Almost 7 Weeks Empty Sac High Hcg

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jillianlorene - October 5

My husband and I found out on Sept 15 (my birthday) that I was pregnant. I was experiencing horrific back pain that forced me to go the the emergency room. The emergency room did an u/s and they could no see a pole or a yolk inside the sac. The sac was measuring 5 weeks 3 days. My HCG level was 6300 at the er. Two days later I went to my physcians office. Same thing, the sac was there at 5 weeks 5 days but no pole or yolk. My HCG levels rose even higher to 10000 (in 2 days). I then had an appointment later. Excited to go to this appointment because my doctor was positive that it was just to early to see something. Well again yesterday, no pole no yolk no baby. My physicians initial reaction before testing my hcg levels again was that I was either having multiples or that I was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. They called me back within 2 hours and told me that my levels went from 10000 to 70000 in one week. They were very happy with these results but they want me to come in this Thursday (10/7) for another u/s. They are very confused why they cant see a yolk or a pole. I am experiencing lots of signs of pregnancy (tired, "morning" sickness (all day), sore br___ts) but I keep hearing horror stories of a blighted ovium or molecular pregnancy. Does anyone have any stories or comments they can give me? I am very scared and the waiting game is causing me even more stress and anxiety. Please help. Thank you


jillianlorene - October 5

I should also say I have had absolutely no bleeding.


hayeybubs - October 8

I Hope everything works out, It really can go both ways, the fact they saw a sac in ur uterus would make it doubtful you have an ectopic. I have a story for you, in Jan I found out I was pregnant, had mild bleeding went for US at 6 weeks told sac and nothing else, 2 weeks later it was discovered my body had rejected it and it was gone, the doc put it down to a blighted ovum.I found out in August I was pregnant again 7 weeks gone, doc sent me for an early scan, the sonographer found only a sac, again didn't look good. My hcg levels rose but only slowly, went back for a scan 9 days later and they saw a sac, yoke sac,2cm baby and hb. I just went on we'd for another scan and I have a stunning 7cm bean it was jumping about and sucking its thumb. I think you have to keep the faith, if u lose it I can honestly say there is a reason for it, defective chromosomes or defects, I wish u the very best and will pray for u, please let me know how u get on x


MImamaof1 - October 18

How did it all work out? I had 2 miscarraiges over the summer and found out I was preg again on Aug 23. I had my hcg tested and it looked fine. It was 1,140 on 9/29 and 57,615 on 10/14. I had an u/s on oct 7. The tech said my dates put me at 6 weeks, 3 days but the scan said 5 weeks, 6 days. She said that could have just been b/c I ovulated a few days later than I thought. At that point, all they could see was a sac but she said it was very early so she wasn't worried about it. I went again one week later. The sac measured exactly one week bigger, but still nothing inside. She was much less optimistic at that appt. I am having my hcg tested again today. All the waiting is killing me. I have read everything I can online and it seems that many women miscarry if they don't see the fetal pole by 7 weeks, but others don't see anything until 9 weeks and go on to a healthy pregnancy. It's all very stressful and confusing!


rachel2557 - November 7

Same thing here and I would love to know how it all turned out. At 5 weeks 1 day (my calculations) I went to ER for pink/brown bleeding with cramping. my HCg was 6000 and the vag u/s saw an empty sac. Two days later, my HCG rose to 12000 (doubled) but my progesterone was only 7. I was not started on supplements because by doc said it wouldn't do any good unless they saw a heartbeat. Three days after that (5 days from original u/s) I would have been 5 weeks, 6 days. My HCG was 12,900 (doubled again), the U/S saw "some growth" in the yolk, but my doc insisted there was little hope for me and things weren't looking good. I one more episode of brown bleeding the day of my last internal u/s but nothing else since. I have noticed my pg symptoms seem to be easing off but not sure of the signifigance. I have another u/s on thursday (5 days). I get the results of my next progesterone check tomorrow. The doctor puts me 4 days ahead of my calcs because they don't take into consideration that I ovulate late. I could use some hope!


hayeybubs - November 7

I hope it all works out, my story has turned out well so far, I'm now 18 weeks gone x I hope u ladies also have some luck, I will say a prayer x x x


MImamaof1 - November 8

I second hayeybubs best wishes. Mine is turning out well too. I have had pink and brown spotting almost daily throughout this pregnancy. I had vag u/s at 6 wks, 3 days AND 7 wks, 3 days. Both showed just an "empty sac." Doc said I would miscarry but HCG continued to rise. at 8 wks, 3 days we saw our perfect, healthy little baby! At 10 weeks we saw it again and everything looks just fine. I am now almost 12 weeks and feeling great. Don't give up hope! TRY (I know it's nearly impossable) not to stress too much and send those posative thoughts to your little bean.



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