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Zz - July 23

Every pregnacy is different. There is no absolutes ever. But I just want to share my story with you to let you know that there is hope. One Friday morning when I was about 6 to 6 1/2 weeks pregnate I got up to get ready for work. When I went in to go to the bathroom I was bleeding. When I wiped it soaked through the toilet paper to my hand. I wiped several times and was still saturating the toilet paper. I came out of the bathroom crying and showed my husband. I had been through a miscarrage (at 4 months) before and knew I needed to get to the doctor to get checked out. I went to an urgent care and they sent me to the emergancy room. There they took blood and did an ultrasound. The Dr. told me the good news was that my uterus was still closed. The bad news was that the heart rate was about half of what it should be and that the changes of me miscarring was high. I was on bed rest until I could see a regular Dr. the next monday. When I went in on monday they took more blood and did another ultrasound. The good news was that the heart rate went up to an almost normal rate but my HCG level was causing some concern. Your HCG is sopose to double every 24-48 hrs. and in 3 days it went from 2300 to 2700. Only 400 points insead of like 2000. They again told me I was most likely going to loose the baby to be prepaired for it. I went back the next week and again the hear rate went up, but my hormone leveles only increased by a matter of a couple hundred and not thousands. I have had an ultrasound almost every week for the past 6 weeks. Every time I went in I was expecting the "baby" to have died like the last time. I had still been spotting off and on, sometimes heavy, sometimes not. The Dr. told me it was ok unless I start seeing thick tissue like stuff in the blood. Which I did for a couple of weeks. Plus I was cramping so bad sometimes that it hurt to sit, stand, or laydown. The Dr. saw a couple spots of blood in uterus that she said that bleeding my be coming from and that it would probably be ok as long as the placenta didn't try to attach to where there was blood spot. My ultrasounds were looking great! But the problem was still my HCG level. At 11 weeks, 5 weeks after the first test, my HCG level had just BARLEY doubled at 4400. 5 weeks to double instead of 1-2 days??? I couldn't believe I still had the baby and my Dr. couldn't explain it. They had still been telling me I was going to loose it. But today I am 13 weeks and I just had an ultrascreen test to check for genetic deformities. So far it looks good. The hear rate is perfect, the blood spots are gone, the bleeding has stoped, and the cramping has died down tremendously. Sometimes the little things just pull through against so many odds. It really is unexplainable I think. My Dr. sure seemed to be confused and not able to explain it to me. Although I am not forsure out of the water yet I've made it a lot further than anyone though I was going to. My last miscarrage happened at about 4 1/2 months. For some reason the heart just stoped beating on day. But those things happen for a reason too, even though its a hard thing to go through and took me years to get over it. I just wanted to share this because so many times I read people asking questions about one thing or another (ie: low HCG levels) and if that means that they are going to loose the baby and people most often reply something like "I'm sorry, but yes it does." Well, until it happens, IF it does there is always hope and the best thing you can do is to hold on to that hope and pray. You and your baby need you in the best health physically AND mentally as you can be.


to Zz... - July 25

I am so pleased to hear your story. In my case my levels barely changed too but there was no baby visible and no heartbeat being picked up so for me it was different. I had a blighted ovum. Just an empty sac that was too small and levels barely changing. I am happy to read that sometimes things can work out ok despite worrying signs! Im glad that little heart kept beating thank you for sharing!


mom - August 2

can you give us a update on your story it was great!


amanda - August 7

i have a question, i have alot of signs of prgnancy but every time i take a prgnancy test it comes up negative is it possable that my hcg is to low? I mean with signs my belly is getting begger and harder. this morning i took another test and the negative line started dissapring right in front of me. could i be pregnant some one please help if you have an answer please please email me at [email protected]


Lilly - August 15

I had miscarried my first baby very early in pregnancy.I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd just a few weeks after I lost my 1st.two weeks later we went for our first sono and found out I was 2mo pg. I have not gotten over our loss but am very excited about our new little one.Due in just a few weeks.


HI! - August 16

Im glad everything is going well for you GoD works in different ways I myself misscarid last year in July 2004 I was 7 weeks the Doctor would also tell me that my HCG levels would rise but then they were low till I went back and took onther test and it was very low I remember he called me to his office and onther lady came in with him he let the news out I so devastated I cried for weeks and was mad at God for that I would ask why????why me it was my first pregnancy with tears in my eyes at this moment I still can't get over it But I am happy to say and give Thanks to the LORD for giving onther chance im pregant aganie now Im going on 18 weeks the doc says everything is going fine and on aug29.I will go find out if its a boy or girl I pray that everything will go well this time ....and im glad to hear you are doing well along with ur unborn baby I wish the best and I pray for you as well and other ladies keep us posted on how your doing ok... Take care...F


bea - September 1

its wonderful to hear your story... God is so good.


Kris - September 1

Amanda I have a very good friend that kept taking preg test that kept coming back neg. She got sick and ended up in the ER. The hospital asked if she could be pregnant, she told them about the tests. the hospital drew blood and she now has a beautiful 2 year old girl. Have you had a blood test??


To Zz - September 1

I have posted a few times and i just read your story congrats! At 6 weeks i had a threatened misscarige and now i am 8 and 1/2 weeks and still bleeding like you light then heavy with clots though some of the time. I barely started having pubic pains this morning. On Tuesday the DR said not to come come back for 4 weeks because he saw no more blood in the u/s and the baby looked good. As happy as i was to hear that i am still bleeding and very confused why he wouldnt wanted to check me out more often like you said you went in every week. Should i get another opinion?I lost a baby at 12 weeks in '98 and i was bleeding daily-BUT i was perscribed Motrin and after i lost the baby i heard that was no good for the unborn child so i feel that made it worse..So i am really confused in what i should do. Any advice? Did they put you on any medications like hormones? g


amanda - September 1

no i havent thank you for the idea


danielle - September 2

to hear your story is great relief. I had an ultrasound two weeks ago and I thought I was 9 weeks only to be told that all they could see was an empty gestational sac and no yolk sac or fetal pole. They basically said to prepare myself for miscarriage, of which I have already had one before I delivered my daughter, who is almost two and a half. I refuse to believe this as the gestational sac only measured at being 6 weeks 2 days and I know many people that have seen an embryo and fetal heartbeat later on than this as it is so early. I have had a light brown spotting for two days but disappeared and doctor said this was ok. I am following up with an ultrasound this tuesday and my hcg levels have increased rapidly. I am keeping the faith, I am a big believer that if it is meant to be, it will be. Nobody is going to tell me that this baby is going to miscarry at this stage. I will hold on to hope.ox


Zz - September 3

Congrats to all you ladys and your pregnancys!!! I hope that every thing will turn out well. It is so hard not to worry. It really makes me mad when a women goes into the Dr. and especially when she is having complications, getting told not to come back for 4 weeks. It is friggen nervewracking!!! It's not like we are just growing some plants here! And what bothers me more is the vague amount of information that they give you if something abnormal is going on. Is is because they don't want to worry you? Or maybe because they don't quite know? I think in my case it was that they just didn't quite have an explanation for what was going on. I went to the Dr. in mid Augest. When the Dr. put the doppler on my stomach we could hear the hearbeat for the first time. I was 17 weeks. The Dr. just smiled and told me how amazed she is. She told me she just couldn't believe that the little guy just keeps doing so well. I got my ultrascreen test back and it came back normal also. Because of the situation I am still very concerned that something may be wrong, but I jsut don't dwell on that. I go in for my 20 ultrasound on September 8th. I'm excited to find out the s_x, but also to make sure that everything is developing properly. I have felt him moving around more and more often lately. I am still super scared though. My aunt found out that her baby was severly retarded with major brain damage at her 20 week ultrasound. She opted to terminate the pregnancy. I don't judge her for that at all, she did what she thought was best, but the closer I get to that the day, the more nervous I get. But I'm young and healthy, and although I have had one miscarrage I also have one healthy daughter. But whatever comes my way I will deal with it the best that I can. God knows what he is doing, even if we don't always think so at the time, and will not hand us a situation that we are not capable of handling. Having a miscarrage is something that is very difficult to deal with. When I am pregnant, I don't feel like I mearly have an "embrio" or a "fetus" growing inside of me. From the moment that I know it is already a tiny baby and it is hard to loose that. I am still sore over the one I lost. But also know that God is not punishing you for anything. And miscarrages happen for a reason. So good luck to everyone and keep posting. I'll post again after the 8th. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and just remember to keep faith and hope alive. God Bless.


g - September 4

Well i wish you all the best of luck. Yeah 4 weeks with complications i'm already going nuts once a week is hard enough to! I guess until we could all feel the kicking , then we would know our baby is ok! Well laddies on the net i was looking up baby stuff trying to be hopeful, and i came accross this "Doppler" like what DR.s use to hear the baby's heartbeat. This works as early as 10 weeks into pregnacy BUT again if the baby is positioned oddly the detection of the heartbeat might not be heard. I am defintaly going to rent it!So maybe in between visits this would help us stay calmer! Well i called 3 other OB and they said they would see me then make a judgment to go in more times but then my doctor might not take me back. So i don't want to switch if they are going to do the same thing! I'm just going to call my Doctor and ask him if i could get in more often. This is my third pregnacy with him so he knows how scared i am. So through all my jabbering i just want to say if you feel uneasy keep talkin to your OB! Zz sorry about your Aunt, and for you again I keep remembering whats going on with you and that gives me hope for my little one! Thank you.



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