Alcohol Drinking Before Finding Out About Pregnancy

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stg111 - February 20

I drank a nice amount of alcohol before I found out I was pregnant and my Dr. seems to be flipping out saying my baby might have fetal alcohol syndrome, i'm very nervous about this does anyone have any experience with this problem?


Rachelj22 - February 20

i found out i was pregnant with DD when i was 6 weeks along. i didn't have my first pre natal appointment until 9 weeks 6 days. i spent those 3 weeks KILLING myself over the fact that i drank a few times a week for the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy. i was terrified, but of course, everything was just fine. many woman drink or smoke or do other unmentionables during the first weeks of an unplanned pregnancy. just do the best you can now to take care of your body. good luck to you!


Bumblebee - February 20

stg - don't stress about it. I read in many places that as long as you stop when u find out early enough, that's important. Don't let your Doc freak you out.


kazforrest - February 23

i was similar but 17 weeks before i knew i was pregnant and was drinking most days as i do so through entertaining in my work. My consultant said not to worry and the chances of anything being wrong were very low. .....he did he php in this field. i have had lots of tests and everything seems normal.I agree dont let your doc freak you out.


thasha - February 26

hi dear, its very dangerous for the baby if u drink in the early stage of the pregnancy. i'm very sorry to say this but in my experience i have a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome. i had same story like u. if u still want to try its up to u. if ur baby suffer life long then u will suffer too. i had my drink when she was two weeks old, before the date of my next period.


ilovebabies - March 7

My friend Erica just had a beautiful baby girl 4 days ago. She didnt find out she was preg til she was 5 months along (i no sounds crazy lol) she was drinking ALOT before she found out. She said pretty much every day of the week. Her doctor told her the baby would be fine and she is. She is beautiful and healthy and does not have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.



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