Abdominal Pain Ectopic Pregnancy Or Constipation

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nikki - June 10

i had a ectopic pregnancy in march i was 7 weeks pregnant, they didnt remove any tubes. i had some light bleeding after. i had a normal period on the 29th of april bit painful but normal. now im late again and i dont know if im pregnant again... i have had a test 3 days ago but that was negative...i have all the signs of pregnancy... just wondered if i could get pregnant so soon..


Tara - June 18

Please go to the hostial right away...I had a ectopic a week ago almost leading to my death. I was 8 weeks with my 3rd child we tryed for 2 years and we were so happy that we were finally having another baby then at 7 weeks i started spotting and i had no pain,The doctor gave me the Meth shot and 3 days later with no signs at all i fell to the floor in so much pain i was rushed to the hospital and found out i was bleeding inside and my tube ruptured i had emergency surgery i lost 2.5 liters of blood and was told if i was 5mins later i would of been dead. I lost my left tube and i'm so scared to try again. So please don't wait to be seen go right away to the doctors i had no pain and only little spotting....it happen so fast for me and the shot didn't work.


pipdawson - June 20

HI. Pain rarely occurs on the same side as the ovulation or the ectopic. dunno why it just doesnt seem to. Ihave had quite bad pains and some bleeding so went to A&E (er). I have had a scan and everything is fine! the right size, place etc.. even a little haert beat. Dont automaticly panic if you experiance pain, get it checked out by a doc, but as i found out there are lots of other things that can cause pain this early that they dont seem to tell you about, bowel cramps, muscle strain, ...... good luck!!


pipdawson - June 20

....just another note, please dont think that by asking you not to worry that i am suggesting you dont get it checked out!, I have risk of ectopic so went straight to the hospital, and i would advice anyone in the same position to do the same, they can perform an early scan and even do blood tests which can indicate if something is wrong. but most of all, till you get to the hospital, dont panic. sometimes the worry can do the little one more harm.


anon - June 23

my period is 5 days late. My periods are always on time. And recently i have been experiencing some abdominal pain. Am i pregnant??


sarah - June 27

do a test.


Colleen - July 4

I have taken 6 pg tests 3 came out positive, 2 came out negative and 1 just didn't work so I went and had a blood test on July 1st, I should get the results tomorrow but I am in a lot of pain my left abdomen and lower back pain, is that normal? this will be my first pregnancy..


pipdawson - July 5

Apregnancy test will only show positive if it detects the pregnancy hormone, tests can sometimes be negative when you are pregnant as it could just be too early to tell or they are faulty tests. However if one some have shown positive it would seem the hormone is there and it is very unlikely that it would be incorrect(this almost never happens). The blood test should tell you but make sure the doc is aware of the disc_mfort you are in and make sure he/she answers any questions. As i have discovered there are some very scary symptoms of pregnancy, namely pains no one tell us about! As it is your first pregnancy and unless you have had any 'lady problems' in the past, you shouldnt worry too much, just rest and make syre you get the answers you need from your GP. Oh, and Good uck, let us know how you get on.


jossie - July 5

hi, i'm in my 5th week..and have been back and forth to the ER for 2 days. had ongoing pain on left side of lower abdomen since friday, so went to ER on sunday. they did blood test and ultrasound. the ultrasound showed that i've a ma__s near my ovary and fluid in the pelvic area. not good at all and i was rather down when they told me that this is high chance of an ectopic and return the following day. however, when i went back yesterday, the ultrasound showed no ma__s on my left ovary and my hcg level doubled. i was told that the ultrasound depends on the sonographer (human error). i still have to return tomorrow for more blood test and i pray to God that everything will be ok with my pregancy. what i'd advise is to go to the ER as soon as you suspect an ectopic/have pain and don't give up your hopes....


emma - July 25

I have had an us today to eliminate an ectopic pregnancy as i had one 4 years ago. They have found a gestational sac with yolk sac in the uterus but also have found what they believe is an ectopic pregnancy as well. I went there today to get rea__sured everything was fine & now feel very stressed. I want to know if anyone knows can the baby survive in the uterus if i need to have the surgery, or if i can have the meth shot without harming the baby in the uterus???


Nancy - December 18

So i have an ectopic pregnancy..i was bleeding for 3 straight weeks, i had horrible symptoms. i was pa__sing out, throwing up, had horrible pain. Finally i went to the hospital and told me my tube had ruptured. i had to get an emergency surgery so that they could remove my tube. i had internal bleeding which was why my stomach was getting big but hurting.. 'Till this day my scar is still hurting inside and out. Its been 6 months and everyday i think of the beautiful baby i would have had. Everyday i miss him. And everyday i get more and more confused.. i dont understand why i lost the most wanted baby. I cant stop crying. i cant be happy when i see people pregnant or with kids. i found out my sister is pregnant and that killed me inside.. i dont know what to do.. i feel like i'm going crazy!!! Please Help...


amyxpurdy_ - February 1

Im having a similar issue. I have severe abdominal pain, have done for a few days, and i am constipated. I also feel as though i have trapped gas, but this never seems to relieve itself. I went to the doctor this morning and shee mentioned ectopic pregnancy but as ive had no bleeding requested a urine sample for UTI. i know it isnt UTI as ive had so many of these before and the symptoms just dont fit. Now im wondering what to do next because i dont feel the doctor took me seriously, and im worried about waiting for urine tests to come back incase its too late by then and becomes more serious, as in the past couple of hours my pains have increased, what should i do?



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