Another Pregnancy

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emma woolven - February 23

Hi My name is emma i am 30 years of age and live in England. I have 2 children of 9 and almost 3 years of age. My first pregnancy i sailed through with no problems except in the last few weeks meaning that i had to be induced due to a degeneration of the placenta, but nothing major. I had a miscarriage in jan 2000 but then fell pregnant again with my daughter in August 2001. I had problems from 13 weeks when i bled so heavily that i was told that there was no way that my baby could survive. Miraculously a scan 2 days later showed that there was still a strong heartbeat, although they could not be sure that everything was going to be ok until the detailed 20 week scan. An anxious wait and plenty of pain later revealed no obvious problems with the baby, however i did have a very low lying placenta and placenta previa os was diagnosed. The pregnancy did not run smoothly I had contractions at 24 weeks, constant pain and regular hospitalisatioon for the remainder of the pregnancy, although, surprisingly, no further bleeding. I had a cesarian section at 37 weeks which proved to be very complicated as my placenta was flat against my womb covering virtually the entire bottom half and i lost a great deal of blood and there was talk at one point about removing my womb to stem the bleed. All was ok and my womb remained damaged but in tact. Since then i have had constant abdo pains and heavy bleeding and my consultant has recommended that i have a partial hysterectomy to remove my womb. My only problem with this is that i would like another child but not at risk to my life. I am looking for information which can tell me the likely hood of this problem happening again in a further pregnancy and what my chances of carrying again are. My consultant is very good at his job but not very informative and i have asked him this question but he did not answer it to the extent that i would have liked. My hysterectomy is scheduled for March 16th and i would really like to know all the facts before i make an informed decision one way or the other. Any information or advice that you can offer will be greatfully appreciated. Many thanks Emma Woolven



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