Use Of Aldera For Genital Warts During Pregnancy

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me - August 16

Has anyone ever used aldrea for gential warts during pregnancy (I'm 10 wks now) Is it dangerous for the baby?


casey - August 19

i am now 6 weeks and was using aldrea too. i was told to not use the cream. You have to tell your doctor and look on imformation on it. From what i know you and your baby is going to be okay


Rosey - August 22

Hi guys, I also have HPV and bc of this have not told anyone for 10yrs, nor gone to a doctor. You are the first. I am married and now pregant and have to see a doctor and I'm so scared, embarra__sed and worried. I have no medical records, should I see a family physician first or a gyn? Any other words of advice will help, I am completely alone on this.


Jessica - August 22

Rosey do not be embarra__sed or worried. HPV is more common than you think. I have GW also and Im not embarra__sed. Doctors have seen it all. I am 9 weeks pregnant and have developed 2 since pregnant and they are going to freeze them off. I would go to your OBGYN and tell her/him. There is no reason to go to family physician. Does your husband know?? He probablly has it to. Dont worry, I will be here for you if you need someone to talk to. My e-mail is [email protected]


me - August 22

I have to tell you about something I tried last week as an alternative to freezing the warts (my dr warned me not to use the aldera because there just wasn't enough studies done in pregnancy) ....I'm really not trying to sell anything, before I could care less about this husbands brother sells the stuff. I used the Meleluca antibacterial soap on my wart last week and it completely disappeared in 4 days! I don't know if it was a coincidence, but they've never gone away on their own before. If you're interested in trying it here's the website


Jessica - August 22

Hi Me (previous poster) I am very interested in the soap. Which one did you get??? Do you have to order it or can you get it at the store??? Need more info pretty please!!


becky - August 23

hi. yes I'm currently using it now. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have been using it for 2 months now. It hasen't had any negative effects on me or the baby that I know of. The doctor says that it's completely safe to use. It has helped me with the warts on the outside of the v____a and a few on the inside but has not touched the ones around the cervix which is the ones that the doctors are worried about. It seems that I will have to have a c section if the don't clear up in 7 weeks. Doctor tells me to keep using the Aldare though......


me - August 23

Hi Jessica. I used the antibacterial liquid soap (on the website I posted above....look under the tab that says "body", then go to hand cleaners and it's right there. I know its an odd thing to seem to work...but hey I can't argue! As far as I know you can only order it from the website, but they have 'sites' all over the world...maybe if you contact customer service they can tell you of some stores that might sell it? Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Let me know if you have any luck!


Jessica - August 24

Becky, Did your doctor say it was okay to use???? I would love to use aldera again but they say during pregnancy not enough research has been done to say if it is safe or not. What did your doc say?? Also thak you "me" for the info!!


Jessica - August 24

Hey "me" I tried to order the soap but you must be a preferred customer to order. They are tryingto get me in contact with someone so that I can order which doesnt seem to be working. But hey if I cant is there anyway that you could order it for me and i will pay you. I could mail you a check and when it clears you could send me the product. I could really use your help. I am so aggrevated with these pesky warts.


me - August 24

Hey Jessica, where do you live (Canada/US etc)? That maeks no sense that you have to be a preferred customer to must have had to order in the first place otherwise how would you become a preferred customer.....weird!


Jessica - August 24

I live in the US. let me correct myself here, I think you have to pay for a membership to become a preffered customer but all I need is the soap. Would you be interested in ordering it for me and letting me pay you?? Please please


Rosey - August 25

Thank you Jessica for your advice and support, I will hold my head up when I go in for my first exam. :)



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