8 Weeks No Heartbeat But Yolk And Embryo Exists

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littlemadonna - September 2

I am so sorry to hear that. I had a misscairrage in Feb as well. Mine though there was no fetus just an empty sac. I kept thinking there was hope and even had them test my hormone count. I like you wanted to wait and pa__s it on my own just to have peace of mind that it was really going to happen. It was the most painfull thing I have had to do both physically and mentally. After over a week and a half of labor they finally let me do a d & c. I am now over 5 months pregnant and everything is perfect with my baby boy. I still am afraid for him though. I wish you the best. Don't worry you will get pregnant again. We did first try after I was healed.


nicolab - September 2

hi littlemadonna when are you due?


littlemadonna - September 2

December 28th. I hope that he comes early but not on christmas. We didn't exactly think about when he would be born when we got pregnant the second time.


nicolab - September 2

a christmas baby! Well good luck, im not due until 8 th march.


littlemadonna - September 2

Congrats!! I am happy for you.


jackieslm - November 21

I had two failed IVF and my 3rd IVF was a success. However after 8 weeks, my doctor didn't find a hearbeat. I was hoping he made a mistake but I guess like you all I will miscarry. The thing I don't understand about my dr is, he wanted me to schedule DNC right after the heart beat was not detected. Everyone else's doctor are asking to wait a week and do another US. Maybe it's just inevitible. I didn't read anyone commenting about a heartbeat after a week. Should I get a second option?


babyonboard16 - November 21

I had a heart beat that htey could see on ultrasound at 6 weeks so I dunno that must be horrible I'll pray for you.


littlemadonna - November 21

I think its because you are 8 weeks. The only reason why they had me do another ultra sound is that the first one was at 7 weeks. You don't have to do a dnc I asked my dr for further testing first to make sure so that I knew in my heart that it was for real. So they drew blood and tested my hormones and they were dropping as well. I actually started misscarrying on my own though after that then i knew for sure.


jcbruzda - January 5

Hello everyone. I am not sure if anyone remembers me (this is Cristina) but I posted way back and just wanted to give everyone the latest update. Since 2004, I have had 4 miscarriages and one sucessful pregnancy. The worst miscarriage was when I went in to see the heartbeat at 8 weeks and no heartbeat was detected. After tons of testing and going to see a specialist, they conducted a sonohystogram and found a large septum. This is what had caused all my miscarriages! Anyhow, to make a long story short, this is one painless procedure which I highly recommend to anyone who has had multiple miscarriages. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and everything looks great (this is my first pregnancy after the removal of the septum). Good luck to all! Cristina


hoping for best - February 7

Last Sept I got pregnant and at 7wk+4d went for an u/s - the fetus was only measuring 6wk. They said maybe I ovulated late in the cycle, and since they saw the heartbeat and everything was measuring fine, they said not to worry. 3 weeks later I went for another u/s and this time the fetus was only measuring 7 wk and there was no heartbeat. My husband and I cried ours eyes out. I was offered a d&c but really wanted to pa__s it naturally. (I had a m/s before at 7 wks, and it was just like a regular period.) I thought this would be the same, since it was measuring the same. I had the WORST miscarriage experience with this one, there was sooo much blood that in my mind I was saying my goodbyes to my parents and my daughter... And I ended up having to have a d&c anyway... That was the Friday after Thanksgiving. My period came on Dec 24 and we found out I was pg on Jan 24. I went for an u/s last night and she saw a yolk sack but no embryo. I should be 6wk+2d from my lmp and she said she should have seen something of an embryo... but maybe I got my dates wrong. I did not get my dates wrong, but I'm hoping that my cycle was just off because of the d&c... I cannot go through another m/s...


hoping for best - February 7

Now I'm having bad cramps and lower back pain - signs of m/s. I am in a state of fuzziness and feel like a zombie.


jcbruzda - February 10

I highly recommend seeking a fertility specialist like I did after 4 m/c. You can get answers by conducting several tests (i.e. genetics, septum/fibroid, etc.) and go into your next pregnancy with more rea__surance. I know how painful it can be to go through this over and over ( had 2 natural m/c early and 2 d & c's) but at LEAST you know that you can get pregnant which is a blessing in itself. Please consider having a sonohystogram (painless) should you m/c this time. Take care of yourself & keep us posted.


waiting nervously - February 16

I don't even know what I'm waiting for - a miracle I guess. I went to my U/S today and I should be 9wks 5dys. It was very stressful because the tech and the radiologist refused to tell me anything, and had a nurse practioner paged at home to tell me there was no heartbeat. A fetal pole was present and measured 8.9 weeks. My hcg was just checked afterward and it was over 71,000. I spoke w/ my dr this evening and he said a miscarriage will follow at some point. Just like everyone else, I don't want that to happen. Is it possible that heartbeat just couldn't be picked up? I had to tell my husband over the phone a few hours ago because he is at sea w/ the U.S. Navy. Do I have any hope that the heart is beating and just not detected?


jcbruzda - February 22

I don't want to give you false hope but if they where not able to detect a heartbeat at this stage, chances are there is not one and this is not a viable pregnancy. I could see a flicker of a heartbeat just before 6 weeks with my current pregnancy. With my 2nd m/c my dr. told me that by 8 weeks you should clearly see a heartbeat. There are so many reasons why this could happen but remember, like everyone else on this board, you are able to get pregnant which is what counts. Mother nature has a way of taking care of things and unfortunately "we" (this board) know this all too well, Some of us (including myself) more times than what we care for. Hang in there and follow your dr.'s best advise which is probably a d & c which is painless compared to pa__sing it naturally.


sulat - September 29

this forum has been very helpful and supportive for me when i was in many of ur situations listed here. I also had spotting in my 6th week and doctors asked me to check in ER. They took the blood and vginal u/s. Everything in blood test was ok but no heartbeat found for the baby and they ER doctor suggested a possible miscarriage and broke my heart. I had my doctor's appointment after next 3 days and suggested another blood and u/s and she also suggested a d&C if no heartbeat in this u/s. I was devastated as this is my first pregnancy. And when we went to the u/s the u/s technician saw the heartbeat this time and she showed us the heartbeat movement in the u/s. I almost cried when i saw that. the u/s specialist also told me the u/s days showed 5w6d. So if i had gone for the 2nd u/s even a day before probably i would have missed this baby. i dont know why the doctors always tell the worst possible first. Still i have that trauma from the experiance from 4 days. i hope you guys all the best and hope this post might help some of you.


breegun - October 5

amazed by how many of have/are experiencing this situation. i went in on tuesday expecting to see an 11 week old and US showed only a sac, placental development and a ma__s that was either a fading embryo or potentially a moler pregnancy. a second revealed that there was what the dr. described as "troubling" slow blood flow. dr's best guesses: 1. i'm not as far along as i think i am. (highly unlikely). 2. pregnancy was viable, but isn't now. 3. moler pregnancy. my options were to wait a week and retest hormone levels and take a third US or go in for the D&C. i feel like my body has known for a while that this pregnancy wouldn't be successful. i can feel my uterus shrinking, no naseau, no dizziness/head rushes, and all of my old energy back. i'm confident that this pregnancy is not viable. waiting now to find out if hormone levels are within normal to see if i can avoid surgery and let the tissue pa__s naturally. my heart goes out to all of you. this news breaks our hearts. thank you all for sharing.



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