8 Weeks No Yolk Sac No Fetal Pole

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fayezerland - May 30

I am measuring 8 weeks- we think I am 7 weeks but the ultrasound showed no sign of a yolk sac or fetal pole. My hormone levels more than doubled in the last week- it went from 88,000 last Tuesday to 191,000 today. I am still nauseated and have tender br___ts. The doctor's says that he is 99% sure that the pregnancy is done and that I should have a d & c done- has anyone had this problem before and had the pregnancy turn out okay- is there any chance if I wait another week that a repeat ultrasound might show a yolk sac and/or fetal pole?


ladywy - May 30

I don't have any answers for you, but I am still holding out hope as well. With your levels so high, I wouldn't do anything at this point. You are too far along for ectopic pregnancy and your hcg levels are too high. I would wait. Your body will miscarry when the time is right. Keep in close contact with your Dr. and watch for signs of infection. Once the miscarriage starts, you can always have a DNC. Good luck! LadyWy


daisymelis - May 31

I am at about 6 weeks now and have no sign of a fetal pole but do have the yolk and gestational sacs.....am going in alittle bit to have blood drawn to check hcg levels.....the doctor wanted me to have a d&c today but I refused after hearing from a few people. They think I might have a "molar pregnancy" which is non viable. Let me know what your doctor says. I am curious..... good luck. [email protected]


kee - June 12

not if the dating is correct. im sorry. but please remember that miscarriage is VERY common and pregnancy success following a miscarriage is the norm.


gsonap - June 17

Fayerzerland, I am very sorry to hear that. I was 7 weeks 4 days when I had my first u/s, it turned out to be an empty sac. I wasnt convienced and requesterd for another before scheduling D&C. Yesterday I had another u/s, results didnt change. I scheduled for D&C the same day. They gave me local anesthesia and I didnt feel a thing. It was devastating to know that I lost my baby. Now I am just taking rest. I hardly have cramps and very light bleeding. My dr has suggested to wait for one period and then I can start to try again. Scheduling for D&C was the right decision I made. I dont regret the decision I made. The conviencing part was, I didnt have to see all that blood, tissue etc and feel more bad about what happened. I hope it helps. Good luck and take care.


Breaking_Heart - July 11

I was 6 weeks to date when I went in for an early u/s due to bleeding and they said either my pregnancy was over or I was just out with my dates (even though my dates were prefect) I have 6 days to wait untill my next u/s and if nothing has changed then that confirms my worst fear that my pregnancy is over but if the yolk sack has developed then my pregnancy is still viable my hcg levels are currently at 12,000 and that was taken on friday so who knows what they are actually at now. Fingers crossed that I am going to continue full term


Nath12ncm - July 31

My last menstration was on may 5-9,2017 n my expected day is on jun 5.. but i think i became pregnant on jun 4 .. my pregnancy test become positive in my 2weeks delay n i have experience heavy bleed after 3 weeks delay n after 3days of bleeding my bleed stop n i consult a ob gyn they do ultrasound n the ultrasound result "senographic evidence of intra uterine pregnancy" my ob said that i have experience an early pregnancy wen i came home i try p.t n its positive after 1month i experience a litle spot n my ob set its fine n i do an ultrasound again i think im 8weeks pregnant n they so nothing .. the ultrasound doc. Said that im mistaken n im not pregnant by i know i am



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