Abnormal 21 Week Scan

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raldim - January 29

Hi! A week ago I had my 21 week scan, which showed two soft markers: endogenic bowel and bilateral hydronephrosis (kidney dilation: 10mm and 6mm, respecitvely). As these are often associated with Down syndrome I did an amniocentesis and am waiting anxiously for the results. Has anyone had a similar experienced and did everything go well with the amniocentesis?


sahmof3 - January 29

If you do a search on here, there's an old thread from April '05 (renal peivic dilation- I think it's called) where many women responded that were in the same situation. Looks like most went on to have healthy babies from what I can see. I hope everything comes back fine. Good luck :-)


sahmof3 - January 29



raldim - January 30

Thanks! I found and read these. What worries us is that renal pelvic dilation is only one of the problems; the echogenic bowel seems to be a more important marker.... Hope so much everything goes well; waiting for the results drives me crazy.


suze42 - January 30

Good Luck Raldim, you are in my thoughts...plz check back w/us after amnio. I am a 42 yr old mom...16wks...have my level 2 in 3 wks...so Im very anxious as well.


raldim - January 30

Thanks. I'll let you know. Results should come sometime this week or beginning of next. Good luck to you, too.


raldim - February 2

Hi suze42 and sahmof3, I have some great news. The amnio results came back and everything turns out to be normal. Now the only worry remains the kidney dilation, but they'll be following me closely and hopefully everything will go fine. Suze42, hope everything goes well with your scan and the rest of the pregnancy! I keep my fingers crossed for you and your baby.


sahmof3 - February 5

raldim... that is great! I'm very happy for you and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy!


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

hey raldium glad to hear all is well concerning your baby having any major problems. My baby was shown at his/her 19 week and 5 day u/s that its kidneys were enlarged, both only 5 mm though. i was told they would monitor me and that the baby will get a u/s 72 hours after birth. good luck to you and take care


raldim - February 6

Hi everyone, Many thanks for all your support and good wishes. All the best to you, too!


suze42 - February 9

GREAT NEWS raldim! Im glad to hear that! Well, my triple screen just came back positive with a 1:10 ratio....I moved my u/s up to monday 2/12..w/a possible amnio. I feel okay about it. It is what it is! Im encouraged by your great news!


raldim - February 9

Good luck, Suze42. From all I have read the triple screen is not very reliable. In most cases the u/s and amnio results turn out to be negative after a positive triple screen. All the best!


suze42 - February 12

raldim, My u/s went very well today. No markers for downs, measurements were right on target. As far as they could see by u/s, baby looked normal. Im so relieved!!! And its a girl! I hope your issues have been resolved w/the kidney ? Good luck and thanks!!!


raldim - February 16

Suze42, I am really happy to hear everything is going fine with your little girl! We still need to track our baby's kidneys (another u/s next week itself): hope all goes well...



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