9 Weeks And No Heartbeat

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scott - February 9

my wife and i have had our first u/s today, according to our dr he says we should be at the 12 week mark. u/s is telling us that we are at 9 weeks, showing a baby but no heartbeat is being picked up. could the u/s be wrong, the baby facing a different position, any advise would help ease our minds.


scott - February 9

just a follow up question to my above question, the u/s nurse said she could not find the heart, is this also common in an u/s. should we ask for another


stacey - February 9

Was it a v____al u/s or one done on the belly? Vaginal is usually stronger. Drs. usually go by your last period, so I wouldn't be concerned with that, your wife could have ovulated later. Does she have another u/s scheduled?


Stefani - February 9

Not sure what to tell you here. Did they schedule you for another US? If so I would wait for that and see. Hopefully everything is just fine. Did everything else look ok?


julie mc - March 6

hi scott, i had u sound just over a week ago our first one and our first baby, we thought we were about 12 weeks but the baby was only showing at 9 weeks and 5-6 days with no heart beat, i couldnt believe it and neither could my husband we went home and checked our diary and it could have been possible that we were only 10 weeks preg.id already booked in for the d and c for the next day, i went to hospital and insisted on speaking to doc she was convinced i was 12 to 14 weeks preg and i thought their is no way i was 14 weeks preg, she said she would give me the benefit of the doubt and booked me in for scan in 2 weeks which will be this thurs i havnt had any signs of bleeding or anything i have tried to accept that i have had a m/c but i still have this feeling inside if i go on thurs and i am still preg then i will cla__s it as a huge huge huge huge bonus, but i am trying not to keep my hopes up, i do totally understand what you and your wife are going through i pray for you, what is goin to happen to you will u have another u/s soon or something???


AMANDA - May 10

i understand what your going though sorry to hear the news.i also just went to the doctor for a u/s and was 9 weeks they said they couldnt find a heartbeat and now scheduled me for a dnc. hope things lok up for you.



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