Am I Destined To Miscarry

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Sasa24 - May 11

Hi everyone. I have visited the site over the past few days, and have found alot of the postings to be very helpful.. Right now I am feeling really confused and scared, and wondering if anyone has ever been through this before. My partner and I were not trying to get pregnant, rather we were taking the approach of if it happens it happens. I got what I thought was my period about a day or two late. It only lasted two days, and then I had a brownish coloured discharge for about 3 more days. About 3 days after that, I started spotting again. The spotting is dark brown and deep red, and has now been going on for about 5 days. It is not like a period, and I only notice on tp when I go to the bathroom. When the spotting started, I hadn't been feeling right for a few weeks (tender br___ts, achey, extremely tired), so I took a pregnancy test. I have now taken three home tests and they were all positive. If everything was ok, I would be 6 weeks pregnant now. Results from the doctor's office on blood test for pregnancy should be in tomorrow, but in the meantime the uncertainty is driving me nuts! Has anyone been through this before? Is this the sign that a miscarriage is coming on? Is it possible that we will have a baby? Don't really have anyone to talk to about this, as we don't want to tell anyone about the pregnancy until we know things are ok. Thanks for your insight!


Joker - May 11

Hi Sasa, It is hard to say what will happen. From what I have read it is normal for some women to spot/bleed in the first trimester. Everyone is different and what is normal for you is not normal for others. For example my cousin bleed with her last pregnancy..on and off for the entire pregnancy. My sister in law didn't even spot when she was pregnant and they both now have healthy normal full term babies. I know it is easy to say but try not to worry. Hopefully when your test comes back positive they can do an ultrasound and see what is going on inside and hopefully put your mind at ease.


CKSAN - May 12

I have been through this same thing twice-- both were ectopic pregnancies. I am by no means saying this is ectopic, but with bleeding like you are describing, the Dr. will probably do blood tests every 3 days or so to see if HCG's are doubling as they should. If they don't, you should request it. You will definately want to rule ectopic out b/c if gone undiagnosed, it could rupture and even lead to death. Like I said, I am not trying to scare you, but I do want you to know about this only because I almost died with my first one. Has any of the bleeding been really dark, but watery at the same time? Does it come and go like during the day from really dark to light pink the next time, then to nothing? This is what mine did. take care and keep us posted


CKSAN - May 15

Any update?


Sasa24 - May 15

Well...The results came in from the doctor's office, and they were positive - I think the HCG amount was somewhere around 350. But since I got the results I had heavier bleeding and a day of severe leg cramps...So I was certain that it was a miscarriage.. I am actually going for an Ultrasound tonight - they are going to check to see if it was a miscarriage and make sure it is not ectopic. I will keep you posted. I am still mildly optimistic that things may be ok - but I will be happy to know one way or another what is going on after tonight. Thanks everyone for your support. :)


august baby #3 - May 16

i had a period (i thought it was a period) every 2 weeks before i found out that i was 8 weeks pregnant. i had heavy bleeding for at least 3-5 days. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and the baby looks fine. i have no idea what caused it or why it happened with this pregnancy and not any of my others. good luck and hope for the best.


Sasa24 - May 17

I saw my doctor again, and had an ultrasound. It appears that it was a very early miscarriage. The ultrasound showed that there was nothing left (no residue or ectopic), so I am very relieved about that. My partner and I are a little disappointed that this first time didn't work out, but we will try again. I am going to use the next few months to get my body in better shape, workout, eat healthier and prepare mentally for the experience of pregnancy and parenting. Hopefully you will all see a post from me in the future with a pregnancy. Thanks for all your support everyone!


Newhoneybuns - May 18

Hello sasa I have been through 2 misscariage before this pregnancy. Misscariage isnt a fun thing for sure but i put it this way... it's destiny .. my child could of had a major handicap or something if the misscariage did not happen who knows. I got discourage after the second misscariage which i shouldnt have done. Today i'm 18 weeks preggy , never went this far before the farthest was 13 weeks. So yes i'm pretty confident that misscariages do happen for a reason so just hang in there girl and don't be too upset :)


charliepaulchloe - May 18

sasa im so sorry to hear of ur loss but if it helps i suffered m/c in dec05 and concieved in jan06 i am now 18 wks, u never know u might be like me and many others and concieve straight away and everything be great i do hope this is the case with you xx i agree with newhoney that its a sign there may have been an abnormality with the baby. what due date have u been given newhoney?


Newhoneybuns - May 18

i'm due oct 17 and what about you ? Sorry sasa to talk over this topic of other things. Charlie use my msn if u'd like



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