9 Weeks But Scan Showed 6 Weeks Spotting

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Sarah - July 3

Hi. I am 9 weeks by my dates (100% sure as not done it since!) but at my 1st scan last week the fetus only measured 6 weeks and no h/beat. This could be my 2nd m/c in a few months. I am due back for another scan a week on Tuesday but wondered if anyone else had experienced date issues when sure of conception date. I have also started spotting light pink on wiping but no cramps/pains. I am not sure if I should be taking up bed rest or going into work next week. I am scared that will start bleeding heavier when at work. Anyone?


sonya - July 5

Hi Sarah, I am going thru something similar. I had a miscarriage about 10 years ago and then on to have a healthy soon to be 9 year old girl. I didn't think I wanted any more children and then bam I got pregnant and found out on fathers day. We were very excited and then I started spotting brown discharge and sometimes it was pink with red.No cramping. I had an u/s done last week at 6 weeks and they saw the sac which was good. Then I went today and they didn't find anything. So they have sent me for blood work to check HCG levels. My doctor told me that everything could be completely normal or it could not be. But at this early stage, worrying isn't going to do anything to help either way. So I guess what I am trying to say is stay positive and let nature take it's course. If they found a fetus that is a great sign. Did your Dr. put you on progestorne? They did that with me after my first miscarriage and then this pregnancy. After my first miscarriage, my Dr. told me "if we can get you pregnant, you are going to have a baby, it is those who can't get pregnant that don't have children". That made me feel so much better. As for you working, I think my Dr's think that there isn't much you can do right now to prevent a miscarriage. Nature will take its course. I hope everything is ok for you!



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