. We did first try after I was healed.



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