Abdominal Pain Ectopic Pregnancy Or Constipation

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beth t - December 31

I'm just wondering when, if ectopic, would a person become symptomatic? My hcg hasn't been rising normally. I am 5 weeks 2 days. I go on Mon. for more blood work. Hopefully they will discover something in time if their is a problem.


anna - January 4

I found out on monday that I had an ectopic pregnancy after my hcg levels were only doubling every 3 days and progersterone was only at a 9.9 The only symptoms I had was brown spotting for 1 1/2 weeks. then it stopped for 1 week and started again for 2 days My bowels were very upset and I had loose stools for 2 days. I had back pain also. My ectopic is on my right side not the left. No stomach tenderness or pain. I just got the shot of Methatrexate (sp?) today and will try to get pg again in a month or two. Hope this info helps.


Nina mathew - January 7

Dear if u have any pain please go to see your OBGYN ...I m recovering from a raptured tubal pregancy, where i had severe internal bleeding,& had to have emergency surgery,hurry & go to the Er pl.dont wait...I dont want u to go thru what i went.


Emma - January 9

I am 5 weeks pregnant. I had an ectopic with loss of the right tube 6 years ago and are experiencing pain in my left lower side this time. I am on holiday, so don't have a doctor and have been to the hospital twice, but no one is following my case. Feeling scared. Hopefully will know more tomorrow after more blood tests. I also know I ovulated on the right side, and pain is on left. Just nice to be in contact with others.


AnnieWhitt - January 18

Take my advice...GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! I had an ectopic rupture last year. It started with a pain just like you're describing. I too thought perhaps i was constipated. My doctor even over the phone suggested i drink the liquids that help you go. My pain got really bad and i ended up in emergency surgery. Now i am left with one tube an one ovary. GO TO THE DOCTOR NOW!!! God bless!!


pene - January 26

I have just got back from the hospital after having part of my left tube removed along with my 7 week baby. My one was just about in the uterus so a bit more room for it to grow but wasw just starting to blled into pelvis. My symptoms were bleeding for three days at 5 wks no sign of babe on us at 6 weeks, bit more blood, onl;y a little and only a little bit of pain on right side and it was left tube, slow rising hcgs, only doubled in 3 days..go figure... dont take no for an answer if things dont seem right insist on more tests and u/s good luck


Sarah - January 27

I have found out today that I have the baby in my tubes..... I am really freaking out.. dont know what to do.. i will hear from the hospital today to see if they operate or if I will have an injection. I am freaked out about both. Please could you give me any feedback on the injection or advise. Thanks


Sherry - February 11

I just had the injection this morning. It was painless but the doctor warned that I may feel severe cramps and nausea in 3-4 days. If you can have the shot instead of surgury, in my opinion that is MUCH better. I questioned my doctor whether or not I will have the same problem if I get pregnant again and he said that unfortunately, my chances of this happening again are higher than average but I won't know until I try. I am positive and will try again and hope you all can stay positive to! God bless and good luck!


kasmene - March 2

i started having pains 2 days ago in my lower abdomen, and left side i don't know if i'm pregnant or not, but in the past i have had alot of tubal surgeries which resulted in a ectopic pregnancy. could i be pregnant and not know or is this an early sign of pregnancy.


michelle - March 3

i had an eptopic, i was on holiday in the maldives, the day i got there i started bleeding (had only just finished what i thought was a period), i bled for a whole week with pain but i thought it was my irratible bowel playing up, i took painkillers to ease the pain so i could carry on as normal, i was on clomid so chances were high of being pregnant but to be on the safe side i done 2 pregnancie tests which were negative before i went, i had no symtoms of being pregnant whatso ever. on the 7th day of bleeding and pain i couldn't stand up straight and could hardly walk they rushed me to the nearest hospital(2 hour boat ride) and took me straight in for a scan which showed 2 litres of blood swimmingin my abdomen, it still wasn't confirmed until they done a blood test , another pregnancy test was negative! i was rushed into theatre and they operated and luckily saved my tube, i was in intensive care for 4 days and the gynae said i was a walking dead women , he couldn't believe i was still alive from all the blood i had lost and said i would've died in my sleep if i hadn't of gone.. please don't ignore any signs , i hid the pain with painkillers which was so silly, but i never wanted to ruin my holiday if i was in the uk i would've gone straight to the hospital!!! i don't think many people know how life threatening it can be.


marie - March 10

asking for help or advice won't do you any good. the best advice would be if you know you are pregnant why wait around for answers, if you are pregnant and feel something is wrong go to your local hospital and let them know whats going on why put your fetus in danger.


rene - April 5

my question is this, i"m about 7weeks prg. and i have had some abdomial pains in the lower left part of my stomach and i have alot of gas. can this be a result of a ectopic pregnancy


Tiffany - April 12

My advice to you is that you go to Doctor a.s.a.p. In both June,2005 I had a miscariaged. In november,2005 I had an ectopic pregnancy.I losted my right tube.I was and still am in a state of shock.I wanted a baby so bad.I thought that the second pregnancy was met to be.I guess not.I almost died.It was going on the second day when it had ruptured.SO I AM PRAYING very hard that you seek medical care.GOD BLESS YOU!


CMD - April 13

I to have had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 5 1/2 weeks, back in Feb. this year. They could not see my baby in the US and finally they went in to do a D & C then they found out that I had an ectopic pregnancy. I also miscarried back in summer of 2004, I was hoping this pregnancy was the one. I lost my right tube completely but my doctor thinks that I should not have not problem getting pregnant normally. If you are worried please go to the doctore and get a check up just to make sure. Remeber everything happens for a reason and it is nothing that you done wrong. It took me some time to get over what happened but now I leave it in God's hands and I know he will give me a health baby when it is time.


Sarah Leeson - June 8

Hi! Iam 5 weeks and am also experiancing this pain! Ive been constipated but also have a high risk of ectopic due to having tubes the shape of curly fries! Waiting for an early scan as this should answer my worries. Lets just hope we both do well. Good luck.


nikki - June 10

i had a ectopic pregnancy in march i was 7 weeks pregnant, they didnt remove any tubes. i had some light bleeding after. i had a normal period on the 29th of april bit painful but normal. now im late again and i dont know if im pregnant again... i have had a test 3 days ago but that was negative...i have all the signs of pregnancy... just wondered if i could get pregnant so soon..



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