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o - November 24

I woke up one morning a short while after I found out I was pregnant and went to the bathroom. I immediatly started bawling and yelling for my husband. There was blood all over. And not just a little. I was about 7 weeks along. Having suffered from a miscarrage before I knew the need to go to the emergancy room. When I got there they ran tests and did an ultrasound. There was a sac there and even a slight heartbeat, but it was low and irregular. I was told to go home and stay on bed rest until the following monday until I could get in to see my regular obgyn. On Monday my ob did follow up tests and told me that my HCG levels were low. The HCG levels are sopose to double every 24-48 hours and in the 4 1/2 days since I went to he hospitial they only went up 250 points. She said that things did not look good. I saw her again the next week. Although the heartrate picked up and steadied the HGC levels only went up 200 points, (as opposed to 1100+). The Dr. told us to be prepared for a miscarrage to occur. She said that the way the HGC levels were acting that either we would have a miscarrage or that something would be seriously wrong with the baby. She even talked to us about the possability of terminating the pregnancy. In 6 and a half weeksmy HGC levels STILL did NOT double as they should have in 24-48 hours. But amazingly the heart rate continued to go up to a normal rate and on the ultrasounds everything "looked normal". We got tested as early as possable for downsyndrome, and other abnormalities and nothing came up. At my 20 week ultrasound we found out we are having a little girl and that she had a leaky heart valve. We had to wait for 4 weeks to see a specialist, but by the time that we saw him he said that he reviewed the previous ultrasound and there was most deffinatly a problem with her heart, at this time it seems to have healed and looks normal. My husband and I have been through so much with this baby and expecting everything to go wrong, to loose it, or for her to have downsyndrome or something because that is what the Dr.s said. We did a lot of praying though and we never gave up hope. My Dr. has told me several times since that it's the most amazing thing she has seen. She said that every time that she sees me and hears the heart beat on the doppler, feels the baby move, and sees that everything seems to be just fine she is just totally amazed. She said that she has no explanation for it. I am 8 months along now and so far so good. I just wanted to share my story and give some of you who may be having some doubt some hope because when I needed it I couldn't find any. Everyone told me that I would deffinatly loose the baby. I am so glad that I had hope because if I didn't who knows what would have happened. I felt as if my heart was beign ripped from my chest AGAIN and my first thought was to either terminate the pregnancy because the waiting is killer, or start drinking to kill the pain. But I did neither. We just prayed and kept praying and never gave up hope and sometimes, againest all odds, miricales do happen.


Stef - November 24

Thank you for sharing your story! That really is amazing and lovely that your little miracle is doing so well. Good luck and god bless!


Mechelle - December 13

God Bless you Two amazing parents, and the wonderful life you are bring on aboard!!!! That is one true Miracle you and hubby are getting to witness First Hand, and I believe your Faith in God has given this Miracle the 3 (You, Husband, and the Lord)of you Create a hole new meaning to life!!! I am having bleeding problems, more like spotting and hcg levels are rising but not doubling, but Drs still giving me hope I am just praying and giving my worries to God as well!! Whichever it ends for me its in his hands and he will not give me more than I can handle, and I know all things are for reasons, and I am so Happy to hear your baby girl is healthy!!



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