Allicat70 I M A Potter S Mom Too

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mcatherine - May 8

Hi Allicat - I read the post you wrote to Kiza about the genetic termination and you mentioned that you lost your baby girl at 24 weeks due to Potters. I am terribly sorry for your loss. It makes it so hard when there is no reason, no explanation as to why something like that happened to your child. You're the first person I've seen on here that was in the same boat as me. I lost my son in October 2003 to Potters. I delivered at 21 weeks. I spent years searching for someone to tell me it would be ok to get pregnant and that this wouldn't happen again- and I am now 23 weeks into my susequent pregnancy. Two kidneys and one bladder fully accounted for!! We expect a little boy around September 6th. I am sorry to hear you are bleeding/spotting. Do the doctors think everything will go ok? Have they detected a heartbeat yet? We had a rough start, but after some bed rest, everything has come along just fine. I just wanted you to know there was someone here that you could relate to, as Potters is a rare birth defect - and that I was thinking about you.


Allicat70 - May 10

Thank you so much for your re-a__suring post. I am a nervous wreck and keep thinking that if this pregnancy does last...that my baby might have potters again!! I actually just got back from the dr. and they saw a sac and a baby and a yolk sac. The only thing is that the heartbeat wasn't as good strong one...too soon to tell. They also think that my progesterone levels are low and gave me some suppositories...I will know for sure tomorrow when my results come back. I have another u/s next week and hopefully all will be well. Congratulations on your baby boy and HEALTHY BABY. My bleeding stopped which is a good is nice to know that there are others out there. I would have been due next week....which is really hard for me. I just finished reading ALL the autopsy is so sad and I am still in so much pain over what happen. Sorry for rambling!


mcatherine - May 10

I can't tell you how similar our stories are. When I found out I was pregnant, my lmp date put me at 9.5 weeks, but the ultrasound put me at only 5.1 weeks, with a low heartbeat. Turns out - I was only 5 weeks (delayed ovulation) and the heartbeat got stronger every week - going from 121 all the way to 166. It has leveled and stayed in the 140's now. I had spotting and bed rest, but everything just came together in week 10 and baby and I have been fine ever since. My doctors have been great. Starting at week 14 - they did an ultrasound every week to check for kidneys ( for the sole purpose of relieving my stress) until they found them in week 17 - and got me into perinatology right away - where they confirmed baby was healthy. I am sorry about your upcoming due date. I know there aren't really any words that will make it easier for you. Make sure you give yourself the day to grieve - and to remember. One hint of advice - once you have allowed yourself to read the autopsy reports - put them away, Allicat and only take them out if needed. They don't define our baby's lives inside of us, only their deaths. To this day - just seeing the manilla envelopes in my filing cabinet brings me the type of pain where I cannot breathe. Spare yourself that - you have enough hurt to handle. Everything will get easier over time and eventaully, you'll have so much to look forward to with your new baby. I hope your pro levels are up and you get the news you are looking for with your next u/s. Ramble anytime you feel like it - it's good for the soul.


Allicat70 - May 12

Our stories do sound similar...Thanks again for your wonderful words. You are right about the autopsy doctor said the same thing... to put them away. I started progesterone suppositories today because my level is low at 6. I have to have faith that everything will be ok. I go back next week for another u/s and hopefully the heartbeat will be stronger. Do you know what you are having? When are you do? Does the worrying ease up?? I think I will be this way until I deliver.


mcatherine - May 13

I am due September 6th - with a little boy. I wish I could tell you that all your worries will cease once you hit a certain point, but I don't think they will. The good news is that once you make it through that 18/20 week ultrasound where you find out everything is ok - the worries lessen and they change. Although they kept telling me my baby was healthy - I still couldn't shop for him. I was scared to buy maternity clothes or talk about a baby shower. It took me a couple of weeks, but it really hit me when I started feeling him move everyday - morning and night. I rememeber thinking to myself that he was in there, he was ok and that he needed me to love him and get ready for him. That was when my anxiety started to turn into the more normal fears of pregnancy - like early labor and things like that. I thought I would never relax, but I have and you will, too. Keep me posted on how you are doing....



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