91 2 Weeks And U S Said 4 Weeks HELP

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Pam in NC - May 4

I went to my first doctors appt. yesterday and I am pretty sure of my dates, I have a difficult time getting pregnant, and I know what we did and how we did it on a day I was ovulating. I have not had a period since late Feb. I know I am 9w3days but when my Dr. did the ultrasound he said first of all it looked like there might be two sacks!!!!!!! but not to assume that that means anything yet, and he said I was only showing 4 weeks but he thinks he sees an egg sack! How can that be? He is going to do another u/s in two weeks. I did have two negative pregnancy tests before I got a positive one 3 weeks ago, but I don't have problems with missed periods and wouldn't I have had one since Feb if I only got pregnant a few weeks ago? So if I assume that my dates are correct, what could be going on? I am not having any bleeding or other complication. The only other worry is that I am usually very fatigued and have bad morning sickness by now, and I don't have it hardly at all. I have found other topic posts similar to mine and have even found some response posts with the same situations, but no follow up where posted. I would REALLY appreciate some feed back and sharing of personal experiences. I really need some answers and some HOPE!! Thanks Bunches


Chas - May 7

Hi Pam, I know exactly how you are feeling and it really does suck! I went through a roller coaster from my first appt. on. I was 6 wks 6 days from lmp at my first visit. The decided to do an ultrasound and didn't see anything but a gestational sac. I was really scared... to make a long story short... my pregnancy ended at 11 weeks. I hate to be a downer, but they should really see something if you are 9 wks 3 days. I had 4 u/s's within a month's time and prayed every day. But, it just wasn't meant to be for us right now I guess. I also had a u/s at 9 wks 3 days but the baby was really super small but we did see a heartbeat. i thought I was out of the woods after that, but a week later I started to spot and had some of the awfulest cramps ever. this went on for a few days, I was diagnosed as a "missed abortion" they had to do the d&c. My baby died, it had only grew to about 6 wks. That is what they were measuring it at my nine week u/s. I tried to stay positive, but I think I knew in my heart something wasn't right. My baby should have been bigger! All the books I had read,and I wasn't on schedule. (I too, was positive about dates, because we had been trying every month for 14 months!) Anyway... sorry to ramble on, and I hope things turn out differently for you. My advice is try to stay positive, but also prepare yourself for what could be, and trust your instincts. I wish you all the luck in the world ! baby dust to you


Matthew - May 8

Hi Pam - My wife has always had irregular cycles, but she never MISSED a period ... until she got pregnant the first time. She completely missed her period, we thought she was pregnant, but several negative tests (even a blood test) later we shrugged our shoulders ... then the next month's period didn't arrive either and finally she tested positive. So our dates were completely screwed up, and "when was your last period?" meant absolutely nothing in terms of estimating the age of the baby. At the first u/s the baby measured 6 weeks, but with a low heartbeat (sorry can't recall what it was). Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage as the fetus stopped growing at 6w3d. But my point in writing is that, I don't think the "last period" is always correct, my wife had never missed a period before either, but with all the testing we did we're confident that the pregnancy didn't happen until the second missed period. I think the first must have been a fluke. So I would say - have hope, and hopefully you will see a heartbeat at your next u/s. (Obviously that's not the last hurdle, but we got that far on similar facts ...) I hope everything works out for you.


josita - May 9

Hello Pam, I too am in a similar situation. I went in for my first us at 9 weeks (what i thought) and the nurse said I was measuring 6 weeks. They detected a low fhb at 80. The nurse said it was one of 2 things:1 ) I messed up my dates or 2) im going to miscarry. She didn't seem too positive and after reading through tons and tons of threads and on-line resources, I am trying to remain positive, but it is really hard. I feel like i couldn't mess up my dates as I have always had regular periods -- so this worries me. I go in for another u.s. in a few days and will find out more. Unfortunately, there is not much to do but wait and try to not let your mind jump to conclusions. I wake up every morning praying for pregnancy 'signs' but it really does no good until you have hard evidence from the Dr. Because as mentioned before it could be a 'missed miscarriage' . I'll keep you informed of the results after Thursday when I get another us, hopefully some positive news. How is your progress going?


Pam in NC - May 9

Thanks all for the words of advice and encouragement. I am 10 weeks and 2 days by my calculations and so far all seems ok. I have not had any bleeding or cramping and today I feel like I am going to hurl. Hooray! I had really bad morning sickness with our other four girls so I was expecting the same this time. I have had two miscarriages and I was not sick at all with them so it scares me in light of what the doctor said on Wed. Maybe the nausea today will last and it will be a good sign. As for dates, I have gone over and over it, and I am pretty sure when I got pregnant. I have a tilted uterus and it takes some effort to get pregnant. I know the day I was ovulating and I know what we did, and if I am wrong than I should have had a period after that because our dates and the Dr.’s are 5 weeks off. The only time my periods were off was one month last year when I had surgery to remove a large tumor from my neck. Praise the LORD I did not have to do radiation and the next month my periods came back like normal and have been ever since. I guess all the counting and figuring and searching are helpful, but all there is really to do is wait. Josita, I am praying all turn out alright for you and they see a good strong heartbeat next time : ) Thanks Hey, one more thing, I saw on here in some thread that someone was measuring wrong because the also had a tipped uterus and the ultrasound did not capture correctly, although I believe they were much further along. Has anyone heard of that?


josita - May 9

Thanks Pam for the words of encouragement. When you first mentioned that you had a tilted uterus it made me think because I do as well! It made it hard for the nurse to get an accurate reading. This might be something to research and consider further. I will bring it up with my doctor and also do some more research on the internet. I still have a hard time understanding what a 'tilted uterus' means and how this affects getting pregnant (you said you had a hard time, we did as well) and how it impacts pregnancy throughout the 9 months and into giving labor, etc. Any insight will be great! Thanks again and I will keep you updated.


Randi0720 - May 11

Is there a heart beat? Last time I was preg, I went to dr to hear heart beat at 12 weeks and there wasnt one. Also baby only measured 8 weeks. Had to have a dnc. Maybe not in your case..hopefully not, but usually at 6 weeks you'll hear heartbeat...hope you can stick it out. I am 19 weeks prego, having complications now. Abnormal afp results. Im totally freaking...feeling your pain.


josita - May 12

just wanted to give an update that yesterday I went in for the us and found no heartbeat :( I am very sad and upset about the whole thing... thanks for your prayers and well wishes, I wish everyone the best in their future pregnancies.


Pam in NC - May 17

Sorry to report that we lost our baby today. Hope some of you have better outcomes. Sorry to hear you news Josita : ( Randie, AFP results are widly inaccurate and MOST times things turn out OK, Good Luck and Blessings.


HannahBaby - May 17

pam im so sorry to hear about your loss. Good luck in the future.


Chas - May 21

Pam, I am soo sorry for your loss.



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