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rachel - November 26

Question: About 6 - 7 weeks ago i fell pregnant, we were over the moon. I have since had a Scan only to find that the results of the scan are ectopic. I was administered methotrexate but to no avail, my hcg level is currently 5400 and still rising by large amounts, i have no pain, no bleeding, and am approximately 7 weeks pregnant. One week ago i had my scan and there was a suspicious sack by my ovary, no confirmed pregnancy in the uterus. I think the hospital may have scanned and seen a cyst on my tube, as i have got polycystic ovaries. I have since been told by doctors at the hospital that i need a re-scan, occurring monday 28th nov. I have also been told that there is a slim chance that it is a uterus pregnancy and if so, it would have to be taken away, as the methotrexate drug used, breaks down cells, and the baby would be deformed to say the least, with missing organs, etc. My partner and i have tried for the last 4 years on clomid, to no avail, we gave up, and 6 months later i fell pregnant naturally, i am gutted that this could ever happen. I hope and pray now that it is ectopic for the babys sake. My question to you all is this: Could the hospital have made a mistake, has anybody experienced similar as in ectopic with no bleeding or pain. I need answers, because at the minute you are all i have, i feel i cannot trust any doctors, are they lying to me. They also want me to have a second dosage of this drug, could it be to cover up a mistake. Do these things happen in real life, or am i just going over the top? Thankyou for listening to my problems.


Jody - November 26

Hi Rachel, I am very shocked at your story! I am sorry to hear what you are going through.Unfortunately, if it is a pregnancy in the uterus you will have to have a d&c as the methotrexate is a very harmful to the baby. I had this for a eptopic pregnancy in the summer. I couldn't try again for at least 3 months. I can't believe they made this wrongful diagonosis. I hope you get the answers cause you deserve some! Again, I am very sorry.


Wow - November 27

sorry to hear all this I had an etopic preg 15 years ago thats how old my daoughter is yup the doc said as long as I had no pain to go for anothe u/s in a weeks and see and she did move down herself we were very lucky , my doc said in some cases he like to leave alone cause they can go down the tube they just get stuck sometimes and if you arent in pain he doenst want to kill a baby that still has a chance . thank god I had him as a doc or I wouldnt have my daughter now. All the best to you Get a second opion


Tara - November 28

I too had a ectopic last june and i was given the Methotrexate shot at 7 weeks i had no pain at all and at 8 weeks my tube ruptured and i had lots of pain then i had to have my left tube removed and spent 3 days in ICU i almost lost my life.I my case we believe the doctors left it to long becasue they knew about it and could of did the surgery when they found out.Then i most likely would still have my other tube.I hope you get your answers soon becasue waiting and not knowing is hard...I wish you all the luck.


rachel - November 28

well i had my scan this morning, it showed a 5 week old baby in the womb proggresivly growing up to now,and a reducing ectopic pregnancy at the minute it seems miraculous that a baby can be growing in my uterus, i have a scan again now in a week.


Melissa - November 28

I can't believe what you are going through and I hope you are ok as I am reading this on 28th nov. All I can say is that friends of mine had similar and there were no "symptoms" of ectopic except bleeding. I think often there are no signs until a rupture. I dont ordinarily root for the hospital but I doubt very much they would do anything irreversible unless pretty sure. I myself had a miscarriage recently and the hospital refused to D+C until my body started the process itself on the chance that the scan was incorrect. I think it probably is ectopic and I hope you find the strength to carry on trying after this trauma. Take care.


rachel - November 28

hi thanks for your post, the hospital had just phoned me to tell me about my blood levels, 2 days ago they were 5399, they have only gone up very slightly to 5544. doesnt look very promising does it. They told me today that it looks like there were 2 babys but the 1 was in the tube and other is in my uterus, i got scan next monday again, but the way my bloods are going it doesnt look as if i going to need it , please help me and advise in what you all think thank yo u.


Jody - November 28

Hi Rachel, I hope and pray everything is ok for you, but what about the shot they gave you! That is what concerns me especially for your baby. What did they say about that? God bless you and keep us posted.


rachel - November 29

its the case of wait and see, i got another scan on monday to see if its on going, but my bloods aint looking to good, as yesterday they were only 5544, the 48hrs before that was 5399, but so i been told scans are more important at this stage, i really dont know. Maybe because of the ectopic aswell that could be messing the blood results up. its an unusaul case. i just pray that they aint killed my baby in my womb. legal action is extremely appropiate even if i do have my baby. Grounds of medical negligance. i just going to the hospital again this morning as they want to see me about the blood results, but i determined to allow the pregnancy go on, just see what they got to say.


Jody - November 29

Yes, you do have a strong case for legal action! Hope you get some better answers!


rachel - December 12

well hello to all of you again, i started bleeding yesterday slightly and had another scan today, they confirmed i was having a miscarriage, i then had to go to the ward to see doctor, he also confirmed to me that it was not an ectopic, it was ovarian cysts, so therefore it was the methetrexate that they gave me to treat the ectopic was what harmed my healthy baby in my uterus, it wasnt untill today they could confirm to me that it was not an ectopic, im so gutted and angry in what they have done to me, and for sure they have not heard the last of it. i am going in tomorrow morning to have a d&c, and then the guns will be firing. good luck to you all, and if ever you get told you have an ectopic pregancy, and not got any bleeding or severe pain then ask for second opinion, dont be like me and get fobbed off make sure you do get one.


Niki - December 12

Oh Rachel! What a heavy cross you have to carry! I'm so sorry all this happened! I just can't believe the horrible error these people made! Did they ever once apologize or anything? How sad... I, myself, am most likely going through my fourth miscarriage now (not sure because I'm just bleeding lightly for the fourth day, but very similar to my other m/cs). It's so difficult to lose a child that you long to protect and raise. :) God bless you!


Willowheights - January 6

Hi Rachel, I was diagnosed that I might have an ectopic pregnancy because the doctor did not see any sac at five weeks. The methotrexated drug was administered two days later and I started bleeing lightly. A week later I came back for a 2nd HCG quant and my level was still rising and actually doubled at this point. The doctor advised that I should be operated and cut open using a laproscopy method to look for the ectopic pregnancy. I already have some suspicion and my gut feeling still tells me that I do not have an ectopic pregnancy since I did not show any signs and symptoms. The following day I seeked advise from another OBGYN and the ultrasound came back that I had a sac and looks like a fetal pole (this is at six weeks). The doctor shook his head left and right knowing that my first OBGYN had terminated what could have been our baby. Rachel...this is suppose to be my first baby and I am in so much emotional pain and distraught right now! I am so glad I found this site and I have some similar circ_mstances with you've battled with. Just like what they said...if it talks like a quack, walks like a quack, it is probably a quack. I felt anger and loss and my husband and will be scarred for life. In the future I would like to turn this negative episode in my like into a possitive thing. I am planning on doing social work for women who miscarraige or loss of a child. I know how you feel and if you decide to pursue this case, I have read online that there is a timeframe that is viable to file a lawsuit like this. The equivalent of our pain is priceless when it comes to the $$$! Please email me back and talk to me...Take care and I will pray for you...


Willowheights - January 6

Rachel, It is me again...If you would like to talk to me live. Please let me know. I can give you a call at home and we can share our experience with these horrible doctors or should we call 'em quacks! please email me your email address. Take care...


rachel1 - January 6

Thanks all for the support, its nice to be able to talk. I had my d & c done on the 13th December, had slight bleeding for 5 days after, but nothing since. Dont know if ovalted 3 days ago, but did experience some uncomfortable feeling in my left ovary, like bruised feeling when i tryed doing things. Im very gutted about what has happened to me, and myself and hubby sent a letter to the chief executive of NHS trust for our local borough, we had a reply off them and said they was investigating things and will here from them within 21 days, still nothing else off them as yet. Willowheights, are you doing anything about what they have done to you , its basically the same as they done to me, and its cla__sed as murder. They have taken away my baby. I cant wait to become pregnant again, not to replace in what I Have lost or not to forget, I wil always think of my baby, and I try and think to myself that its a good thing that I had lost it means I had that dreaded poison, cause what sort of life would it have had if it survived in my uterus and had abnormalities. Once again thanks to all of you .Speak soon.


Willowheights - January 6

Hi Rachel, Willowheights is not my real name. I am using this to protect myself just in case my doctor search on the internet for cases like these. No...I have not done anything yet since everything just happened so soon. I am trying to heal my body first plus the embrayo has not completely flushed out of my system. I see that you live in the U.K as I research the NHS trust. I live in the US and I had the liberty to change my doctor when I suspected that she might be incompetent. I really hate that sometimes doctors do not use their common sense and they always go by the book. They should know that each body is different and works its wonders. That is why science is not exact! My husband and I are definitely going to look into this. The least I want to happen is an apology from the doctor in front of his partner, but I know that will not be enough to heal the pain that he's done to us. We will always be scarred and I will always be paranoid about this whole ordeal. Be strong!!! That is the only way your mind will heal. It won't be any long, you'll see yourself pregnant again and this time do not let the doctor dictate what they want to do. Follow your guts! Take care....


Willowheights - January 10

Hi Rachel, If you are pregnant that is great news! I know how you feel about anticipating to start fresh and getting pregnant again. I am way long before that even happens to me. I just received my 2nd shot of methotraxate and they are monitoring my HCG levels. I might have to get another one if they don't go down and just monitor it from there. If you are not planning to file a legal case against your doctor, you ought to let someone know in authority to repremend what they have done to you. What we have lost does not compare to any financial gain. I would rather have a child than have some kinda compensation. I am sure you feel the same way. Doctors are like just us...normal people but they have supposedly more knowledge and that is why we refer to them for such medical care in time of needs. Their lack of understanding and common sense in this matter is not an excuse to make someone suffer or caused a lost of someone's life. You take care of yourself....please do not hesitate to write to me anytime. I am here to listen to your pain. Sometime it is better to talk to someone that has gone thru the same traumatic experience in life.... This experience will only make us smarter, stronger and better person and sooner or later you and your husband will have a great addition that will complete your life...



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