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sad girl - March 7

I am 10 weeks pregnant. My skin was clear for the most part prior to pregnancy and now it is out of control, both my face and upper back. Did this happen to anyone else? When did it clear up? What did you use to control it? Please help, I feel so sad about it I just want to cry all the time, i can't even look in the mirror, I just feel so ugly and bad about myself. Any suggestions would help I don't want to cry anymore.


Jami - March 7

sad girl, I am having the same experience. I usually have flawless skin (no exaggerating!) Now, I have acne on my upper back, the sides of my neck near my chin and on my face. My cosmetologist friend suggested a visit to the Lancome counter, but I haven't tried that yet. I have exfoliated until my skin became dry. From what I understand, it is unfortunately a hormonal issue, and should resolve it self by the end of the pregnancy, but usually gives way after the first trimester. Hang in there! You are beautiful regardless of what your skin reflects. It is hard to think that right now, I know. I am hoping for answers with you!


sad girl - March 9

What can I do about the acne on my upper back? Any suggestions?


Kaz - March 16

Ah you poor thing, I totally relate. 14 weeks pregnant and it's getting worse... bad acne over chin/neck all the way around to my ears. Lots of tiny little spots and lots of big red ones.. very painful! I also, for the 1st time in my life, have them over mt back and shoulders. I don't know what to do. Trying to stay positive and just be grateful for a healthy baby but it certainly gets you down. I feel foul. Don't know what to suggest, i hope you soon find something that works for you??


spritz - March 18

During my first pregnancy i was seeing a dermatologist and he put me on cleocyn-t. I used that my whole pregnancy and my face cleared up. I would consider going to a dermotologist and see if they will prescribe you something. Its worth the try!


cindy - March 19

i had the same exact problem!! i couldnt even look at myself in the if being pregnant isnt hard enough,right. nothing worked, i asked my doctor about it,he said it could be rosacia even though it looked like just acne apparently they can be very similar he prescribed me metro-lotion and i applied it 2x a day i really noticed a difference after 3-4 weeks now i dont have any more red or bumps!! i am now 34 weeks and i think it cleared up before my 2nd trimester was over. good luck to you.


Sarah M. - March 21

I am having the same problem. I have these annoying little reddish / brown bumps all over my shoulders and neck. Then, I also have some big red spots too. It's not like any acne I have ever experienced. I am going to ask my doctor about it next time I go. I am about 7 weeks along.


kim - March 21

I am 10 weeks pregnant and having the same problem. on my face, it is like regular acne, but I have this really weird large red bump on my stomach. I had one with my last child too. The doctor said to try hot and cold compresses last time, but it didn't help. It is really painful. Does anyone have a cure for this?


amanda - March 26

i am 17 weeks pregnant and i have the same problem i feel like a monster, everyday i get up its like a new one has popped up when an old one clears. I asked my doctor what i can do and she said use a mild cleanser nothing harsh with a louffa sponge for my body and that it will just take its course to clear up because our hormones are raging. i found drinking a lot of water is helping its not perfect but its helping. good luck i feel for you.



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