9 Weeks Possible Missed Abortion

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Olivia - November 6

I went for my first check up on 11/3. I had an ultrasound done and their was a sac, but no fetus. Doctor said this was a possible "missed abortion". For the past two weeks I haven't felt pregnant. In the beginning my br___ts were sore and now they are not. The Dr. asked me to come in for a follow-up in a week. I also have a Thyroid condition, but am taking Levoxyl for it. Not sure if this had anything to do with it. Has anyone else been through this and if so what was the outcome.


charlotte - November 11

I just had a missed abortion. it was difficult, i had a d n c. and now i am a little bit hormonal. i had diarrhea the whole time and felt way queasy. if thyroid meds are not dangerous, then no. missed ab, i found out is way common.


melissa - November 27

I just had the same thing but a little more complicated. I had an IUD and take thyroid, became pregnant and they saw a heartbeat and everything looked normal ( I thought) on November 2, got the IUD out on the 3rd, now at my first appointment on the 24th- the sac was empty- a missed abortion and I had to get a D & C yesterday. Makes me wonder !


Mary - December 22

I just learned that I had a missed abortion. Initially, when I went to the doctors they also saw a sac but no fetus. The following week I went back and he found the fetus and a heartbeat. This morning I woke up and had some lite bleeding so I called for an appointment. It turns out that there was a sac and fetus but now no heartbeat. I'm scheduled for a d&c tomorrow. I really want to have another baby but this is my second miscarriage and I'm tired of getting my hopes high and feeling sick for nothing. Just hope I can get pa__sed this feeling.


k - December 22

what is a missed abortion?


latasha - January 17

foundoutthatiwaspregnant on 12-13-04 wasveryexcitedafterloosing two prevously. i also never felt any morning sickness i was 8weeks and 4 days when i got my ultrasound and found out that that the sac was empty. ireally don't understand this iwasn't on any meds at this time so why did this happen.


cristina - January 27

I found out I was preg on 12-25 and went for my first u/s on 1-17. FFouns healthy sac and was asked to come back on 1-26. Had another u/s and there was no develpoment or heartbeat. My Dr. wants me to get another u/s today by a u/s tech and if same results then I have to make a descision. HOw bad is trhe D&C? i am such a wreck!!!



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