A Number Of Concerns

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Nicoleiny - May 5

First of all, let me thank everyone in advance who responds to my message. This is my first pregnancy, and I'm rather concerned (by the way, I'm 5 weeks pregnant today). I found out I was pregnant one week ago. For a couple days before I found out, when I'd wipe there'd be a tiny bit of redish-pinkish blood. I was absolutely sure my period was going to start, so I'd sleep with a tampon in me. The morning before I found out I was pregnant, I took out the tampon out and there was blood on it. However, it looked more like an older discharge, and was dark reddish-brownish, more so brownish. It didn't soak the tampon; there were just little blots of it around it (implantation bleeding or miscarriage?) The next day I took a two pregnancy tests and they were positive. The blood that I had been seeing previously when I'd wipe lasted for about another day and then stopped. Well for the past 2 weeks I've been having pregnancy symptoms plus menstrual symptoms. My br___ts are sore, I haven't been eating right, my lower back aches, and I have occasional cramps every day. Yesterday the symptoms were the worst since I've found out, and last night I went to pee and when I wiped I found light reddish-pinkish blood. Like I said, it's never alot, but when it's with cramping and backaches, it worries me. I went in for an U/S on Tuesday and they couldn't see anything with the regular stomache U/S. They did a va___al U/S and we saw a little black circle. She said that that's what would develop into my baby. The day I got the U/S I was 4 weeks and 3 days. We didn't see any yolk sac or anything else, so I guess that's normal. I go in for another U/S on Monday, so hopefully we see something. I'm just really worried about the light bleeding, cramps, and backaches. I'm sure that the darker blood I saw on the tampon was implantation bleeding, but I'm not too sure about this other light bleeding (which has never been enough to soak even a panty-liner). Has anyone experienced similar problems? Nicole


Mandy1984 - May 5

first of all, it can be common to bleed slightly at the early stages of pregnancy though its usually recommended that you consult a doctor even if the blood loss is minimal but I spotted on and off with my previos pregnancies and everything was ok, SECOND NEVER EVER use tampons is you are not bleeding heavy enough!1 it is very dangerous, If you read the box/instructions it will tell you about the risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) which causes death!!! GOOD LUCK xx



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