12 Weeks And Unsure

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b4240 - March 31

Hi I am 12 weeks pregnant and I don't feel it. Early on I was tired and a had sore br___ts. I have had my first appointment at 9 weeks. Since then I dont feel pregnant my br___ts are not sore anymore, my belly has little aches and twinges, nothing major. I am very nervous about losing this as it took 8 years to become pregnant. My question is... if I was to lose the baby, what are the symptoms that i would experience? Right now I am going on no bleeding no cramping must still be pregnant. Any reasurrance would help. Thanks


eyes82000 - March 31

I think sometimes when you get farther along in your pregnancy your hormones level out and you may not have some of the same symptoms that you had before. I'm 11w4d pregnant and my symptoms started going away when I was about 8 weeks. I just went to the doctor two days ago and saw the baby on the ultrasound so I know everything is ok. So try not to worry I'm sure everything is fine.


iakram - March 31

Hi b4240 - I wouldn't worry - I thought the same thing. From about 6-9 weeks I had all the symptoms you name it, then one day they suddenly went away. Naturally I freaked but I have now come to know as eyes8200 has said that at about 8-10 weeks your harmones begin to taper off and the symptoms will disappear or gradually wear off . If you're still nervous as I was - I would go in for a blood test and ensure that your count is okay. I did this and it helped me immensly oh and I insisted for an U/S [my poor Dr thinks I'm insane - but hey if you feel stongly about it I would suggest you ask for one just in case!]. Good Luck!!


b4240 - March 31

Thanks for the quick reponse. I have an appointment on the 11 of april. It is so long away. I have an appointment for an ultrasound on the 19th of may, which is even longer. I have been feeling this way since I was 8 - 9 weeks. And then I will feel some aches that a__sures me that I am. It is funny, I got an errie feeling when the doctor told me I am due on Friday the 13th.


maya2006 - April 3

Hi, It is so funny that i read this because i am pretty much in the same situation as you, except a week behind. I am 11-12 wks, due a week after you and i also don't feel much. I suffered 2 m/c before this pregnancy so any feeling or no feeling of pregnancy, gets me very worried. I saw him at 9 wks and everything seemed OK and now my 12 week apt with my doctor is on the 6th and let me tell you, these 3 weeks have gone by VERY SLOWLY. The other thing that concerns me is that I am taking progesterone suppliments that have side effects that are identical to pregnancy symptoms. So everytime i feel nauseous, i feel that it is from the pills and not the pregnancy. I am a wreck! I just hope the best for us! Keep me posted.


biach - April 7

Hi ladies, Im glad to know This is normal. my b___bs dont hurt anymore, not as full feeling, even my cravings basically went away. (though my babys daddy craves icecream now) I was pretty nrevous. They are already saying I miscarried,even though embryo is still in me. They said it pa__sed 4 wks ago. I have a hard time believing that. wouldnt you think it would come out? So far, I havent found anyone to say the embryo wouldnt come out on its own. By the way I have a tilted cervic, so maybe thats why it's small. Not giving up yet. Good luck ladies! Christine



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