OutPt Surgery To Remove Mirena IUD

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catianna - March 2

After having our son in 2005, and knowing we wanted another child in about 2 years, we talked to my OB doctor and decided The 5 year Mirena Iud would be perfect! Mainley because it was easy to remove if we wanted a baby before the 5 years. And that I didn't have to do anything extra like remembering to talk a pill everyday. The incertion was painfull. Cramping and bleeding, but went away in a couple of weeks. A month later when I was trying to feel the Iud strings they were not there! So I went back to the doctor and did a ultrasound and was told the IUD was still in the right place and working the way it should be. The doctor told me not to worry that when I wanted to remove the IUD , they would tease the strings out with twezzers and brushes, then pull on the strings and remover the IUD. I could then go home and try to have a baby!!!! Well that is not what happend in my case. After having the Iud for over 18 months I was getting it removed on Feb 21 2007! My Husband and I were going for number 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After calling the doctors office like everyday to make sure they knew my IUD strings were not visable and i was coming to get it removed and what they were going to do to me. They all said not to worry everythings gonna be fine. No problem!!! Well after about 40 min of torture, pain, poking, legs way high up in the air, some nurse i dont even know looking at me all wide open, more pain, Then the doctor said he couldn't get the Mirena Iud out. And that I would have to be put to sleep, cervix dialated, and hopefully they can pull the strings down. If they wont come out they will then have to go in with a camera to find the strings. Then pull them out. So as Im compleatly freaking out so upset crying and really really p___sed off. My Husband made the coming up appointment on 3/6/07 for my OP Surgery because I just sat there and couldnot stop crying. I really thought we would be going home without the IUd in place and make our son a little brother or sister. Now everytime I see that friggin MIERNA IUD commercial and it says easy to remove if you want another baby, I just get so upset. Im like they are a bunch of friggin liers. So I cant find anyone else whos had a problem like this. My husband and I are looking into suing the company. If anyone has had a similer problem and sued the IUD companies, I would appreciate any adivice you can give. Thanks for reading Catianna 23 year old mother of one hopefully two very soon:)



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