Abnormal Triple Screen Tests Results

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mags - May 17

My triple screen test shown abnormally low results which may indicate that the baby has a down syndrom... In addition to abnormal Triple test my 20 week ultrasound showed that echogenic focus which may indicate heart problems...The genetic counsel told me that my chances of the baby having DS are 1 in 25... I am 28 years and there has never been any history in our famylies of DS...I am sick from worry since then...I decided to do amnio and I hope that I can have it done next week...But I am a nervous wreck since I heard for the first time that there is a chance my baby can be sick... Please let me know if you heard about someone with the same situation...


clindholm - May 19

I know you are worried, but please remember these tests are "screenings" not diagnostics. They determine the chance of problems not a definitive yes or no. These forums are filled with people that that have been give terrible statistics only to have perfectly healthy babies. Please look throught the older threads, you will find similiar stories. When are the amnio results due back?


anahi - May 19

Hi mags... I can imagine how worried you are, but there is no choice than to wait. I'm 23 weeks preg. and my screen test showed a high risk for Down's at 19 wks. and of course I got very scared and I felt very sad. Last year we lost our baby girl after a healthy pregnancy and she was so healthy and beautiful. a full term baby, her tiny lungs did not developed properly. So now with this pregnancy they tell me that my baby had a chance of Down's?..Well my chances were 1:167 and the normal chances for a baby to develop Down's based on my age and all that were 1:645 so my chances were too high. We decided to get the amnio. And let me tell you that my doctor said that if my results would of ended up positive I had the choice to stop or continue my pregnancy..even that I was so scared I decided that no matter what I was going to accept my little one, by that time I was already loving her. The only thing I had said to God is that if my baby was going to suffer much in her future life, I asked him to take her away from me at the time of the amnio. Thanks to God the amnio came back neg. to all she got tested for. Take it easy and be positive. I will pray for your baby to be healthy. Good luck!!......


blessedwith4 - May 20

Hi there. I am 39 and just had my 4th baby. My screening showed a 1/22 of having a baby with DS. After much research we decided not to do the amnio as there is a miscarriage risk with amnios. We waited it out till the end. It was a long wait, but during those weeks we found out alot about DS and there are many wonderful kids with it who do very very well. Their parents will tell you they would not trade them for the world. Our eyes were really openned to the world with kids with DS. It is not nearly what we thought. As it turned out our dd did NOT have DS and was born perfectly healthy. Our fetal medicine dr told us that the slightest impariment of your placenta may throw this test off and give abnormal results. If I were you, I would have them take a good look at your placental function as this may be more of a hint towards placental issues later in your pregnancy rather than DS. Good luck and have your placental function checked. xo


mags - May 20

Thank you ladies for support...I had an amnio done yesterday and I am waiting for the results... I am praying for my baby's health every minute of the day... I stop researching the internet because I was driving myself crazy... It has been so hard on me not to be able to share my fears with my husband who has been on active military duty and currently is in Afghanistan... No matter what the results of the amnio will be I know I will love my baby girl... I just have to know , otherwise I will go crazy ... I will pray for every women that has to go through the same stress....


mags - May 22

My test came back positive forn DS...My baby gilrl is sick...I am devastatd ...I didn't stop crying since yesterday...I do not know what to do....I do not want my baby to suffer ...I feel like I am in bad dream and can't wake up.... I do not know how to deal with it... Is there anyone there who had to make similar decision?


clindholm - May 22

Oh Mags, I'm so sorry. Is the test 100% positive? While I have not dealt with this specifically, a relative on my husbands side has a daughter with ds and she is beautful, bright and charming. Her mom is always worried about the heart problems though. She is really not very delayed, I think ds is in degrees- meaning not every child has the same severity of issues. I also have a close friend whose aunt has ds and although she is older (50's) I think, she is very sweet and childlike. Do you plan on continuing the pregnancy?


blessedwith4 - May 22

mags....Giant giant hugs. It's going to be OK. Don't think of it as her being sick but being different. many, many many kids with DS are high, high functioning. I read and learnt so much while waiting with my 1/22 score. I met and went to a ton of play groups for DS. They are wonderful children. It changed my perception forever. Don't do anything drastic.....pls check out these groups, MEET moms of kids with this. I was shocked at how it is. I urge you...don't do anything till you have all the facts. Actually the facts my r. gaveme made it worse, meet the families of these kids. Pls do. Check out "cafemom" website and go to downsyndrome group, they were awesome there. I know this didn't happen to me, but after waiting 21 weeks to find out if my dd had it, I researched so much. She is a blessing and is super special, I know you'll love her just as she is. much love. xxox


mags - May 22

The test results are 99.9% accurate... Please pray for me and my baby ....I am devastated and unfortunately considering both options...No matter what I decide to do everything is just wrong... And I know I am the only one that has to live with it for the rest of my life... Please pray for us and do not judge me and my decision....


amymay85 - May 22

Mags...You are in my prayers! I can only imagine what you are going through right now. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


blessedwith4 - May 22

Hey there,, I will and have definately been praying for you and your precious baby girl. I can still remember when my dd was born in Jan and we didn't know if she had DS. I just knew my chances were 1/22. I had a c-section and when they brought her to me, it was truly incredible because I wasn't completely in despair as I thought I would be about the DS possibility. For those 20 weeks we waited till she was born to know had so many ups and downs. the first week after my screen came back, I had decided I was having the amnio and if it was positive I was aborting. There was no way etc, etc. Then as I regrouped and researched and learned my eyes became openned. For me, I was always against abortion and am a Christian women, but when push came to shove and I had those test results I was seriously considering it. The whole thing was terrifying and shocking and scary. All the dreams I had for my child, just everything was devastating at the time. But I regrouped and began to research and called the Down Syndrome Society, got literature and contacted some moms. I had become to come to grips wwith it all. I wasn't jumping up and down in joy about it, but it was becoming not so bad. I learned that there were many, many worse things to have. I read story after story about how these kids were such blessings to others and to their families. I cried everyday, like a mourning of what could have been. I didn't have the amnio, I have read that they are not 100% and imagine aborting and being in that small error bracket. I read about how they terminate babies this far along, and for me I felt that the after effects would be unbearable. Each time I went over the whole situation neither choices appealed to me, but I knew I couldn't live aborting so, I put my mind to being the best mom for my baby I could. i read and read and read. Ordered a new package for babies with DS, got all kinds of phone numbers in order for early intervention help. then she was born and I can still rememember the Dr bfringing her up to my head and taking the first glance and asking if she had DS. they said they didn't know right away and they did blood work. It took 17 days to come back. I honestly and truly loved her just as I do know. Everyone told me I'd love her either way and I just felt so sad, I didn't see it. But when she was born and I waited to find out, the whole DS issue didn't matter. She was beautiful and I knew everything would be ok, we'd get through it. I just wanted to share with you. I know in the end my dd does not have ds,but it was a very close call, I didn't know till she was 17 days old. I am praying for you, pls know you are on my mind and in my prayers. xo


blessedwith4 - May 25

Mags...just wondering how you are doing?



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