Am I Having A Miscarraige

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Am I having amiscarraige? - September 6

I am only 5 weeks, I started spotting yesterday, and today, seem to be having a medium flow perioud. Bright red, some looks like bloody mucus. I have no cramps at all. Can this be normal in a pregnancy? How do I know I am actually having a miscarraige. How long do I wait to think the worst? Thanks-Berry.CH.


Canda - September 3

I think cramping to some degree is a main symptom of miscarraige, althought I am not 100% sure. You should experience HEAVY bleeding at some point, not just a medium flow


Missy - September 3

I don't want to scare you, so just remember that everyone's body is different but I just had a miscarriage last month,I was 8 weeks and it started out just being light pink and only when I wipe and it wasn't constant..the next day I went to the ER and they checked me out and the doctor said to keep an eye on it and when I asked him if it could be the beginning of a miscarriage his exact words were "If I thought you were having a miscarriage, I'd tell you" that gave me hope but I still thought something was wrong...two days later I had heavy bleeding and heavy cramps so I went back to the ER and when they examined me that time, they told me I was having a miscarriage. I would say keep an eye on yourself. and no one knows your body better than you, go with your gut feeling and if you feel like you need to go to the doctor, then go and good luck to you.


stacyann36 - September 6

I had a miscarriage over july 4th weekend, and was 9 weeks along..I had some light spotting, and it got just a bit heavier, only when i wiped and on the tissue..I had no cramps at all, had no pa__sing of anything at all..I knew in my heart i had lost the baby, but the nurse kept telling mw it seemed normal for a woman my age (36), after a few days of not "feeling" pregnant anymore, i demanded a blood test and it was confirmed i had miscarried...the baby had actually stopped developing weeks before my 9 week time, hence that is why no cramping, no pa__sing of tissue etc,,,listen to your mind and heart and if you think something is wrong, demand to find out....dont lose hope, but on the other hand dont have false hope like i did....good luck


Question - September 16

i was on the injection for about 1 1/2 years and just come off i diddnt get my period for the first 6 months. and have only jsut started to get my period again. i have had it about 4 times now. and this month i got my period early. and its very very heavy and i have bloody like mucus. am i having a miscarriage?? it been a week and my period still hasnt stop'd


? - September 17

i keep having bad stomach pains


Kathy - September 18

You could take another pregnancy test to make sure you're still pregnant.


vonda - September 19

I had my period while I eas pregnant, so don't think you are having a miscarriage or you will, you are not having cramps, but every woman's body is different. just let your doc know



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