Amniocentesis Test Results

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anahi - May 6

I wanted to thank to all of you for your support. It helped me to not to worry too much. I got tested for high risk of Down's. I just got a call today from my doctor that everything is perfect and they also tested for other chromosomal syndromes and the test is NEGATIVE to all. If ya remember my chances were 1:167 to have a baby w/ down's. I am very grateful to God and to the support provided on this forum. THAN YOU!


tuesdaypm - May 7

Anahi, Whoop whoop!!!! way to go. I am so so so happy to hear your result, what a wonderful outcome! You and your family can breathe again. I love to hear good news, it gives hope even when we all face different trials? have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and an awesome little baby, good luck :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


Alison - May 7

Hooray anahi I am so happy for you! I love to hear positive stories and I felt so much for you when I read your post before, what good news! :-) I am staying positve that our baby is also going to be ok, looking forward to the 20 week scan on 6th June hoping it will give some rea__surance that all is well. Best wishes to you I am so pleased to hear your news!!!! xxxx


anahi - May 7

hello tuesdaypm and Alison...I thank you so much for your support and Alison I will pray for your baby and mine to be healthy. Good luck on your next scan!!...


MelanieC - May 12

anahi: so glad you got negative results! i still have a week to wait for our amnio results, our baby has 1/34 chances for down, i pray we can beat those odds, but so glad others are getting good news, its such a stressful time such good news is always welcomed, i am real happy for you and you baby :D


tuesdaypm - May 12

Melanie, I have everything crossed for you, come back and let us know eh? all the best :) xxxxxxxxxx


anahi - May 12

Hi MelanieC, I know how hard it is to hear news like this. Just maintain yourself confident that your baby will be ok, but you know what? before I got the results back I decided that no matter what my baby will be my precious baby and I told God that I was going to accept my baby no matter what! I was told after the amnio that I had an option to stop my pregnancy if I decided to...which of course that kind of got me upset, but I know doctors have to keep you informed. I will pray for you and our babies to be well!!!.....



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