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krissy79 - April 19

Hello! I'm new to this and am looking for help as I have noone else to turn to. I previously had an abortion approximately 2 years ago. I am now pregnant again. I had no idea of this pregnancy for approx one month. During that time, I had consumed alcohol. Obviously if I knew, I wouldn't of. I was going to have another abortion. Not because I want to, but feel that I HAVE to. I've read so much research that said that alocohol consumption in the first trimester is the worst! I want this baby so bad and know it will be loved. What do I do?


Bee99 - April 19

I was 3 months pregnant when I found out and I drnk every weekend it was around xmas and work party I was even doing the catterpiller on a cerment floor very drunk well you would have to be to do that 80s thing ( I would have been 10 weeks that night) baby was and still is fine she is now 3 years old try not to stress about it. Good luck


newmommy - April 20

Most women do SOMETHING that they regret after finding out that they were pregnant. Don't jump into an abortion if that' not what you want. Talk to your doctor---I'm sure they can give you the true facts, and will probably end up rea__suring you as well. Good luck----I'm sure all will be okay.


sa__sifras - April 20

I drank and did MANY recreational drugs in the first month with my daughter( have since given up anything and everything!). My doctor a__sured me that the baby would be fine. In his 18 years as a dr he has only seen one case of FAS. He said you have to drink 2-3 gla__ses of hard liquor DAILY to cause this. My daughter is 2 and is in the 3 yr old cla__s in preschool because she is so advanced. Your body has an amazing way of protecting the baby from this stuff. That being said, don't keep drinking!! I am sure you will be fine. Remember that stress is not good for the baby, talk to your doc and see what he/she says. Good luck!


Shauna - April 20

Yup, I agree. I worked for the Iowa State fair while I was pg. I was on 3 hours sleep and 5 or 6 drinks a day for 3 weeks. I also smoked. I quit everything the day I found out I was pg. My son too is very advanced for his age. Just stop now you will be fine and so will the baby. Good luck.



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