After An Eptopic

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Johnny - April 21

Hello, I'm sorry if this is repeating a question from any other part of these forums: My wife has just had an eptopic pregnancy. They performed surgery on her, after which they said it was so small they wouldnt have to take a tube out, which I guess is a good thing, but instead would put her on treatment to deal with it. A week later her levels were still on the rise so they gave her another injection. I forget the name of the treament, but it's pretty heavy duty stuff and I know we'll have to wait a while before trying to get pregnant again. Which brings me to my question - does having such an eptopic greatly diminish chances of falling pregnant again? And what chances of another eptopic? How much damage would the tubes have taken frm this treatment? thanks Johnny


Allie - April 21

Johnny, I am so sorry for you and your wife. I lost a tube with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy (I was 11 weeks pregnant) on March 23, 2005. I will be delivering a baby girl approximately June 21, 2006...I hope this gives you and your wife hope. There is a greater chance of a repeat ectopic after you have had one, depending on the situation with your tube (scarring, etc) but the dr. can actually run a test to see if there is damage within the tube. With the first pregnancy we were trying for about 4 months, and I only had to try about 6 more before this pregnancy - it has been a completely healthly pregnancy (she is moving all over right now as I type) and once the dr. saw the first couple of seconds of the first ultrasound (at 6 weeks) he said there was nothing to worry about...I will say that the emotional recovery was not easy - I already loved that baby, and still get sad sometimes thinking about my loss. This is probably be a very difficult time for your wife. When using the drug to take care of an ectopic pregnancy you also have to wait a couple of months before you can start trying again, b/c that drug needs to get completely out of her system or it could cause problems. Good luck to you and your wife, and God Bless.


Jody - April 21

Hi Johnny- I have gone through the samwe thing as your wife! I went through this last Aug 2005. I had one injection to bring levels down. ( methotrexate). Yes, its very powerful. Howerver, there is no damage done with it. I became pregnant again ( Dec 2005) after waiting 3 months after the shot. I am currently 20 weeks! Everything is going great! Good luck to you both!


Johnny - April 24

Thanks for your answers. Actually, since I posted my question, my wife's been in hospital again and had the tube removed. It all started again on friday evening when, in severe pain, she was admitetd to hospital. A day or two of tests followed before they went to surgery again yesterday, when this time they had to remove the tube because the site where the eptopic had taken hold had developed a clot which was bleeding a lot. So after two operations, we had to get the tube removed. She's drained emotionally and physically as you can imagine, poor thing, but at least the pain is on the way out now. Of course, in the back of my mind I'm wondering what the chances are of us getting pregnant later... I don't want to make a big deal of it now, because she's had enough to worry about and I'm just glad she is alive and won't be in that pain now, but as I can see from these forums, plenty of women lose a tube through an eptopic and stil have a babby. Thanks.


CKSAN - April 28

I am having a successful pregnancy after two ectopics (first one ruptured, second ended with methotrexate). Good luck to your wife.


princess_20 - May 4

Im sorry to hear that about your wife Johnny, i just found out on Tuesday that im having an ectopic pregnancy and i had to take two shots of methotrexate for it. i also have to go in tomorrow (friday) and again on next tuesday to make sure everything is going the way it should be. but im also still having the sharp pains, so i might be going in early just to make sure its not going to rupture. Good Luck.


CKSAN - May 5

Princess, yes PLEASE be persistent with the Dr.s if you feel pain. My first ectopic ruptured about 36 hours after my shot of methotrexate. If you start feeling dizzy at all like you are going to pa__s out in addition to SEVERE sharp, stabbing pain, call an ambulance. I don't want to make you feel too nervous, but I nearly died with mine. I was only having some discomfort during the night. I got up around 5-6 am to use the restroom. I sat on the toilet and the room closed in. I was able to call for my husband. He helped me to the floor, and called an ambulance. It was only after I got to the floor that the severe pain set in. It is not like a period cramp. It is like someone has shoved a pair of pliers into my side and was twisted them around and around. Then I also started to have pain on my other side. This was a sign of internal bleeding. Like I said, I don't tell you all of this to freak you out, but to let you know that if you have any of these symptoms do not wait to get help. That is how women senselessly die from ruptured ectopic pregnancies. Good luck. I'm sure that everything will go well. With my second ectopic, the Methotrexate was injected. I miscarried about 6 days later. oh, by the way, with my first one I was MUCH farther along. I was still nursing my son, and I didn' know I was pregnant. I could have possibly been 12 weeks pregnant already. HCG levels were 15,000.


princess_20 - May 5

CKSAN thanks for letting me know that, i went to the doctor today and she checked me hcg levels again i dont know what they are, but the day they told me i was having an etopic (last tues.) my levels were only 780 and i was about 6 weeks along. i am still having bad pain and it happens when i do normal stuff like use the bathroom, walk, breathe, and even when i just lay there. and its even moved to hurting in my lower back and my upper leg. so i told the doc today and she said even if it did still rupture after the shot im not having internal bleeding because my stomache would be sensitive to the touch. she said if that happens come into the ER right away. i wish they would have done another u/s and looked at it because i dont think it should be hurting like this.



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