Abdominal Pain Ectopic Pregnancy Or Constipation

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kristine - August 25

I just fournd out yesterday that I am pregnant, the beginning of my fifth week with the possiblity of an ectopic pregnancy due to past tubal surgeries. My digestive system has been off and today I am experience quite a bit of pain in my abdomen, center and left side. I do know I ovulated on my right side. Would the pain, if due to an ectopic pregancy, definately be on the right side? Is there anyway it could be center and left.


laura - September 20

no answers?? please help!!!


vonda - September 20

i ahve experienced an ectopic pregnancy and my stomach was tender, I would spot every now and then and sometims bleed, but which ever side the baby is on that is the side you would have lots of pain.


vonda - September 20

you would also have shoulder and back pain.


Sabrina - September 21

Kristine, Frequently the pain for an ectipic is found on the left side, regarless. I had an ectopic and the pain was on my left side low, under my belly b___ton. It wasn't necesarily sharp all the time, but it did increase to almost all the time within a day or two. I was also constipated and it really hurt to have a bowel movement at all. If you still have the pain tomorrow, go and see the doctor. They will need to do an ultrasound and determine where the pregnancy is located. It may be nothing, but if it's a tubal - it's serious and you could die if untreated soon enough. If it's nothing, at least you have peace of mind.


vonda - September 21

kristine, if you think it is an ectopic you need to go to the emergency room, or your doctor now because at7 weeks that is in the danger zone, just check it out asap, but hopefully it is not. i'll be praying for you.


kim - October 11

Please describe the shoulder pain. Is it in the back of the shoulder, the top, down the arm. I am having low dropping hcg levels after a diagnosed miscarriage and am concerned about ectopic. They want to give me the methotrexate shot but I am worried about the next pregnancy.


samantha - November 3

you would definiatly know the diffrence, eptopic pregnancy you are bent over in pain, constipation just an annyoance


Karen - November 13

I just had my right tube removed a week ago due to an ectopic pregnancy. My first symptoms were feeling of trapped gas and constipation, light spotting, and minor pain in the shoulder. Two days later I was doubled over and being rushed to the ER. My feeling of trapped gas was actually my belly slowly filling with blood from the bleeding ectopic. If you think it may be an ectopic pregnancy or it feels abnormal in anyway...see a doctor ASAP!!!


Laura - November 16

I had an eptopic less than a week ago. My symptoms were bleeding for a week every 3 months pain on the right side of my tummy constantly having bowel movements, i couldn't even lie on my tummy. When i went to doctors he sent me straight to the er for a scan but i got there too late for it. I went back the next day i had the scan but they couldn't see anything, but they thought i was only 4 weeks so they thought this was normal. When they got my blood tests half an hour later they realised that i was a lot further on than they thought and decided to operate that day. I woke up from the operation to find out that if they had have of left for another 48 hours i would have been dead and i lost my left tube. Please go to doctors asap and check this out because i wouldn't want you to go through what i'm going through now. I hope everything works out ok.


kia - November 18

I just started having this pain on me left side in the lower part of my belly what could be wrong could I be pregant


Vivi - November 20

Kim, I had the shot of methotrexate last week - it is better to get the shot than to have surgery, if you can void having the surgery, of course. There is a small chance of scarring with surgery that may change the probabilities of becoming pregnant. WIth one shot of methotrexate, you can spare your tubes the risk of it.


Rachael - December 16

I'm one in 600 thousand while taking birth control pills I found out that I was pregnant it just didn't feel right I was having different symptoms then I did with my daughter -very bad pain in the right side I went to my OB and she totally blew me off stating that "not every pregnancy is the same" I was still worried so I contacted a friend of mines high risk OB and went in that afternoon the ectopic was located by ultasound and I was in surgury that night however my HCG kept climbing so they sent me in for methotrexate injections had the worst pain and bleeding -headed back to my new OB and they discovered that my HCG was climbing because there was a fetus in the uturus that was a week apart in gestation from the ectopic -since I had already been given the metho. they were not able to save the 2nd so basically I ovulated 2x that month and got pregnant 2x on the pill my husband and I are considering another baby now and honestly I'm scared to death all this will happen again even thou the docs have a__sured me the chances are slim to answer the question I guess I can say trust your gut if something doesn't feel right find out why an ectopic is a very serious situation.


Lisa Betley - December 19

I had an ectopic pregnancy in July which ended up with a trip to the er and emergency surgery.I just didn't feel good and felt something was wrong. I had a lot of pain on and off on my left side. The pain would sometimes be in the center and sometimes on the right. My biggest symptom was problems with my digestive system and bowel movements. I was told the pain was from ligaments streching I didn't feel this was the case I listened to my body went to the er and am so glad I did. I was 8weeks and when we arrived at the er the tube was starting to burst. So I caught it right in time. Please follow your instints and take care of yourself. My heart is with you. Good luck


beth T - December 28

just wondering if anyone can help me. I am 4 1/2 weeks preg. Hcg not rising normally. I have had some mild cramping on the left and low back pain. No spotting or bleeding yet. No bowel trouble.(doesn't hurt to bare down or touch abdomen.)Could this be ectopic? Or would I have more severe signs by now? help!


kayla - December 31

i'm having some faint pain in my lower left abdomen. bowels are different but there is no pain when i bear down. my doc said my hcg levels are rising exactly how they should so why am i still so scared of an ectopic? has anyone ever had this


beth t - December 31

I'm just wondering when, if ectopic, would a person become symptomatic? My hcg hasn't been rising normally. I am 5 weeks 2 days. I go on Mon. for more blood work. Hopefully they will discover something in time if their is a problem.



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