Quot Borderline Thickness Quot Of The Neck

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Ashley - April 18

my ob is sending me to see a parenatologist after discovering a borderline thickness in my baby's neck. My due date is September 3, 2005 and I'm about 20-21 weeks along - I'm 21 years old. My doctor said that this could be a sign of down's syndrome even though my AFP tests came back normal. what else could this be? could my baby be normal after all? How trust worthy are ultrasound results? If anyone has any info please share...


al - April 19

My understanding is to get an accurate nuchal fold test the ultrasound should be preformed around 12 wks. Ask your doctor re the accuracy of the test. The ultrasound results are only a guide and are not 100%


Mrs O - April 20

That is one sign of a down's baby. But that doesn't mean you are forsure having a downs baby. The only way you can find out forsure before birth is do an amnio. Good luck.


monica - April 21

I agree with Al. The measurement of the neck means nothing after 14 weeks. Did everything else check out OK? are they sending you to a level ll u/s?


Janet - April 22

We were scared by a similar story. We were having an amnio, and on the u/s, they found 3 markers for Downs - thick neck, short femur, and a umbilical issue. After a scary 10 days, it sturned out that he was fine. He's almost four - doesn't have downs - bet he does have a thick back of his neck! I hope this is all true for you as well. God Bless.


Carol - April 25

I was also told that my fetus had 2 markers for Downs Syndrome. Thye suggested that I have an amnio. But, since I had already had 2 miscarriages prior to this birth, I turned down this scary procedure. I met with a specialist who told me that 50% of the time, the child is 'normal'. So, I figured a 50-50 chance was not so bad -- not worth risking a miscarriage from the amnio. Anyway, I went on to deliver a healthy baby boy! I am sure your situation will be similar. Good luck.



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