Am I Sterile Or Is It Weed

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Scared - February 12

I had chlamidiya and i dont know whether i am sterile from that or if the problem is because me and my b/f smoke weed often and if it is because of that do we just have to stop smoking? Also i only see him 1 or 2 times a week maybe the problem is that im not ovulating?


alchymi - February 13

Any number of things can affect your menstrual cycle. Yes, there are studies that show marijuana can affect your menstrual cycle, but so can stress, illness and even your weight. The best way to find out is to go to the doctor and get yourself checked out. Make sure that you let the doctor know about your history and the marijuana (don't worry the doctor's not a narc).


um... - February 13

Ok, firstly, I'm thinking that it could be both issues, plus stress. Secondly... have you considered how your lifestyle would affect a potential pregnancy, or baby? I know how critical this sounds, and I appologize in advance - its not meant to offend, though I'm sure it will. It sounds like you could benefit from talking with a doctor =- as was suggested by a previous poster. And I would agree, a doctor is not a narc. He/she would definately be able to point you in the right direction to obtain some answers to your question, and would be able to advise you on the safest and healthiest means to achieve a pregnancy, and a healthy baby. Good luck and please let us know how this works out for you.


sm - February 14

i dont think smoking weed is good once you decide on becoming parents, sort of has to go out the window for a few years until your children are old enough to stay at grandma's or whatever and you can indulge a bit then (if you still feel the urge, chances are you wont anyway). I dont think smoking weed would stop you getting pregnant, unless it is VERY heavy use, more likely only seeing your boyfriend once or twice a week is the problem, an egg is only able to be fertilised for about 6-12 hours after ovulation and has to have sperm there waiting. Two things i would think about before you embark on baby making. One: are you prepared to stop smoking weed during pregnancy and when your child is in your care for the years ahead and TWO: you are only seeing your boyfriend once or twice a week, it takes more than a couple nights together to maketh a relationship, where is he going to be when you have a newborn that is crying all night.... getting stoned is just NOT an option when you have children and may have to call 911 if they get sick... no good saying "man..... the baby's turning blue... cool..." Scared, i would make a doctor visit, and personally i would tell the doctor NOTHING about the weed smoking, i think it is irrelevent on the conception side of things but something you have to make a decision to give up if you decide to become mum and dad. Have your tubes checked for damage (possible from chlamidiya) and in the meantime take contraceptives until you have worked whether you are really ready for the responsibility of a child. Good luck and hope all works out well for you.



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